Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Maxi Lopez: "Wanda Nara, enough with the pictures!"

Sampdoria striker: "I do not sit well with me that you post pictures with my children. Always protect them because they are my life "

 In front will most likely Icard, the current companion of Wanda Nara, the now former Sampdoria striker's wife. "There are so many things that make this a very interesting challenge, there will be special personal emotions, but in the end it's just a game football - he explained to Sky - d edicare the winning goal for my children? It would be a special network in a special game. The children are my strength, they are my charge to make the most of my work and move forward. They know that I will protect them forever because they are my life. I always hear them after games and Valentino, the biggest, always asking me how it went, if I scored, how I played and in case of defeat because we have lost. I can understand that Wanda, being a public figure uses the photos, but does not sit well with me that there are minors. "

The explosive Denise Milani

 It is a day of excitement. With Atletico Madrid-Barça of Champions on the horizon, we wanted to bring you a woman at the height of this great game and we found a good explosive. Artistically calling Denise Milani, but not Italian, but Czech.
He is 33 and is known as the queen of eroticism, a recognition that obtained after emigrating to Los Angeles in 2005. She began acting as a physical therapist, but his body was not lost on the 'scout' models.
Discovered a popular sports portal, Sports by Brooks, and then shot to fame. His work as a sports model earned award. No matter what kind of sport promocionase: tennis, football, engine ... Denise made dozens of sports reports and all looked like what a woman pump, which boasts natural breasts.
In 2007, he was chosen as My Bikini and two years later readers placed it at number 33 position of the one hundred sexiest women in the world.

Balotelli and Fanny: The Neverending Story

"Hello, I'm Mario, I follow me on Instagram. MB459 is my official account. " So Balotelli announced, after midnight Sunday, his new Instagram account to your Twitter followers. Soon after, he began to hang pictures of her brother and his friends first, to end with a surprising Neguesha with Fanny.
And now, what you will say? "Wrote the accompanying image that implied that he has made peace with his Belgian girlfriend ... His story seems endless. It is round. Now we love death, break now and we also hate death ... little more than a week ago were in the last stage and even stopped followed each other in networks. We will see, then, what does this new reconociliación ... Or will tease us all?

Sara Carbonero is 'hanging' your child's neck

Aside from the news about the scam of his father, sentenced to two years in prison, Sara Carbonero is enjoying her motherhood. And the same happens to Iker Casillas, who in his Instagram account, which describes itself as "the father of Martin," uploaded a photo you can see the presenter wearing a pendant with the name of his son.
From birth, earlier this year, Martin has become a regular in the press cuore and social networks, both using their very famous parents, surely the Spanish couple more media.

Raul 'bend' the large family

Raul Gonzalez, the former player of Real Madrid, and his wife Mamen expecting a new child. Years ago that are already large family and now the 'bend' since that is underway will be neither more nor less than his sixth offspring.
You have four boys and one girl. This is Jorge (14) Hugo (12), Héctor and Mateo (8) twins and the youngest Mary (4), which will cease to be when born the following, which is not yet known whether it will be a boy or a girl.

Fernanda Lima: "My life changed the draw"

Fernanda Lima-OK
Brazil's World Cup is coming and Fernanda Lima holds a prominent role. After his participation in the group draw championship and also in the delivery of the Golden Ball, the presenter was praised by the international press. Many named it the 'muse' World, but she says nothing has changed in your life ...
"For me nothing has changed. My life remains the same. The eyes of others are more attentive towards me because I had a lot of resonance, but nothing more, "said Fernanda.
However, though she says otherwise, the truth is that his reputation has grown and his work. This Saturday Superstar program, the new commitment of Globo, she leads premiered.