Tuesday, 1 April 2014

'ETA mainha!' Manchester United players involved in sex scandal

Claire McMullan, the mother who can shake the Machester United (Photo: Playback / 'The Sun')
Claire McMullan is an unmarried, young and beautiful mother. Lives in Northern Ireland and cares for your child. Were it not for one small detail, the beautiful life would be like a common enough story. The detail is that Claire divides his time between being a mother and involvement with four athletes Machester United. As it revealed to British newspaper 'The Sun', Adnan Januzaj, Shinji Kagawa, Sam Johnstone and a fourth player who's name was not mentioned, maintains constant contact with applications and video calls to sex chat.
The athlete had not mentioned the name is not content only with video calls and send photos showing his skills.
The blonde also revealed have already shown nude several times for players. The boldest would have been Januzaj Adnan. The midfielder of 19 years wanted to meet her in person and offered to pay the flight from Ireland to Manchester to hold the meeting.
- He is a naughty boy who spoke sweet words to me very quickly - told Claire.
In delicate and making a bad season when Manchester United faced with this scandal about to face Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The case is an affront and a challenge to David Moyes, manager of the team, which cares for the morality of their players and requires a personal life without scandals. But this case seems that will rock the already troubled climate of the club.

Twin, Catalans and fans of Messi

The Davalos twins are two of the most sought after and internationally known Colombian models.In recent years, large lingerie brands have had their services for reasons that are obvious.
Gorgeous and with a sculpted body, Mariana and Camila are also two big football fans. They support their team, Colombian, above all and none of their games will be lost in the next World Cup in Brazil.
But also feel devotion to a team beyond its borders and that is none other than FC Barcelona. In a recent interview Catalans from head to toe is declared and are, of course, surrendered at the feet of Leo Messi.
His admiration for Leo is not only unsurpassed game but also the "innocent look" of the Flea. No doubt the most explosive Catalans are twins. Check it in your photo gallery. No wasted.

Thiago's girlfriend encourages him to overcome

Thiago was injured last Saturday and its presence in the World is in danger because of a partially torn ligament in his right knee that will keep low for six to eight weeks.
Since the fall injured, the Bayern player has received many expressions of support and affection, but none as special as his girlfriend, Julia Beams.
The Catalan beautiful sent a message via Twitter that reinforces their desire to overcome the bad time, "Rate what you have, than it hurts you and fight for what you want", wrote and attached the photo of both of you have seen above.

Ana Paula: topless Brazilian Muse

Her name is Ana Paula Nogueira and filmmaker. But in Brazil, known mainly as Muse 'toplessazo', a movement emerged last December to demand the freedom of women to go topless on the beach.
Well, yes. Although you will come to mind the image of mighty Brazilian a 'fio dental' as bikini, the fact is that if a woman practices the topless on the beaches of the host country of the World may have serious problems with the police and to be stopped .
Against the law of modesty manifested Ana Paula Nogueira and in fact was the only woman who dared to reveal her breasts before the cameras. Next month is planned as another manifestation toplessazo and filmmaker has also conducted a posed topless for the Paparazzo website to show support for the cause.
Passionate and Proud Soccer World Cup to be held in his country, claiming that Brazil Ana Paula normal scope and currency of other countries. He does not understand that you can go topless at carnivals or parades of samba and not on the beaches.
"We have to make Rio a cosmopolitan city, more modern. We will organize the World Cup and the Olympics and we have to be like other cities in the world, "he said.

Marika Fruscio nude again for your Naples

Marika Fruscio is coming out. A few weeks after celebrating in style of his victory against Roma Napoli with goals from Callejón, while Benitez have again a great joy to give two-nil defeat to Juventus.
The showgirl was not taken in the previous forecast announced a goal of Higuáin, but that now does not care. The important thing is that the Naples Italian champion knocked out and she held undressing on camera again. This time he did it in a bathtub and hid parts with individual shields your computer ...

Roser, the goddess who sang the hymn of Barça

Forcefully broke 12 years ago as one of the most personal voices of Popstars and there is, as the artist's consolidated longest race of the competition that arose singing-reality of Telecinco.
So have our front line colleagues Roser Murillo (35), to which they have devoted a story 'in bed Torito', which has many intimacies in an interview that we recommend.
For Barca, the goddess of Canet is also a benchmark. Not surprisingly a few years ago recorded a memorable version of Barça anthem to rave parish, came to play in the very Camp Nou.
No better day to remember that on this day the city derby and seeing the photos pay homage to front line, some of the sexiest others have been made and, of course, the video version of Barça anthem.