Friday, 28 March 2014

Kiki Vidis toasts his Bayern

Kiki vidis-yes-bayern-
Just under a year ago we introduced you to Kiki Vidis as Maria Lapiedra Bayern. And this Australian has been, as the Catalan, porn actress at some stage of his young life. He started at age 18 in adult film and now has 24.
He was born in Queensland (Australia) but professed a special devotion to the Bavarian club. He began to feel her colors when she entered a tee perched with Bayern. And since then he has followed the club closely, becoming his muse.
Kiki And these days the sea is happy for the Bundesliga title achieved by Pep Guardiola, who considered a perfect successor for Jupp Heynckes.

Maradona his girlfriend complaint for theft!

 What Maradona is not going over. Neither the best reality surpass the adventures and misadventures of the former best player in the world. The last? Well, the former star has sued for stealing his girlfriend Olive Spray before Justice of Dubai.
"Maradona denounced the criminal in committing crime Dubai last Thursday," revealed in Teleshow Matías Moral advocate coach. Himself explained that the crime occurred in the home Maradona. "There were three people and the only one that turned it was her. Things disappeared. "
Those things are a significant amount of money and items that the lawyer would not elaborate. Until then, Dew was not aware of the complaint. She returned to Argentina a few weeks ago denying Maradona apart because of a tremendous off for having flirted with a football player.
Maradona's lawyer added that "Diego gave directives to Stinfale and me to start a criminal case in Argentina against it, for crimes committed in Dubai. First a cause started there and now here because things have to be in the house of the mother. Somehow you have to recover. Diego wants back what he stole. "
Some rumors say the exfutbolista started this criminal case against Dew, furious that the program will go to lunch on Sunday Mirtha Legrand. In this regard, Morla said: "I do not know if you are angry about it, is angry about the theft."

Confessions of Pilar Rubio

 Just turned 36 on 17-Mar, Pilar Rubio is going through one of the sweetest moments of his life. Personally, mother will be in May, and professionally he is being hold in the Ant Hill.
The presenter gave an interview to the magazine Love which explained that through his head and that of his partner, Sergio Ramos Real Madrid center, just pass the birth of his son. "If you have more? For now we will go slowly. First, that all goes well with this and then we'll see. "
Still have not decided on a name but both are "looking forward to seeing the baby's face." There is also no wedding plans. "At the moment, we have no time," said denying the rumors that they would marry after the birth and the World.

Jordi Alba and Hiba Habouk of 'The Prince', together?

The number that goes on sale this Wednesday, Cuore magazine published in its cover to the left side of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Alba, could be dating Habouk Hiba, the beautiful star of the series 'The Prince' that sweeps Telecinco.
The magazine caught Jordi and Hiba on 17 March in the night leaving the legendary Café de Chinitas Madrid after attending the show taking place there at ten thirty at night.
A possible new couple were accompanied by a large group of friends and Cuore sure that was not the first time that remained. In the past they would have been hidden according to the publication. I would have submitted a few mutual friends.
The information is added to Hiba would be very excited and Jordi Alba remember that you enjoyed the first chapter of The Prince and so tweeted.

The black eyes of Pia conquer Balotelli

pia balotelli
It has been slow to recognize her as his daughter, but finally and after bow to the evidence for DNA testing that he claimed, Mario Balotelli has surrendered at the feet of his daughter Pia and has put a picture of him in the profile your Twitter account.
When the Italian media speculated about who will be his next girlfriend after breaking with Fanny Neguesha Belgian model, the Milan striker has been taken down from the controversy and highlighted the beautiful black eyes of the only woman who seems to drive him crazy right now: his little Pia. Mother, you remember, is the Italian model Rafaella Fico few years ago came out a few months with Cristiano Ronaldo.
A Pia has struggled to win his father, but now I have totally the pot. As it should be ...