Wednesday, 26 March 2014

ario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha: the end?


There are relationships that look like a roller coaster. Rise and fall with dizzying speed. And one of them is neither more nor less, which kept the Milan striker Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha Belgian model. Now return to be at a low point, in a moment of crisis, according to several Italian media, has resulted in a rupture that can be final ... although you never know with them.
The fact is that a few hours ago Balotellli removed from his official Twitter account the photo showing him smiling next to which was his beloved. Fanny, meanwhile, 'single' is also stated in your profile and deleted from your list of followers to the front and all his friends, including brother, Enock.
What happened? No one knows yet. Both are silent. And there is speculation that the player photo hung in his twitter on Monday with two clasped hands and one with gun shape could be dedicated to his ex-girlfriend and no longer Seedof as stated in the beginning. Some also ensures that this separation is a consequence of the revelations of a Great Italian Brother contestant Veronica Graf.