Monday, 24 March 2014

Shakira, Antonio de la Rua on: "I was living with someone who did not know"

Shakira gave an interview to Clarin newspaper and spoke of her motherhood, her partner Gerard PIRQUE player and his ex, Antonio de la Rua, who made it a real trial for the singer, but he ended up losing.
Milan's mother spoke about changes after having had. "It is a moment of inner revolution. My body, my mind, my mind, everything is revolutionized. Was a desire for so long, but you wonder how it will from then on. If you come back to feeling comfortable in your body. Whether there will be any aspect of yourself that is lost.'s all a big question mark. thought it was going to be a smothering mother but it turns out I take things easy. I'm primarily mother, me it is impossible to go from station to station as promotion. "
He also spoke of the prohibition Pique and he did make videos of men. "It's true. Was implied in our relationship that he is very territorial. It is a Spanish male sectívero. Conservative. Too A guy with an open mind, but he likes to defend its territory defense. I like it that way" .
But not only talked about his spectacular present, also gave details of his former partner, Antonio de la Rua of Argentina. "All I have to say about it is that it's sad to know that there are people who think you know and it is not, you were living with a person you did not know. Was quite painful and unexpected, but I like to spend page. Some people do not deserve your thoughts. "
However, the Colombian discussed his Argentine audience: "I've always felt that the Argentine public was loyal beyond all A deep understanding grateful, because I know that the Argentine people have gone through difficult times has never judged me.. , but wanted me. "

Shakira talks about her new life as a wife and mom

Gerard Piqué et Shakira assistent à un match de basket-ball à Barcelone, le 30 novembre 2013
Couple with footballer Gerard Pique, Shakira is now a wife and a mom filled, as she confides to our colleagues in Paris.
Four years after the success of Sale el sol, Shakira is back with a brand new album simply called Shakira, and is worn by sexy Can not remember to forget you . While this album is expected in stores today, Shakira trusts in the columns of Paris . Colombian singer tells us more about her new life with her ​​boyfriend Gerard Piqué and their son, the adorable Milan . "I am overwhelmed (...) They were the missing link I had been dreaming forever," exclaims singer. Mom filled, Shakira did not hesitate to ask the voice of his son on his track called 23. "It was a magical moment in the studio. I saw his small face through the glass. I took on my knees and I rechante the last phrase of the song. At the end, he did what little cry. He was kept unchanged. A piece of life, "recalls the singer.
As you can see, the Colombian singer is completely gaga for his little boy. On the set of The Voice , in the recording studio or at the football stadium , Shakira is never separated from his Milan. Moreover, the top of its 14 months the boy is about to follow her mother on tour. "It will come with me and we will have to plan accordingly," says the singer. However, before you go on the road with his famous mom, Milan will fly in June for Brazil to applaud his soccer dad that will represent Spain at the World Cup . "We will be in the stands to support it, "said the Colombian singer. Mom blossomed, Shakira dream today to have a large family composed of ten or even eleven children, "to make a football team," she jokes. "So many children we can be. Car with albums, tours, his matches, it will certainly complicated, "admits the Colombian singer.

Adriano would be living affair with the athlete Curitiba, says newspaper. Player denies

(Photo: Playback / Facebook)
 Emperor Hadrian may be living a new principle of romance. According to the columnist for The Day, Leo Days, the player would be involved with the athlete Leticia Caron. The information the journalist is that the athlete would have ended dating for four years to stay with the ace. Adriano denies the relationship.
- We have some friends in common, just that we had absolutely nothing. I'm seeing someone else. I'll say again, ask before you disclose, if true, will be the first to confirm - issued in a stateme

Inter lose but rejoices Wanda

"I'm always happier," writes Nara, met for the dedication after the goal (later found useless) of Icard.

Inter lose but rejoices Wanda - I'm always happier writes Nara, met for the dedication after the goal (then result useless) of Icard. 

Everyone was expecting a comment on twitter Wanda Nara during Inter-Atalanta, after the celebration of Mauro Icard who had shown a shirt dedicated to his girlfriend after the goal of the provisional 1-1.

But the blonde Argentine model was made to wait, having spent Sunday afternoon before work and then a walk to Milan with her mother who was celebrating her birthday. All this, of course, has been documented on the popular social network.

About an hour after the final whistle of Giacomelli the discovery of the dedication of his Mauro. It came the inevitable intervention on twitter: "Que te puedo? Sorprendida y Cada día más feliz ... te amo Tuti" (translation: "What can I say? Surprise and happier every day ... I love Tuti") .

Meanwhile, Inter had lost the game, but the detail seemed to go into the background. 

Fanny: "I have chosen to love Mario"

Instagram on Balotelli's girlfriend devotes a sweet thought the bomber in crisis.

 Fanny: I've chosen to love Mario - On Instagram Balotelli's girlfriend devotes a sweet thought the bomber in crisis.Period tricky for Mario Balotelli, who at least can smile for the sincere love of Fanny Neguesha.

The girlfriend of 'SuperMario' has posted on his profile private Instagram a photo of the attacker Milan explaining: "I did not choose to love him, his head together we can take our decisions, but the director is the heart of our love."

Fanny faithful to SuperMario

It is a great moment for Balotelli but his girlfriend on Instagram photo with his mail shirt.

Fanny faithful to SuperMario - not a great time for Balotelli but his girlfriend on Instagram photo with his mail shirt. 

is a great moment for Mario Balotelli.

Started on the bench against Lazio and then replaced without leaving their mark, after all the tough challenge against Parma, the AC Milan striker was vented on Twitter, tweeting to believe only in the family.

Among those who remained close but there is also the girlfriend Fanny, who on his private profile on Instagram posted some pictures with the shirt 45 (in gold version, that used this year only defeat in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid ).

Fanny on Sunday on the popular social network had left a comment that had been around the web.