Sunday, 23 March 2014

Irina Shayk does not look at other men

Irina Shayk does not look at other men. Source:
Although the main show was produced in court, the truth is that it was Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo who focused all eyes on Thursday in the match between Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow in the Euroleague. In fact, everyone was awaiting the couple's attitude, especially after having come to light rumors that the player was very angry with his girlfriend for the photo shoot with rapper R.Kelly performed .
However, it appears that Irina Shayk exuberant wanted to respond to the criticism he has received for appearing nude with the artist in your life by ensuring that no other man than Cristiano Ronaldo. "Why should I look at other men? Christian has a great body, I have everything I need and not fall into such temptations, "he assured the German magazine 'Gala'.
Also, the Russian model has confessed that loves the way that Real Madrid striker cares. "I find it very sexy that my boyfriend has a good care of yourself. But Christian secretly start using my creams have a problem! "Joked sensual Irina Shayk, who recognized her time and think about starting a family. "I really want to be a mother and have many children. I would build a big house on the sea to live there with my family and a couple of dogs, "he concluded. Hint for the Portuguese??

Sara Carbonero shows his softer side ... and warrior!

Sara Carbonero ... wants to resume boxing! Source:
Since the birth of her son Martin, the truth is that Iker Casillas has not stopped bragging about their status as a new parent, and who has shared many photographs in which their various social networks next to her offspring in different profiles. In fact, just days ago, did the same on the occasion of Father's Day.
But the Real Madrid goalkeeper is not the only one who wants to show off the little Martin, so Sara Carbonero has done the same in his blog 'Nobody Sees'. And the sports reporter has been tender and has decided to publish a snapshot in which the hand is seizing the infant his own finger.

Sara Carbonero ... wants to resume boxing! Source: elle.esBut the sexy Sara Carbonero has not only shown his maternal side in their virtual space, but also wanted to show his face more active and motivated. In that regard, he confessed that to get fit as soon as possible ... based punches! "In the spring I will resume the pilates, I'll go jogging every day and my attention boxing training," he noted journalist. To this he added that "last year gave some kind of boxing and I found it fun at the same time intense and exhausting. I'll try again. " Iker Care, the danger is at home!

Veronica Ojeda lost the child she was expecting Maradona

vero mara
Veronica Ojeda, Maradona's ex-girlfriend, has lost Saturday the child she was expecting, she says, the exfutbolista. A few days before the doctors had advised him complete rest for the losses they suffered, but finally the pregnancy was interrupted in the 14th week of pregnancy.
"Veronica had a very weak uterus. I was on bedrest for your situation, but unfortunately I just lost the pregnancy. Just talked to her, is now resting very struck by what happened, "revealed a Jorga Auriccio, his attorney and personal friend.
In parallel, it has been known that Veronica Ojeda had undergone a DNA test to clear all doubts about the paternity of the child she was expecting and which she was none other than Diego Armando Maradona, with whom they already had the small Diego Fernando.
Ojeda announced the news through the Daily Chronicle. "On the day of the date, I inform you that after a complicated pregnancy, I suffered the loss of it and this makes me find immersed in deep sorrow. Understand why know when I'm going through, for that reason I'm not going to make any kind of statement. "
Maradona's ex-girlfriend had an abortion in 2010 being four months pregnant Diego and Fernando, born February 13, 2013, was complicated. To the extent that expected twins and one of them did not survive the fifth month of pregnancy.

Imagine this Colombian goddess bend ...

Mariana Dávalos é irmã gémea de Camila (foto )
In jest, in Colombian lands, both say there are folding by a ... provocation of nature. We speak of Mariana and Camila Davalos, mannequins and huge success in Colombia, which have the particularity of being ... twins. Let anybody slack-jawed with a stunning beauty from head to toe.
More complicated is to identify which is which. Mariana and Camila have been the main faces and figures in fashion shows, including lingerie, where can attest to all of these curves Columbian goddesses. They obviously are also fanatical devotees of the selection of Jackson Martínez, Montero and Falcao. The latter, however, is one in whom these twins place more trust for the World Cup in Brazil.
Yes, because both, in a recent interview, I fully believe that the former player of FC Porto and Atletico Madrid will recover in time to be in the competition.
In the following pictures you can which might be confused a bit. Not because of trying to identify Mariana or Camila, but the beauty, sensuality and boldness of each in every pictorials involving ...