Friday, 21 March 2014

Wanda Nara in fall

The girlfriend of Icard out of the top 10 most beautiful Argentina. Vince Jesica Cirio.

Wanda Nara Down - The girlfriend of Icard out of the top 10 most beautiful Argentina. Vince Jesica Cirio. 

At home seem to be declining shares of the still handsome Wanda Nara.

The girlfriend (and likely future wife) Inter attacker Mauro Icard, remained off the list of the ten most beautiful Argentine. Talk to clear the outcome of the survey launched by the magazine 'The Ranking', who has placed in eleventh place, far away from the podium.
To outperform the competition was Jesica Cirio, a former Ezequiel Lavezzi, who has earned 25% of the vote and that he put his body in front of one of Virginia Gallardo and Lali Esposito.


Daddy perfect, the Italian said Balo

The survey was launched from a dating site extramarital affairs: the most votes, behind the deputy Di Battista, is 'SuperMario'.

 Daddy perfect, the Italian said Balo - The survey was launched by a dating site extramarital affairs: the most votes, behind the deputy Di Battista, is 'SuperMario'.

 Mario Balotelli perfect father. This, a little 'surprise, the result of a survey launched its Father's Day in a very special website.

It is in fact '', which promotes extramarital encounters and asked women what Italian VIPs would choose to build a family. And in the second place in the special list, with 16% of the vote, just figure 'SuperMario'.

The AC Milan striker is preceded only by a Member of the Movement 5 Stars Alessandro Di Battista, however, by a whisker (17% of the votes for him). Here are the two chefs television Alessandro Borghese (15%) and Carlo Cracco (7.2%), then in the ranking include 'Hyena' Frank Matano (12%), the radio announcer Linus (10%), Premier Matteo Renzi (8%), the actor Fabio De Luigi (5%), the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino (4%) and the entrepreneur Flavio Briatore (2%).

Evidently, after a long controversy with Raffaella Fico, Balotelli choosing to recognize his daughter Pia has piqued the imagination of Italian women, which they consider desirable to father their offspring.

Totti, you bet on the third baby

"Third son imminent," said the number 10 of Rome and the bookmakers are unleashed.

 Totti, you bet on the third baby - Third son imminent, says the number 10 of Rome and the bookmakers are unleashed.

Totti, Marika disclaims any

"I do not want to get into these stories and gossip are not on the hunt for fame."

 Totti, Marika denies it all - I will not go into these stories and gossip are not on the hunt for fame.In the house of "Big Brother" contestant Mia Cellini has said big, revealing that Marika Baldini, former star of "Tamarreide", he had an affair with Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi married for almost ten years and furious for gossip which in recent days has targeted. wanted to ask the direct question, Marika Baldini, who has denied categorically.
"This story is not true, I said it and I repeat it: I had no history with the player and captain of my beloved Roma, Francesco Totti."
Marika, what is your emotional state at the time?
"For two years I live with Andrea and we are happy, I will not go into these stories and gossip are not on the hunt for fame."
But Mia is really a friend of yours as claimed during the reality show?
"I know who is Mia, but it is not my friend, I can not define such a person I only met him once, because, one might say, of friends in common."
But why? Angry with you for some rude or envy towards your beauty and fame?
"Mia has invented everything and do not even understand why, or rather, he just wants fame, she had to do Tamarreide ...".
Finally, as commenteresti the story in a tweet?
"I conclude by saying that they are Roman, Romanist, tifosissima and fans of Rome and its captain Francesco Totti, but avoid that turns this gossip."
Just like that? Or do you want to add anything else?
"I take this brief interview also send my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Kevin Strootman worked in Holland."
You can ask a greeting to the Giallorossi fans and your fans?
"Certainly, I greet all the Giallorossi fans with a warm and loving Forza Roma this season finale that will see us fight for a dignified and deserved second place. DajeRoma."

Shakira and Piqué, hunted visiting a church ...

Shakira and Piqué, hunted visiting a church .... Source:
Four years ago that Shakira and Gerard Piqué started their fairytale romance and especially after the arrival to the world of small Milan (and even wedding dress with which to hunt for Colombia is his latest music video), much There has been speculation about his possible marriage.
Well, it turns out that new leaked rumors about his possible marriage following the latest developments. And the magazine has published some images Readings in which the couple is visiting the church of Sant Just i Pastor, located in the town of Egham (a few minutes from his home in Esplugues).
Thus, it appears that Shakira and Pique were planning a possible wedding dates nearby, as even they were accompanied by the mother of the player, Montserrat Bernabeu. Latest speculations suggest that could be held in July, so if you are a world champion with Spain in the World Cup in Brazil, the player Barca could put the finishing touches on formalizing their relationship with singer ...

Jesica, the hottest Argentina

 We are in luck. One of our muses, Jesica Cirio, winner of the first edition of the Golden Rose Ball in 2008, has been chosen as the sexiest ahead of other local beauties, including Zaira Nara, Argentina woman who took fourth place and who also Rosa won the Ballon d'Or in 2010.
Jesica Cirio scored 25% of the votes in the survey of the magazine followed Ranking and Virginia Gallardo (13'32%) and Lali Esposito (7.5). A triumph, then, the loose and deserved a few years ago out Wag for their relations with the player Ezequiel Lavezzi (PSG) and rally driver Luciano Bernardi, but it is not.
Jesica, who turned 30 Wednesday, is now dating the politician Martin Insaurralde, but that did not result popularity quite the contrary.
Other Wags as Evangelina Anderson (Demichelis) or Wanda Nara (Icardi) ranked eighth and eleventh respectively.

Iker iOjito: Sara Like boxing

Two months after the birth of Martin, Sara Carbonero is proposed to recover the shape and think this practice pilates, running and boxing.
"In the spring I will resume the pilates, I'll go jogging every day and my attention boxing training," he confesses in his blog 'When no one sees me' journalist.
Note that "last year gave some kind of boxing and found it funny at the same time intense and exhausting. I'll try again. "
However, goes into more detail and explains whether Iker thinks as his boxing practice sparring in the keeper but just in case, you should be careful if you do not want to end up with a black eye ...

Carolina, is the new 'friend' of Diego Maradona?

While neither confirms nor denies the rumors that his girlfriend threw Rocío Oliva Dubai (which she denies) or a possible reconciliation with his ex Veronica Ojeda, who claims to be pregnant again by him, Maradona seems to have chosen a third route.
And it explains the Argentina press the star Vicky Xipolitakis have traveled to Dubai, invited by Shag, along with his friend Caroline Quinn with all expenses paid by Maradona. Despite speculation that linked above, now says it would not be the blonde (Vicky) but the brunette (Carolina) true 'guest' and friend of Argentine exseleccionador.
Carolina Quinn is a well known model and dancer but not as Xipolitis media as Vicky, a whole 'star' in the Argentine media, waiting impaciantes trip details for both to Argentina. 'Chronicle' that Maradona has booked them on a deluxe hote seven stars if they would have seized the phones so that no indiscreet photo does not leak.

A referee who is revolutionizing the Italian football

Elena Tambini é modelo e... árbitra (foto D.R.)
Her name is Elena Tambini, is only 25 but already does much ink in Italy.
While still studying, leisure of young Italian are divided between fashion because ... clear and arbitration.
After making his debut as auxilicar referee, Elena Tambini has already reached the main arbiter, even in matches of regional echelons of Italian football.
The beauty of the young, say, how to judge the quality since Elena led to petitions to move to the national category of arbitration in Italy. A face for the future, they add.
Elena Tambini has been voted the sexiest referee from Italy and beyond officiate matches of the first and second divisions of the female Italian league as well as tournaments for junior men, also part of the development program of the judges of How the Italian Federation Arbitration.