Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Graf: "Sex with Balotelli"

Ask that in the Big Brother house will make speeches involved is frankly impossible.

Graf: Sex with Balotelli - Ask that in the Big Brother house will make speeches involved is frankly impossible. 

Ask that in the Big Brother house will make speeches engaged is unthinkable. And so it is immediately taken the hour of gossip, even if the curators of the transmission does not seem to be happy, since the movie 'offending' seems to have disappeared from the network.

Veronica Graf, one of the competitors, did you know to be engaged Saphir Taider, midfielder, adding, however, that she betrayed him four times. A "having sex with a friend and four brothers Balotelli a week before entering." Having brought up the AC Milan striker and his brother, the model added that she had been sleeping with other players and have also received the attention of Higuain. Finally, he stated that he cheated on her old boyfriend, allowing himself an affair with the former tronista for Men and Women, Giorgio Alfieri. At this point intervened Mia, stating that among his acquaintances there Marika Baldini Tamarreide "that if done with Totti." In short, high-level discussions that have sparked hundreds of comments on social. And, who knows, maybe soon directly from the participants tell that he "invented everything."


"Pia in first class," Fico storm

The show-girl criticized his network for a phrase: "If the son of a footballer traveling in first class on the train, I would not want a tomorrow Pia were to ask 'why we travel in second if my dad is footballer as his ? '".

Pia in first class, storm Fico - The show-girl criticized his network for a sentence: If the son of a footballer traveling in first class on the train, I would not want a tomorrow Pia were to ask 'why we travel in second even if the My dad is footballer like his? '. 


Settled the question of the authorship of Mario Balotelli Raffaella Fico end up back in the storm.
A statement in Morning Five has made the rounds of the network: "If the son of a football player traveling in first class on the train, I would not want a tomorrow Pia were to ask 'why we travel in second if my dad is footballer as the his? '".
The phrase has sparked a myriad of indignant replies on Facebook and Twitter, so that the show girl had to clarify to Sunday Live: "From a telephone conversation, was extrapolated my sentence. Nor is it easy to explain by phone., I am the prior to travel second class, it is clear that a mother wants the best for their children. I only said that if I can not afford certain things, there will be a father.'m a humble, simple, it is clear that my daughter will grow with my own values. "

Lena Gercke, until the injury Khedira passes quickly

Lena Gercke (foto D.R.)
Khedira contracted a severe injury to the ligaments rupture crossed one knee in November 2013, and has since been out of Real Madrid and the German national team. But when the average 26 year old has the girlfriend Lena Gercke sensual, even the most serious injury happens in an instant ...
Back to the pages of the prestigious magazine GQ, the Germanic model, which also recently turned 26, attended with fellow specialist in couples therapy, in order to solve love problems made ​​public by the German press. Now, the couple returned to appear in public, seemingly happy.
Does Lena Gercke can also bring healing to their woes and make you happy?

Sylvie Meis, a knife against Rafa Van der Vaart and his girlfriend

Sylvie Meis, a knife against Rafa Van der Vaart and his girlfriend. Source: telenovelaserienfanforum.xobor.de
Although Rafael Van der Vaart began a romance with Sabia Boulahrouz just weeks after breaking his romance (and therefore marriage) Sylvie Meis tremendous-or Sylvie Van der Vaart, whatever you want to call it-was always very respectful and friendly towards his former partner and best friend to his ex.
However, the hot Dutch model has exploded and has attacked the couple as a result of recent events. First, he criticized that Sabia and Rafael have initiated a campaign of "psychological terror" against her. Such an accusation is basically due to an act allegedly committed in bad faith. "I saw them kissing right outside my window. Doing something like that is a sign of bad taste, "said Sylvie Meis magazine 'Closer'.
In turn, the blonde has hinted that Boulahrouz Sabia has no personality makeup and dress like her. And to top it off, until he eats three times a week at your favorite restaurant. But that's not all, because he fears that may have influenced the new woman in Rafa Van der Vaart on his son, and that he described as "demon." Who knew now that once were best friends ...?

Pilar Rubio: Happy 36

"Happy Birthday Honey @ Pilar Rubio ... That Many happy and we always celebrate together. TQM ". With these kind words Sergio Ramos congratulated his girlfriend for her 36th birthday, celebrating on Monday 17 March.
The couple, who are about to have their first child together, going through a very sweet moment both in terms of their relationship and professionally. As shown, the Madrid defense has accompanied the message with a photo montage in which Pilar sees in late pregnancy and both celebrating birthday with a giant cake decorated with rock guitars and pictures of the couple.

The 'Wancardi' rise to the altar on June 7

In Italy, some media had suggested on 12 June as the date of the wedding 'Wancardi'. But Mauro Icardi announced, via Twitter, that the true date of its link with the model Wanda Nara is June 7.
Along with the fun drawing you see above, in which a caricature of yours appears uniform Inter interlacing your partner's hand, Mauro wrote: "And reservaros the June 7, 2014."
A few days ago, the ex-husband of Wanda Nara, Maxi Lopez the exblaugrana also spoke for Argentina chain 'TyCSports'. Asked about his separation was not very explicit and downplay the issue. "No one was killed."
And he added: "I spent hard time in my life and always went through football. The latter situation was media. I cried many times but all I want is to spend time with my children where I belong. "
What happens if a field one day meets Mauro Icardi, Maxi joked: "Maybe someday I will find me in a court and me laughing shit."

Irina looks neckline to receive an award in Germany

While Cristiano gave victory to Real Madrid in Malaga on Saturday, his girlfriend Irina Shayk received a fashion award in Germany. The Russian top dazzled on the red carpet of Baden-Baden Gala the 'Spa Awards 2014', a prestigious award whose trophy reminiscent Oscar.
"I feel very honored to receive this award. Thank you, Germany, "wrote the Russian social networks, where hung several pictures. Needless to say that Irina dazzled in a black and white dress with a neckline here I wait.

"I had sex with four brothers Balotelli"

It is one of those that if you grow up riding a circus dwarf. We refer to Mario Balotelli, if no longer had few controversies open, now we are facing a new scandal as Veronica Graf, one participant Great Italian Brother striker Milan and his brother Enoch would have made an orgy with her and another friend.
"I had sex with four Balotelli, Enoch his brother and a friend a week before entering the contest," confessed the blonde to the other participants 'Grande Fratello'.
What's more, to make these disclosures on the television, the censored, but could not prevent then made public, Veronica betraying explicitly acknowledged that says is his current partner, the Inter player Saphir Taider.
Veronica, who is a regular at the Milanese night, he also claimed a relationship with Gonzalo Higuain, Real Madrid former player now in Naples.

The former tipazo Neymar looks on the beaches of Rio

Marquezine Bruna is back in the limelight of Brazilian newspapers Saturday after shooting several scenes of the soap opera 'Em Family' Macumba beach in Rio de Janeiro.
The ex-girlfriend Neymar figure wore a pink bikini and looks captured during filming, while some media speculate as to a possible way of reconciliation with the Barcelona player.
And is that a few days ago Bruna own stated "Neymar is a very special person to me and I have great respect and affection," it turns out that the player again to follow on Instagram this past Sunday.
Neymar, who on Saturday posted a photo with a new look, wrote a message of the lyrics of Conquest. One of the verses - 'You know, I'm crazy-verte' is intrepreta as an overture to Bruna.
Bruna is also speculated that, although still not follow Neymar networks corresponded to hang a picture of some flowers accompanied by a cryptic message. "How to cut the root if you gave flowers?".
In order to Neymar and Bruna are still players in the Brazilian media and see if the speculation of a possible return are met.