Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nicole Scherzinger is dumped in his relationship with Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger is dumped in her relationship with Hamilton. Source: instagram
Without a doubt, the intermittent romance who have lived Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger over the past six years has been as unstable as passionate. But it seems that the couple, who has already been seen in public after announcing his reconciliation , has found a way to balance their courtship.
First, the singer has decided to abandon its status as a juror in the famous X Factor competition to spend more time with the Mercedes driver, who allegedly accompanied at each Grand Prix. "Nicole wants to go to the vast majority of the races to be part of the daily life of Lewis. Before barely visible and that caused his break in summer, "explained a friend of the couple. Thus, it seems clear that there has been Nicole Scherzinger's own which wanted to involve 100% with your partner.
Precisely why Lewis Hamilton wanted to reciprocate the weekend, especially considering that this same starts a long season for the British driver. It turns out that both escaped to Rome to consolidate the new stage of their romance made while touring the Italian capital. It seems, then, that things can not do better to Hamilton, starting on the right foot during both personally and professionally.

Lopez, warning in Icard

"One day we will cross the field, and we will laugh," says Sampdoria, who explains: "I cried so much. Now I think of my children."

Lopez, warning Icard - One day we will cross the field, and we will laugh, says Sampdoria, who said: I cried so much. Now I think of my children.
For the first time Maxi Lopez has spoken publicly of separation from Wanda Nara and the relationship of the latter with his former team-mate and former friend Mauro Icard: "Maybe one day I might meet on the field and I'll make it in laughter" . 

Sampdoria striker opened with the broadcaster Argentine 'TyC'. "I went away from Catania to be closer to my children, who now live in Milan - Revealed -. I was just a kid when my father died, my children want to spend all the time that I could not go with him" . 

"I cried a lot in recent times, but football helped me. My chores have become media, but I only want to talk on the field. Gossip sells a lot, but I do not speak, it is as if I had a muzzle - continued Argentine striker -. Life is strange, people are strange around you can find anything. I can not say what I think in this situation, especially in front of a camera. codes There are, in football as in life " . 

Lopez, however, has sent a message to the remote colleague Icard: "If one day we were to meet on the field I'll make it in laughter. However, every person is what he is. But the thought of my children just to change my mood" . 

Former Balotelli shows good form in Test

Modelo exibe boa forma em nova campanha publicitária (Divulgação/Fruscio)
Just over a year after giving birth to the only child of Balotelli, Pia, the model Raffaella Fico showed already regaining fitness delighted that both the Italian playmaker in the past. The beauty showed off the body in a sensual day recently in rehearsal for a new advertising campaign.
Balotelli recognized parternidade daughter Raffaella Fico with just last month, after about a year of court fight.

Olya Abramovich, the new Irina

It has the same surname, but Olya Abramovich is no family and nothing but shares with his Russian tycoon Chelsea nationality. Same as Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, who is to say that from now your main competitor and his heir. Already, who calls the new Irina ...
Olya And that Abramovich has become in recent days in an authentic viral phenomenon. In a short time it has surpassed 800,000 followers on Instagram and the number is rising. No wonder, because this 24 year old girl is a gun that has flooded their accounts revealing photos and provocative comments. It is described as "famous Russian model" although it is not yet known large jobs. Time to time.
His photos speak for themselves and she. When attacking its perched, defends smartly. "If you have to really expose my photos as 'nudity and pornography', please borrádme of your friends list and stop following. We all have our bodies and we should be proud no matter what. There is something to be ashamed of and neither showed nothing you have not seen before. Is the freedom of art and this piece of art that is my body! If you have a problem with that, may you feel free to leave that profile and forget about me. Do not judge people for what they are! "Olya escribó forcefully.