Friday, 14 March 2014

Galatasaray fan shaves name Drogba in back hair

We have seen many regards body adornments of football fans: all kinds of tattoos, painted faces, figures being shaved in the hair, but what we encountered on Instagram is in our opinion quite new to this genre.
A fan of Galatasaray has namely let the name of star player Didier Drogba uitscheren in his back hair, including the number 11. Stylish is different, but it is funny.

Balotelli in a fictional Norwegian

In the series 'Lilyhammer' appears as a character called the striker for AC Milan.

Balotelli in a Norwegian fiction - In the series 'Lilyhammer' appears as a character called the striker for AC Milan. 

Balotelli under the protective wing of the boss Cuts. No, it is yet another controversial choice of Mario Balotelli but the gimmick of 'Lilyhammer', Norwegian television series that tells the story of a New York mobster (Frank Cuts, in fact) who tries to start a new life and moved to Lillehammer.
In the second season of the series introduces a new character, professional chef and occasional singer, who enters immediately into the good graces of the boss: immigrant from Africa, has lived for nine years in Sicily ('SuperMario' was born in Palermo). Name? Balotelli course.
Although things did not go well in the field, popularity, for good or bad, of the center of Milan and the national team is growing all over the planet right on Monday, the civil aviation authority Malaysian compared to Balotelli - but then be denied by the images - the alleged hijackers of flight disappeared into thin air.


Ferdinand helped Boufhal to have employment. Learn how ...

Francoise Boufhal, uma manequim com dificuldades em arranjar emprego (foto )
Francoise Boufhal, British mannequin, born in Hexham, Northumberland, had the dream to represent. In theater or television. This desire, after several hearings, if he was fading due to a 'problem': the chest too big. Or more. Voluptuous excess. This was almost always the response received in all job interviews.
The difficulties in finding work disappeared once met Rio Ferdinand, center-back for Manchester United and the England team. The player, after reading a report of a male mannequin magazine, had no hesitation in hiring Francoise for your digital magazine '5magazine'. Was the main face of digital publishing and doors were opened to follow a new career.
Their relationship, told mannequin in a recent interview, is just professional. The proposal led to at least the Manchester club won a big supporter. She not lose any game David Moyes team. The problems seem to be getting work done and at this point 'your' problem is no longer ... problem.

Melissa Debling, England has it in Brazil

Melissa Debling, uma manequim britânica desejada em Inglaterra (foto )
Melissa Debling, model 25, is one of the most desirable women in the UK. Owner of a gorgeous body, look overflowing sensuality Debling began in fashion at an early age but lost no time in launching alone. Since several studies of online advertising, a personal calendar, since 2011, the blonde also gained media attention involving a sex line for Elite TV (now Studio 66) television.
Lover of all kinds of sport or not she was always in shape, Melissa Debling is a fanatical supporter of Manchester United. But not only. More of the Red Devils, the dummy has been named in his country as the 'godmother' of the England team for the European Championship 2012. Never lose a game the British team. She who, in a recent interview, says he is counting the hours to see the performance of Rooney and company in Brazil's World ...

She promises to lift the spirits to Man United ...

Beth Humphreys, uma manequim que tem o Man. United como paixão (foto )
The football world knows Manchester United. This is one of the most publicized clubs on the planet. It is also one that has more fans. These are obviously some of the hottest and most successful women in the fashion world. Well then, keep this name in memory: Beth Humphreys. She has been named repeatedly as the 'She-Devil' of Man United. An unconditional supporter who did not lose any game of your team.
British mannequin, only 19 years old, already one of the media that the country faces in the fashion world, Humphreys has been the principal figure in several publications huge run like FHM, Nuts or Zoo Magazine. A monument which these days does not hide the sadness of the present moment 'red devils'. But in a recent interview, the brunette left the promise of wanting to lift the spirits of the team and if necessary even helped David Moyes. Will the technician be able to refuse?