Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Affair Ronaldinho displays neckline on Instagram

Ronaldinho did not leave for less and took the revelry in Salvador in good company. Listed as youngest player affair, Lisiane Ignacio published in Instagram photo that appears showing a daring neckline. The girl was spotted in the early hours of last Monday leaving a box in Salvador in hand with the ace of Atletico-MG.

Virginia Gallardo confesses he was with Trezeguet

virginia gallardo1
Probably some of you will remember the lush Virginia Gallardo, the stunning Argentina model that until recently was a WAG because of their relationship with Guillermo Garcia, a player from Argentina Volleyball Team. However, they broke their romance and the blonde began to link both Riquelme and even David Trezeguet .
Well, it seems that the rumors related to the French footballer were not misguided. And the goddess Virginia Gallardo, who recently said he was looking for a boyfriend, has recently confessed that had a brief affair with former player of Juventus, Hercules or even River Plate.
"I love being a bride, but could not find anyone to form a pair. With Trezeguet ever went "We have secured the Virginia Gallardo sexy in an interview. Thus, it seems that although they did not live as announced, the fact is that they had some sporadic another relationship ...

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi refers to as her "husband"

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi refers to as her "husband". Source: twitter
Not even take half a year together, but still, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi and are clear that they want to distraction. Only then can you explain with living together for more than a month ago and they've even taken the decision to marry as soon as possible (in fact, some rumors suggest that bodorrio be held this spring).
Well, it seems that many are having the desire to formalize their relationship itself Wanda Nara and refers to her boyfriend as her "husband". So the blonde named Mauro Icardi in his personal Twitter account after enjoying with him and their children a pleasant evening this past Sunday.
"Beautiful Sunday family. My husband with his roast that you can not over how rich he was. @ Happy MauroIcardi "wrote the model on his Twitter account. And last but not least, also hit an earful again your ex mother, the mother of Maxi Lopez, when compared to her mother. "This is to be a grandmother this despite the distance ... @ Noracolosimo Valu tells a story for little camera," said Wanda Nara next to a picture of your child sleeping with a mobile ...

A former Ronaldinho and Balotelli, the most desired

Sara Tomassi's resume speaks for itself. It was Balotelli and girlfriend Ronaldinho participated in Berlusconi's famous parties and became a porn star. Now, you can add that Italian is the most sought under U.S. Internet web 'Animal New York'.
This means ensuring that Sara Tomassi is the most requested 'personality' in servers YouPorn, the world's largest porn video club after beating Kim Kardashian and other celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Megan Fox or Pamela Anderson.
Sara Tomassi reported at the time that when he filmed drugged her porn movies and now want the accused Berlusconi declares himself at trial to dismantle his theories, something highly unlikely.Meanwhile, velina or 'showgirl' as it is called in Italy, continues to revolutionize the networks with their photos.

Vanesa Lorenzo: "Puyol is genuine, honest and noble"

The football world is still digesting the announcement of Puyol, who on Tuesday revealed that the late season would leave the club, the club of his life. Since then, the captain has received numerous bluagrana breath samples and affection.
Among them were unable to miss your partner and mother of his daughter Manuela, model Vanessa Lorenzo. The Catalan has posted a picture on Instagram Player typing with your mobile accompanied by a message from the heart out.
"The hands of the most genuine, honest and noble man I ever knew," Vanesa ensures that summarizes the feelings of many colleagues and friends Puyol.