Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Del Piero lifeguard for a day

The former Juventus captain has starred in an episode of the series Bondi Beach, an Australian version of Baywatch.

Del Piero lifeguard for a day - Former Juventus captain has starred in an episode of the series Bondi Beach, an Australian version of Baywatch.
Alessandro Del Piero lifeguard for a day in Australia.
The former captain of Juventus, increasingly popular in the country oceanic, left Tuesday training with the Sydney to try their hand on the set of the series Bondi Beach, a local version of Baywatch.
Pinturicchio posted a photo preview on his Twitter profile: "One day as an actor, in the Australian series Bondi Rescue: I'll see you in the next episode ...".

Former mistress of Tiger Woods sought by the authorities

Joslyn James deixou de pagar pensão do filho (foto D.R.)
Remember Joslyn James? In 2010, the porn actress claimed to be lover golfer Tiger Woods, in a case that rocked world sport and sport in particular. 
The athlete was eventually involved in a series of sex scandals that resulted in divorce with Elin Nordegren. 
Now, four years later, Joslyn James, former mistress of Tiger Woods, back in the news ... the worst motives. 
According to the American press, the pornographic actress entered the list of 100 most wanted persons in child support from Washington state department, having not paid pension to his 14 year old son. 
Are about $ 18,000 of debt contracted Joslyn James, an illegal action that arises now a top little abonatório.
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A Iker Casillas would like your son to be goalie

Like any self-respecting father, Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero drool with her son Martin. So he confessed Real Madrid goalkeeper journalist Nuria Roca in an interview for the radio program 'The best thing that can happen to you ", a title which made its initial response in tray ...
"A child is the best thing to happen to you, it's worth getting up every day and see him, I'm going home with energy," said Iker, which revealed that the little Martin "looks like both. It has things of his mother and also about his father. Everyone is going to pull a little thing, but I think it has something of both. Has good 'mollitas', as I say. "
Whether given a lot of trouble at night, Casillas said that "I have enough friends who have kids now and they'll be telling how they are organized and they tell you do not sleep, you have to get up ... but the truth is that this sleeping like a blessed, Last I well and eat well. Behaves well. "
Iker added that "being a parent has changed my priorities" and confessed that "I love bath time because he loves. It is phenomenal and you see his face as more awake. If I like it to be goalie? I will say what you have to say in these cases, it grew and do what you want, that is healthy ... but I would like to play football, "he said.

The former enjoyed carnival Neymar with Ronaldo

The ex-girlfriend Neymar was one of the special guests of the box of the brand of Brazilian beer Brahma, one of the busiest in the carnival of Rio de Janeiro. There, Bruna Marquezine coincided with former player Ronaldo, who was accompanied by his fiancée, Paula Morais DJ.
Everyone had a great time and the Brazilian media and Bruna speculate that could become the future queen of 'Brahma cabin' in the next edition of the Carnival of Rio. In this it has been Sabrina Sato (pictured above with Bruna and Ronaldo), a beauty to which the ex-girlfriend of Neymar can substitute as muse.

The photo cholula "Kun" Agüero

Sergio attended the party that made ​​the Manchester City by obtaining Cup Premiership and found nothing more and nothing less than Noel Gallagher!
Yes, the very former leader of "Oasis" was one of the special guests at the celebration of the club he loves.
The "Kun" shared the image with your followers on twitter and was happy to have met the musical star.

Wanda Nara Icardi says is her "husband"

Valentino's mother, Costantino and Benedict can not love more than Mauro Icardi. In this new relationship, the blonde has shown us via twitter cooking, goes to run errands, etc.. And he, who is a great companion and loves the children of his girlfriend, which no doubt was instrumental Wanda.
The blonde and is a divorcee and at any time can say yes in the registry, but not necessary, this love goes much further than any book.
This time, the player he cooked a roast and she called him "husband".

"Marry me or I'm going to Bailando"

A dew Oliva and rumors reached him that South Ideas are interested in it and would be looking very favorably.
A blonde loves to dance and would be evaluating the possibility, except that Diego accepts marriage.
According to Marina Calabro, the former River player would have put 10 between a rock and a hard place. Though the idea tempts you a lot, knows that if he returns to Argentina, will be leaving the way Veronica Ojeda, who is embarada her fiance.

USF Football Recruit -- ALLEGEDLY PULLS GUN ON COP ... Taken Down By K9

 A star high school running back -- who reportedly committed to the University of South Florida -- was arrested Sunday after allegedly pulling a gun on a police officer ... all thanks to a brave police dog.

The suspect -- 18-year-old Marquise Bryant --  was confronted by an officer in Fort Myers, FL for loitering around 2:30 AM.

During the incident, the cop says Bryant reached for his right front pocket -- even after the cop told him to put his hands up.

The cop says Bryant continued to go for the pocket ... and a fight broke out between the two -- with Bryant allegedly pulling out a gun at one point.

But the officer was able to click a button that released his police dog Bala from the cop car -- and Bala bit Bryant on his right thigh.

Thanks to Bala, the officer was able to regain control of the situation and take Bryant into custody. He's now facing several charges -- including assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon.

Usain Bolt “Tun Up” Carnival In Trinidad

Usain Bolt Carnival
Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet but he is also known for his hardcore partying. After all he is from Jamaica, the land of wood, water, and dancehall.
The Jamaican sprint legend is currently enjoying some down time and what better place to have a good time around this time of year than Trinidad.
Usain Bolt is currently in Trinidad for carnival and you know he turned things way up. He returns to Jamaica on Monday.
Watch the below videos.

Balo the threat GF

"If he does not win Samba into the house to protest," he joked on Twitter striker.

Balo the threat GF - If you do not win Samba into the house to protest joked on Twitter striker.
Mario Balotelli is a fan of Big Brother. And you could tell because his historic former Raffaella Fico, the mother of his daughter Pia, she came to prominence thanks to reality. 

The fact is that the AC Milan striker was immediately passionate to the new edition of the program. It has already found his favorite contestant, as he revealed on Twitter. 

"So, if he does not win the Samba grandefratello Mario Balotelli will enter the house to protest! From Samba frateeeee!" the jocular threat cinguettata the striker. 

And who knows what could say 'SuperMario' if it came in the infamous confessional ...