Monday, 3 March 2014

Irina Shayk dazzles in the Oscar parties

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend is one of the usual celeberities in the pre and post ceremony of the Oscar parties. Last year and saw somewhere and this has been repeated presence in the party organized by the AIDS Foundation Elton John chaired and which organizes the prestigious magazine Vanity Fair.
In both events, Irina dazzled by its beauty and tremendous extraordinariamante dresses that highlighted their dizzying curves. Words are not needed and better than the pictures of Russian top speak for themselves ...

The alleged mistress CR7 the chart at the carnival

Andressa Urach, which was ranked second in the contest Miss Bumbum 2012, strikes again.Loving the controversy, this Brazilian breaks and tears has returned to fuss occasion Carnival parade in the Sambadrome topless.
As you may recall, a few months ago Andressa mounted a major scandal by stating that The Sunhad slept with Cristiano Ronaldo on the eve of the semifinals of the Champions. Portuguese said he loved her butt and he responded with a virtual kick in the same place as the denounced for spreading lies. While the cause is the process, Brazil has continued to attract attention.
This time, at least, has not been expelled from the carnival as discussed last year when a member of his school of samba, but also was noted. And if not, look for yourselves looking at the pictures of his daring parade ...

A sister CR7 carnival parade in Madeira

Elma Aveiro-1-
Glory days for sisters of Cristiano Ronaldo. If we reported recently that Katia, the singer, was signed by Telecinco program 'Survivor' is that Elma has also been the main character parade last Saturday night at the Carnival cavalcade Funchal in Madeira.
The sister of Madrid crack was chosen to go on the allegorical gig Geringonça Animation Association, a position that has the technical name of 'Diamante'. And send the canons of carnival label, Elma was underdressed, just with a white bikini and body adorned with feathers and sequins.To top it off, the 'protected' two male figures, the 'save', as indicated by the carnival tradition in the land of birth of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lena, the elixir of Khedira

Lena - 2-OK

Sami Khedira and Lena Gercke have overcome the problems, according to the German press, took them late last year, to go through the consultation of a psychologist specializing in marriage crisis. Therapy which underwent seems to have offered the best results as evidenced by his last public appearances.
And this weekend, Sami and Lena have hung in their respective accounts of Instagram a photo dining with friends in celebrating the 26th birthday of the model, who was born on odd days of February 29, a date, not Since this is a leap year, not on the 2014 schedule.
In any case, the couple had a great time and the company stressed its "friends for life" at a dinner that has ended all speculation about their relationship. Yes, still no wedding date, a link that should occur this year they announced themselves long ago.

Becks buys the haunted mansion

Concluded the agreement for $ 60 million for the mega mansion where fashion designer Versace was killed 16 years ago.

Becks buys the haunted mansion - Concluded an agreement for $ 60 million for the mega mansion where fashion designer Versace was murdered 16 years ago.
The Beckham family, after months of negotiations, concluded the deal to buy the mega-villa that once belonged to Versace in Miami Beach for $ 60 million.
This was announced by the Spanish news agency Europa Press. The villa, where the Italian designer was killed sixteen years ago by a deranged, called Casa Casuarina, and is a building of the thirties with sea views, swimming pool ten bedrooms and a megasalone of 250 square meters.
Purchased from Versace in '92 for $ 10 million and renovated with another 33 million in 2000 had become the property of the American tycoon Peter Loftin, who had tried to turn it into a luxury hotel.
Victoria Beckham is a close friend of the sister of fashion designer Donatella Versace.

Satta, selfie with the belly

Boateng's girlfriend is eight months pregnant.

Satta, selfie with the belly - Boateng's girlfriend is eight months pregnant.
Melissa Satta is the eighth month of gravizanda but do not give up "selfiemania." 

Kevin Prince Boateng's girlfriend, who in a few weeks will give birth to her first child, continues to post self-portraits on twitter with her beautiful baby bump in evidence. 

The last photo is accompanied by the comment "pilates", a sign that the former tissue is keeping in shape waiting to go on TV.