Sunday, 2 March 2014

Balotelli and Fico become masks

The upcoming carnival has inspired the imagination of children ... and parents. So here are the costumes from 'SuperMario' and Raffa, complete with Pia in his arms.

Balotelli and Fico become masks - the upcoming carnival has inspired the imagination of children ... and parents. So here are the costumes from 'SuperMario' and Raffa, complete with Pia in his arms.

From people who have filled the pages of gossip magazines and fancy dress costumes to ... in the strict sense. 

And 'This is the parable of Mario Balotelli and Raffaella Fico. Their chat history, which found its climax in the controversy away after the birth of little Pia (recently recognized by the attacker Milan), now also inspired the imagination and the imagination of children, ready to celebrate the upcoming carnival costumes with new and original. Or, perhaps, of their parents. 

And the last idea, promptly became viral on social networks, is precisely to assume the role of 'SuperMario' and Raffa. Strictly in social Rossoneri held the first, with un'appariscente fur, overly teased hair and the inevitable baby in his arms the second. 

The blonde said that Ronaldo is not back ...

Rhian Sudgen (foto D.R.)
Rhian Sudgen is a genuine English style. Why? It is a stunning blonde who had the courage to say no to Cristiano Ronaldo last year, according to The Sun revealed itself. 
The news is no longer new - the star of Real Madrid, a trip to his former home of Manchester Rhian crossed with a local restaurant will be up and have exchanged phone numbers, so will Ronaldo wooed through this pathway - but now the same can not be said of the new photographic production of British 27 year old who has habitual presence in various men's magazines. 
The Portuguese striker will, according to the same jonal, explained to his companion now, Irina Shayk, that it was all a figment of Rhian Sudgen. But there may still be, after all this time, a soft spot in the heart of the world's best player? 

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Ninel Conde, knows why she does not like David Moyes?

Ninel Paloma Herrera Conde é natural de Toluca, no México (foto )
Ninel Conde Paloma Herrera. Professional Name: Ninel Conde. The name is recognized mainly in South American lands, particularly in Mexico, the birthplace of this multi-faceted woman.Model, singer and actress Ninel Conde distinguished by Aztec beauty with which it takes every television and photographic appearance. 
Natural Toluca is a lover of sport, dedicating much of his time in various activities. Gym and swimming are at the top of this dummy preferences, which obviously is a particularly adept at selecting Reyes and Diego Herrera (FC Porto). Still, in this context, has never hidden his admiration for Javier Hernandez, aka Chicharito, advanced in recent years who lives in the shadow of Manchester United. The choice of David Moyes to leave the striker on the bench is something that Conde would like to see changed ... 

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Helen transforming

We are used to seeing Helen Flanagan, the English actress and model that boasts some of the best breasts in the country and even the world, with blond hair. That look you give-or rather, gave him an angelic-looking ...
Not so much now, because Helen stunning girlfriend player on loan to West Bronwich Albion City, has decided dyed redhead. And the truth is that you do not feel too bad, although its look is more 'hellish' ... She herself is more than happy with the result, as demonstrated by the fact there hung several pictures in social networks with its new look.
A Scott Sinclair also seems to like. Overcome its crisis when sending messages hunt racy with another woman, the couple now lives a sweet moment. Helen has gone to live with him in Birmingham and this summer will start looking offspring, as she has told the tabloid.