Saturday, 1 March 2014

Luisa Zissman: "I have better tits Helen Flanagan"

Luisa Zissman: "I have better tits Helen Flanagan." Source:
Helen Flanagan, Girlfriend tremendous Manchester City footballer Scott Sinclair (currently on loan to West Bromwich Albion), is a lush and stunning woman. In fact, English has indicated this in his last perched in lingerie for Nuts magazine , which has boasted incredible curves. Moreover, in his later work has shown that features a large front, which she says is the best in the world.
Well, it seems that another British model and celebrity is willing to doubt his claim. And the tremendous Luisa Zissman (who has repeatedly stressed that you do not want the life of a WAG) has said in an interview to the magazine Zoo Magazine that she has the best tits gorgeous Helen Flanagan.
The 'itch' has its origin in a statement of Helen herself, who said that Luisa had no class. And during the photo shoot, the brunette wanted to respond as follows. "Every time I see a photo of Helen has her tits out. Let me not get me wrong, I have no problem with that, but my tits are better than theirs. 

Frank Rijkaard will be father for the fourth time this summer

Frank Rijkaard, the coach who led the club to their second European Cup with a star Ronaldinho, become a father for the fourth time this summer. The Dutchman and his third wife, Sefanie Rucker, with whom he married four years ago and which now has a son named Santi, sweet face looks great happiness.
For it was also one of the legendary players of Milan Arrigo Sachi will be the fourth child. The first was Lindsay, with his first wife Carmen, and then come Mitchel, the son he had with his second wife, Monique Olgers, to whom he was married for 19 years.
Today, Frank has taken a pause in his coaching career and thinks retrain until they pass the first months of baby's life. From here, our congratulations to a technician who left an indelible mark on their way through Barcelona, ​​both professionally and personally.

Pistorius: new girlfriend of 19 years before the trial

On the eve of trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, ​​the tabloid 'The Sun' has revealed that Oscar Pistoiurs have a new and very young couple. It would be Leah Skye Malan, 19 year old student who belongs to a wealthy South African family living a couple of hours in Johannesburg and the Olympic exatleta met in December in Mozambique.

Less than a year after the tragic murder, Oscar has moved on and is spending a fortune on his defense. So far, no official confirmation of his new love story, but The Sun has published a photograph of him dressed in paramedical profession that is being prepared. They met during a vacation that Leah was accompanied by his parents and brother.

"Pistorius's helping in this difficult time," said an anonymous source, who also explained that when they are practically Pistorius has to disguise to avoid being recognized.

The United Cindy Crawford

Few things, if any, have to celebrate this season Manchester United. The only consolation costume Moyes must be found out of bounds. And, if something Red Devils win is to 'WAGS', especially in regard to the goal.
No team in the world which have two goalkeepers at such spectacular girlfriends. One of them, to the goalkeeper, David de Gea, and know too well. This is the singer Edurne, a muses
The other is the girlfriend of substitute goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard. This is the Swedish model Misse Beqiri. Malmoe, his city of birth, kinship with Ibrahimovic, but his physique is reminiscent of another legendary model, the American Cindy Crawford.
She's the one who comforts her Danish boyfriend, who this season has double reason to be sad: the wrong time and his usual team substitution, since it has only gotten to play two games. No wonder, then, that Lindegaard has posted some photos of his girl on the net and writing on Twitter: "Thank God this woman is mine".
Anders and Misse met in Copenhagen three years ago and have a son that Beqiri presumed in the network, where it occurs as "Prince Julian mum".

Yolanthe Sneijder: the passion for Galatasaray

Yolanthe Cabau Sneijder's wife, has become one of the most fanatical followers of Galatasaray, the team who plays her husband. When their professional obligations do not prevent it, always attends their parties and last Wednesday was no exception.
The actress, model and presenter Dutch demonstrated his passion for the team before the game and posted a picture on their arms who taught cheerleading. Mouth and nails painted with red and yellow colors of the Turkish team, buzzed Yolanthe beautiful with the almighty equalizer scored against Mourinho's Chelsea, who had met Sneijder at Inter.
Here are some photos of Yolanthe encouraging Galatasaray and others where you look its charms, which are few.