Monday, 24 February 2014

Looking for your Christian ...

The latest issue of Interview magazine cover girl aims to Cristini Couto, a Brazilian statuesque having a strong resemblance to Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, with whom, according to the weekly, insinuates herself having more than words.
The former 'Women and Men and Vice Versa' laughs when compared to Russia, said that "many" times have told him that look and adds that "I miss my Christian now." Does not elaborate on a possible affair with Real Madrid but says "ligo much. I was with many players ... their names beginning with G, P, B, C .... about how many of Real Madrid and Atletico and Barca too. "
The once Miss Transexual in 2007 says that thanks to television has been linked to many famous, "some even before the operation. I can get involved with each day if I want. When you're on TV, is how strong you are seeking the famous "bouncing ensures Cristini interview devoting its cover to .... "Cristiano Ronaldo".

Alves saw Irina parading in Milan and Naomi Campbell

Dani Alves takes advantage of the permit by the Tata concendido after the defeat in Anoeta to move to Milan where he attended the parade of German designer Philipp Pleon, which closed the fifth Jornado of Milano Moda Donna. The Blaugrana side was excited about Irina Shayk and veteran Naomi Campbell, the star of the show models.
With its parade, Plein transported viewers to the fashion of the 90 music singer Rita Ora, which perfectly represents the bold and groundbreaking style of German. The big surprise was the guest appearance of Naomi Campbell, which would then Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend with a cowboy style and a truly sexy look.

Wanda and Maxi, a step of final divorce

Looks like Wanda Nara can fulfill his desire to marry Mauro Icardi in late May, as noted in Argentina. And is that the star is about to get the final divorce Maxi Lopez. Lawyers for both reaffirmed Monday his willingness to divorce then just hope that the judge makes the judgment dissolving the marriage.
Both Wanda and Maxi are in Italy, but his lawyers appeared at the courts of San Isidro, where the agreement was signed. Only some fringe remain unresolved, such as child support and, as the lawyers said, is only a matter of "sharpen the pencil." But the truth is that divorce no longer be reversed.
By the way, that fate can play a trick on Maxi and Mauro Icardi, making return to share a dressing room. And is that Inter have not paid thirteen million transfer Icardi and it could return to Sampdoria, who recently won the Maxi pass from Catania. Can you see him?

Fernanda Lima: sex with heels to yoga ...

Wearing only a pair of boots and very sensual. This photo of Fernanda Lima is the most illustrative of the new campaign signature 'Arezzo', which the presenter is new ambassador.
At 36, this Brazilian who dazzled in the World Cup draw, has become an irresistible lure for major brands. During the presentation of the campaign, which was exhibited in a black dress, Fernanda unveiled some intimate secrets. "I already made love with heels sometimes. It's very sexy!. It gives a point of madness and a while now, I've noticed the power that men have over heels, "he said.
To the delight of photographers during the presentation, Fernanda legs crossed on several occasions to highlight the stunning heels shoes that promotes and explained that for her "the hottest shoe is the higher and finer."
A few days after this presentation, Fernanda starred in another event entirely different character.The actress has joined the project 'City of God', which operates in the field of education, culture and sport, with the aim of contributing to the education of children and adolescents. Within this framework, Fernanda taught a yoga class in the west of Rio de Janeiro. Ronaldo, the Phenomenon, also working in this campaign.