Saturday, 22 February 2014

Javier Mascherano is set to compliment your romantic woman

Javier Mascherano is set to compliment your romantic woman. Source: twitter
Undoubtedly, Javier Mascherano is a hardworking, disciplined and professional football player on the field.And off the field seems to be a very methodical man, just as is seen in the media for off-field issues.However, why the Barca player has left to devote some nice words to his girl for her birthday.
And the Argentine midfielder has used Twitter to send the following words. 'Happy' meets' Love ", written Javier Mascherano. Brief but sincere. And how could it be otherwise, the player has uploaded a picture where you can see her smiling girl with sea background.
It should be noted that, like her husband, Fernanda itself is very little left to make public speeches.Mascherano woman is the mother of two daughters of the player, and Lola Alma. Thus, it seems that the love between them is still standing, at least by the Barca player.

Wedding Ronaldo and Paula Morais last three days ...

La boda de Ronaldo y Paula Morais durará tres días…
It is well known to those skilled in football that Ronaldo is a legendary party animal. The 'Phenomenon' has always been linked to the party and, for this reason, former footballer wanted his wedding to DJ Paula Morais is not reduced to a single day of celebration, but three days lengthen.
So, it turns out that Ronaldo has convinced his girlfriend to her marriage becomes a real party. So Paula confessed itself during the event sponsored by the Brazilian beer Brahma, a brand will be well represented at the carnival of Rio de Janeirdo, wherein the bride the former player will have a significant participation.
"Our wedding will be held later this year. It will not be traditional and will be held here in Brazil. There will be three holidays. I wanted something simple, with a few friends, but Ronaldo is a party animal, "said the DJ smiling. Since the saying goes, who was, retained ...

Alexis confuse with a pornstar!

Everyone can have lapses, but the fact that he committed the Mexican Televisa is one of the most fun we remember recently in the media. And it turns out that the alignment to the Etihad Stadium club through their Twitter and Facebook accounts, someone made the big mistake of confusing ... Alexis Sanchez Alexis Texas.
What Who is Alexis Texas? For it is not a player, no. This is one of the most famous actors of the time, 28 and born in Panama. Little or nothing to do with the Blaugrana striker and capture the confusion is circulating like wildfire networks although Televisa fixed the error as soon as he could.