Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Icardi turns 21 and gains birthday party Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara e Mauro Icardi (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)
Birthday day, Mauro Icardi celebrated the date next to the girlfriend Wanda Nara. The model hosted a special party for the Inter Milan striker with the right cake in heart shape on Wednesday. The children of Wanda, fruit wedding with Maxi Lopez, attended the celebration.
- Thank you! @ Wanditanara Valu # # # Benchu ​​Coki - Icardi wrote on Instagram.

Maradona fights with his girlfriend by De Gea!

He's running like a wildfire Argentine media that Diego Maradona would have Rocío fought with his girlfriend because of his Oliva flirtation with Manchester United player David de Gea.
According to legend, during United's trip to Dubai, where the Fluff resides with his partner, the one world football exnúmero have caught his fiancee intecambiando Twitter address and mobile phone number with the Madrid keeper. His anger was such that Diego would almost come to blows with dew. "It exploded with jealousy," say several sources.
The truth is hard to believe that De Gea will do more if Rocio indicating that education itself, especially considering the magnificent relationship with his girlfriend, singer Edurne.
As for Maradona, the incident comes shortly after it was promised with dew in Rome on Valentine's Day. "After Claudia not loved another woman. And today, in front of all these people, my dear, I agree with you. I am very much in love. You're the woman of my life, "he had told his girlfriend Ten, with which it could now be seriously fought ...

Victoria Beckham opens up about her boob job and beauty regime

It's always been pretty difficult to draw certain things from Victoria Beckham. A smile, for one.

She's also pretty much managed to avoid commenting on her boob job - until now.
Victoria has spoken about her formerly prominent boobs in a new interview with Allure magazine, admitting: "I don’t have them any more. I think I may have purchased them."
Victoria Beckham, David Beckham's girlfriend
The former Spice Girl – pictured above left in 2007, and more recently on the right  – has always been coy about her reported surgical enhancement.

The only reference she had previously made to the suspected surgery was in a 2011 interview with Vogue, in which she simply said: "No torpedo bazookas, either. Gone."
However, back in 2005, Victoria's lawyers confirmed that she "had in fact undergone breast enhancement surgery."
Elsewhere in the Allure interview, Victoria also discusses her beauty regime, revealing that she gets up at 6am to run four miles every day, and that she no longer shaves her legs after Eva Longoria introduced her to laser hair removal.
"[It] is amazing. You can go back for little touch-ups if you do see little hairs appearing.
"But I've been very lucky that I haven't had to. That was one of the best tips that Eva Longoria ever gave me."
VB also admitted that the time she was happiest was when she was living in America, saying of the US: "It was much more accepting for a woman to have a career, as well as a man. And I loved it."
She added: "I’m not saying I’m not happy now. I’m just as happy now!"
Glad to hear it!

Wanda Nara reveals salary Maxi Lopez

Wanda Nara reveals salary Maxi Lopez. Source:
Just a couple of weeks ago, the tremendous Wanda Nara yes demonstrated a grudge against Maxi Lopez to write a letter in which he recognized every one of the infidelities committed by the player Sampdoria. But it seems that there has not finished the thing, as though it is really extremely happy Icardi Mauro, wanted to leave again in evidence to admit the little money he gives to care for their three children.
"Want to go to trial? Or do you want the player to be less silver happens to their children? That arrangement makes you think you have a good lawyer? Feel like 80 thousand euros that we are 4 and we live with 3000 euros? And you with 77 thousand euros? The kids have nothing to do "in the first instance pointed sensual Wanda Nara.
To this he added the following: "The kids lived from within each infidelity yours, felt, every time they saw me I cried, because I'm all they have. Are those who are living it today. Do not give me anything else, go to trial, but did not go for me, I'll get them! "Downloaded the beautiful blonde. Thus, it appears that Wanda Nara has declared war on Maxi Lopez, while posted to defend his salary. Here everyone plays their cards in their own way ...

The son of Veronica Ojeda and Diego Maradona born on September 10

Marina Calabro reported in "Infama" Veronica Ojeda scheduled a cesarean for September 10. While obstetrician indicated that termination of pregnancy would be 24 this month, will be advanced due to the choice he made.
The baby is nine weeks pregnant and today her mother could hear his heartbeat for the first time.

Berlusconi, divorce official

The official act was sanctioned, according to sources qualified by the Court of Monza dissolved the marriage to Veronica Lario.

Berlusconi, divorce Official - The official act was sanctioned, according to sources qualified by the Court of Monza dissolved the marriage with Veronica Lario.
Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario have officially divorced.
The act was sanctioned, according to sources qualified by the Court of Monza dissolved the marriage.
The partial judgment was served Tuesday to lawyers of the two former spouses.In essence, the decision of the Court of Monza just change the marital status of the leader of Forza Italy and Veronica Lario: puts an end to their wedding in December 1990 by the then mayor of Milan, Paolo Pillitteri the PSI after the birth of their children Barbara, Eleanor and Louis.
Instead pursue litigation in a separate statement on the check of the maintenance that will be established in a few weeks.