Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Metisha up with Chelsea will pull at Galatasaray

Metisha Larocca, uma manequim que não esconde a paixão pelo Galatasaray (foto )
Metisha Larocca is a famous model and actress living in Miami (USA). Reached American shores in 2010, in pursuit of the dream of a better life. With her ​​exotic beauty took only capable of awakening all the attention. And all it took was ... In a few months it became one of the most successful mannequins, with main face of several magazines, advertisements and participation in some series. 
Despite the distance, Metisha do not forget the roots. That these roots are in Turkey, where he was born and grew up. That is where did your passion for Galatasaray, one of the most emblematic clubs of Istanbul, who never hid Larocca. Always the optimist, the brunette, a woman's sport (also now practiced combat sports), believes that Hell Istanbul barrier that Chelsea will have to overcome many difficulties. Jose Mourinho will measure forces with the Turkish team on Oct. 26 (Wednesday) for the Champions League, and will also be opposing Metisha. Looking at the beauty of the Turkish is possible that some blues fans surrender and also end up rooting for dummy ... 

Maradona asked Rocio hand Oliva

Maradona asked Rocio hand Oliva. Source: minutouno.com
Diego Armando Maradona is having many headaches because of his ex-wife, Veronica Ojeda. And the blonde pressed him not only to recognize the course would be his son, Dieguito, but has also recently confessed to wait another offshoot of 'fluff'.
Anyway, the former Argentine player wanted with her life as normal and, in fact, has decided to take a very important step. And is that Maradona has asked the hand of his current girlfriend, former footballer Rocío Oliva, which as you know is thirty years younger than him. The 'Ten' was engaged to his girlfriend last Friday, the day of St. Valentine.
Turns out he rented a hall of a luxury hotel in Rome and asked her hand in front of his friends and family, who moved to the Italian capital to celebrate their new relationship (though the time has not been set for the same date) . Here's a video where you can see the amazing celebration that took place in the present time when Maradona and Rocio Oliva decided to commit.

Wanda Nara and the second part of the mail-bomb

The war continues Wanda and Maxi. A few days ago a hard mail revealed that the model in pieces, one by one, the seven already infidelities of her husband, has now seen the light of the second part of the paper hard, published by ratingcero.com
"Here you do not have planned visits because you would not sign any agreement. We want to give 3000 euros when Rumi sure that the nanny charged us $ 2000 and now Patricia is charging me 1600 euros! How do I pay outs, medical, groceries, medicines, supplies and what they need it, without saying naphtha, household expenses, etc.. "Wanda wrote on the terms of the financial agreement.
And amenzaba: "Want to go to trial? Or do you want the player to be less silver happens to their children? That arrangement makes you think you have a good lawyer? Feel like 80 thousand euros that we are 4 and we live with 3000 euros? And you with 77 thousand euros? The kids have nothing to do. The kids lived from within each infidelity yours, felt, every time they saw me I cried because I'm all they have. Are those who are living it today. Do not give me more than anything, we go to trial, but I'm by myself, I go by them! "
Wanda spares no detail and always put forward their three children with Maxi. "When copper, when I touch everything you touch me I'll put their name as I always did with everything! They are next to me who suffered and continue to suffer for my bad decision to go beside you thinking you were going to change. That's my fault! To bring more children into the world with a person so I did all that and now this. "

Kevin Durant Sues Accountant -- You Can't Write Off My Personal Chef!

Kevin Durant says his personal chef is for pleasure ... not for business ... and now KD is suing his accountant claiming the guy tried to screw over the IRS by making it seem the cook was an essential part of his NBA career. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... Durant is going after Joel Elliott -- claiming Elliott got him in some deep trouble with Uncle Sam over the years by trying to write off several business expenses that clearly weren't business related. 

Case in point -- Durant's personal chef.  

In his lawsuit, Durant says, "Fees paid to a personal chef would not be regarded by a reasonably prudent accountant as qualifying for a business expense deduction."

Durant says the personal chef deduction was just one of MANY irresponsible accounting moves by Elliott that landed KD in hot water with the IRS. 

In fact, Durant says his tax returns from 2007 to 2011 are so messed up, he had to hire another firm to fix what Elliott screwed up. 

KD says the whole ordeal has cost him more than $200k -- and he wants Elliott to pay. 

We reached out to Elliott's lawyers -- so far, no word back.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/02/18/kevin-durant-sues-accountant-personal-chef-for-pleasure-not-business/#ixzz2tgKpVi79

Ronaldo gets his ass from his wife

Ronaldo gets his ass from his wife Is there a boxing career aside for Ronaldo? Upon seeing the above images, which were posted on the Instagramaccount his wife, we recommend the former Brazilian striker world yet to choose. Another hobby
Falls from the caption of the film still deduce that there is a lot of football legend has faith in: "I'm preparing for you, Anderson Silva, Junior dos Santos and Floyd Mayweather - keep you waiting!"

For those who do not know who the above gentlemen: the first two are seasoned practitioners of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), while the latter still undefeated world champion in the welter weights in boxing. Watch out, Ronaldo ...

Does the baby's father is a former Ojeda friend of Maradona?

In "American Breakfast" told one transcended, it points out that Omar Suarezwould have sex with Veronica Ojeda and he would be the father of the baby in her womb.
"I am very respectful of couples of my friends and my former friends ... and my family, too," Suarez defended, taking weight and credence to the information provided by the program journalist Pamela David.
On the other hand, would have recognized that Maradona had intimate relations with Ojeda, but that child is not his.

Veronica Ojeda tired of Maradona and rejects his family name: "I prefer that my child be Ojeda"

Halloween, celebrating the birthday of his son, Veronica Ojeda spoke with "AM" and, in his defense, it was hard to Maradona.

With respect to non-recognition of this child, the blonde was blunt, saying he did not mind having the surname Maradona: "I do not need. M e a favor, I prefer it Ojeda and I have so many problems, "he said, after telling that Diego Fernando received neither a call nor a gift from former footballer.
We remind you that the first pregnancy I lived very emotional and stress, so this time will be different things. "Looking forward to enjoy this pregnancy, to be quiet and not be wrong So I prefer to go to the South, although It is these months to be relaxed "

Birthday, Emperor Hadrian takes ovada colleagues Atletico-PR

The old passes, but the games remain the same. Adriano, celebrating 32 years old on Monday, received a "loving" ovate with flour during training performed in the CT Atlético-PR.The player released an image that appears with the dirty head, and made a point of remembering the time he was a "victim" of his grandmother.
"Seeing this picture, I remember my grandmother, who loves playing flour on us!" Adriano wrote on his Twitter account.

Maurice caught with alcohol

Maurício (foto ASF)
Fined on Sunday morning by Public Security Police, Mauritius should now also be fined for Sporting, under the rules of the club. 
The Brazilian defender was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, operating a stop in Porto - alcohol content was greater than 0.5 but less than 0.8 - paid immediately 250 euros fine and is now the subject of disciplinary proceedings in natural Alvalade. 
The possibility of being punished internally also with the absence in some games is not set aside but it is certain that the process is not completed and the situation is not to be regarded as very serious in Alvalade. 
For the next game, with Rio Ave, absence of Mauritius would be added problem because with Rojo meet punishment for the completed series of five yellow cards, none of the plants commonly holders would be available ... 

Lais DeLeon, she got LeBron James ... exercise

Lais DeLeon, uma manequim que já correu mundo (foto )
Lais DeLeon is a woman ... world. Born in São Paulo (Brazil), moved to Panama with only four years old, lived in England and Italy, for four years and recently moved to Albuquerque (USA).Professional reasons justifying these constant changes. Dummy profession, De Leon is a fitness teacher, giving lessons to some of the most publicized athletes on the planet. 
Working out of doors has always been one of his passions. The beauty, however, it has always opened doors, one of the most requested models for brands bikini or not she had a stunning body, well worked in all areas. In recent months jumped to the covers of several magazines for giving a very special class. All the student. Nothing but the giant LeBron James, the American basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat, one of the stars of the NBA. 
Nicknamed "King James", De Leon did work of resistance with the star of Miami and say who was present, had to sweat a lot to endure the ride this teacher with widely varying attributes.Just a brief look at some of the essays contained in your resume ... 

Holly, Muse CIty

The day has come. Barça and Manchester City will clash in the most attractive and disputed these knockout stages of the Champions League match. The first took place face to face at the Etihad Stadium and the appointment will not miss one of the staunchest followers of the 'citizen'.
This is the glamor model Holly Peers. Unlike other clubs that use to gain fame, this regular page three of the newspaper 'The Sun' is a stalwart of the team really Pellegrini.
Born in Manchester and devotion to the colors of the club he runs in the family. Has even been commissioned to pose with the team jerseys in any of their official releases. Today regret that Kun Aguero is not yet recovered, as the Argentine is one of his biggest idols. We do not ...
And while game time comes with nothing better to recreate the number one fan of the opposing team.

The Miss Bumbum want a champion Neymar

Eleven of the finalists of Miss Bumbum, which annually elects the best Brazilian ass, have come together to make a new concuso in which, in addition to encouraging his team to win the World Cup this summer is celebrated in his country, Muse choose up soccer event.
The name of the winner will be announced on March 5th and see if repeated Dai Macedo, chosen as the latest winner of the third edition of the now world famous Bumbum Miss contest. Aline Bernardes, muse of the Confederations Cup, and the two Amaral, Jessica and Eliana are the other favorite to gain the distinction of World muse.
During one phase of the competition, the girls have had to vote for the most metrosexual player and as such have chosen Cristiano Ronaldo, while in the category of best ass his favorite was the Brazilian Hulk. Neymar has been appointed as the least attractive, but all would give anything to be proclaimed world champion.