Friday, 14 February 2014

First photos of Jana's daughter hidden Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona While denying that there is again left his pregnant ex Veronica Ojeda, is that it has come to light the hidden daughter of the Argentinian star. Jana is called, is 18 and just disclosed its first pictures.
What has made the journalist Rodrigo Lussich in the program 'The One', who explained that Jana is the daughter Maradona Maradona had with Valeria Sabalain result of a casual relationship.Lussich said: "Maradona is the daughter of which no one speaks. Jana is now 18 years and nobody knew, nobody saw his face as usual. "
Lussich gave the details of the story. "Valeria, her mother, Maraona met one night when I was working in a bar. When she was 12, Valeria Maradona filed a lawsuit and won. There were pictures of her because the mother does not want to be known. But now he wants Maradona Jana recognize the emotional level, "he said.
Jana is about to begin a career in architecture and his mother receives child support a judge imposed Maradona after a DNA test found that this was his daughter. Now he wants to break his silence and according to journalist resembles Gianina, one of the two daughters that Diego had with Claudia Villafane and fortnightly talks to Diego Maradona Junior, the Italian son Maradona has never acknowledged nor with whom he wanted to relate .

Shakira: "Pique is very jealous and territorial"

Shakira has revealed in an interview that Gerard Piqué consulted on the controversial video recording with Rihanna, which some have described as "an incitement to lesbianism." Until we did not have the consent of the Barca defense, which qualifies as "jealous and territorial ", did not go ahead with the project.
"Of course I asked Gerard decicisión before taking a video, of course, knew that was not going to sit well with some people. But from the beginning I supported and encouraged me to do, I thought I was not going to generate as much impact. Given that Piqué is a very jealous and territorial man, who always likes to be in control, to have approval made it that much easier, "confessed the U.S. presenter Ryan Seacrest on his radio show.
A Shakira have not affected him criticism from conservative sectors of the country and celebrates the bombing that led to the spread of the video on Youtube. Also, also congratulated "for having the second most popular page on Facebook worldwide. I can not believe. Thank you very much for your support, "he wrote in thanking the networks more than 100 million views of the video