Tuesday, 11 February 2014

After a year, dating between Neymar and Bruna Marquezine comes to an end

bruna and Neymar
Once there was a love story between Neymar and Bruna Marquezine. A spokesperson for the actress confirmed on Tuesday that the courtship between her and Barcelona striker came to an end. Interestingly, the relationship ended almost a year after its inception, as it was on February 12, 2013 that the "ex-lovebirds" had made public the novel.
That being the ace since June last year in Spain, playing for Barcelona, ​​and the young follow in Brazil writing novels is seen as the main factor for the end of dating.
In social networks - primary means of interaction between Neymar and Marquezine when they were dating - the two have proven that the relationship is really over. If on one hand the actress deleted his profile on Instagram all photos of a player, he "answered" by publishing a picture of a tattoo that read "everything goes".
The end of the relationship goes against the publication of Marquezine six days ago, when the actress to congratulate Neymar, guaranteed to be all right in dating the two.

Jennifer Lopez reveals photo recording videoclip Cup

One of the performers chosen to voice the official song of the 2014 World Cup, Jennifer Lopez revealed on Instagram picture of the making of the music video for the song 'We Are One'. The photo is made up of musicians and women with themed costumes from Brazil or pieces of clothing that allude to the carnival.

Ibrahimovic uses wooden stick to help Luke in physical training PSG

Friends and teammates at Paris Saint-Germain, the Ibrahimovic and Luke superstars were caught in a service "parceiragem" during physical training of the French club. While the Brazilian midfielder is exercised, the Swedish striker, using a wooden bar, "forcing" the former São Paulo fan caprichar in the abdominal, happy leaving the team trainer.

Rest of Guerrero

Barbara Evans-OK
A Paolo Guerrero, Peruvian and former Corinthians player of Bayern Munich, is known as the 'Predator' and faith that has moved beyond its nickname the pitch. And the striker has taken a good part in the loving ground. Neither more nor less than Barbara Evans, a known 'bunny' Brazilian Playboy, which featured men's magazine readers as "Lolita you asked for Santa Claus."
Paolo and Barbara were hunted by the always unwelcome paparazzi cameras well caramelized on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. There, between kisses and caresses, they hid the beginning of a relationship that is already taking much interest in the countries of both protagonists. In Brazil, for example, have already rushed to interview the mother of the girl, Monica Evans, a popular television presenter.
"I'm finding for you, but do not know who he is," first responded to reporters and then asked them a question: "Does face bandit? If yes, is the face that she likes, "he laughed. And he fired another joke .. "And only speaks Spanish? For Barbara should contact him kissing a lot then. "

Gianinna broke the silence: "My dad did not deny the pregnancy but said it's not his."

Gianinna Maradona spoke by telephone with Jorge Rial for "City gotik." There told me he talked to his father about the bomb that dropped Ventura, confirming that Diego is expecting another child with Ojeda. "Hard to believe it's a lie, I can not believe it's true ".
"My dad did not deny the pregnancy. Told me that it is not (...) I notice that with Diego Fernando took his paternity, but now says it was not withVeronica," said the daughter of Diego in Radio La Red
On his relationship with the press said that she tries to be respectful, but there are informations that hurt and goes to answer: "I try to be cool, but there are things that hurt or are not true."

Isco Has left his pregnant girlfriend?

Isco Has left his pregnant girlfriend? Source: twitter
The process of Baby Boom Barca suffered last course is introducing this season at Real Madrid, and that after the birth of Martin and Emma Alonso Casillas, also provides the world the imminent arrival of the son of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio. But that's not the only white baby could be born in this 2014.
And the website ensures periodistadigital.com referring to DiarioBernabéu Isco website that could be father after the World Cup in Brazil. Turns out the white young midfielder would have left his pregnant girlfriend Victoria Calderon, who would be a month and a half. Thus, it is estimated that the alleged birth of the child would occur in late summer.
Obviously, by the time the sex would be the first child of Isco, young talent 21 years come to the Bernabeu this summer after his successful spell at Málaga is unknown. It must be attentive to any new release, since neither the player nor his girlfriend have even spoken about.

No World Cup, but for bakery shot striker

Salvador Cabañas was in Paraguay to participate in the 2010 World Cup.But five months before the tournament he was shot. Now the former striker (33) lost everything and he works as a baker. The bullet is still in his skull.

© Reuters.
The problems started when the player of the Mexican Club America enjoyed a day off in Mexico City. He got into a heated discussion with someone who is a known drug lord appears to be: 'JJ' Balderas. Not much later Cabañas is in the toilet of a pub, with a bullet in the head. If a miracle Cabañas survives the shooting.Doctors could not remove the bullet from his head without risk. They decide to leave.

Sylvie and Rafael retrieve property from sale

Sylvie Meis and her ex-husband Rafael van der Vaart have their estate in Bergen brought back from the sale. This website reported Bekendeburen.nl.
Rafael is happy with Sabia. © Bruno now.
© EPA.
For some time now, and Meis Van der Vaart the piece of land located on the dunes of North Holland to sell, but without success. The last asking price was 1.995 million euros, while the couple bought the estate in 2007 for an amount of 1.965 million euros.

The purpose of the former couple was there after the football career of Rafael to build a dream. Villa Possibly the estate is now offered for a lower amount. It may also be that Rafael would gain Sylvie and still goes to live with his girlfriend Sabia. There have indeed already been rumors that Sabia would like to the Netherlands.

Golden Tapir for Raffaella Fico

The showgirl was "rewarded" after the controversy over the recognition of the small Pious by his father Mario Balotelli.

Golden Tapir for Raffaella Fico - The showgirl was rewarded after the controversy over the recognition of the small Pia by the father Mario Balotelli.
Monday evening to strip the news (Channel 5, 20:40 hours) Raffaella Fico Tapir receives a gold version of stork bundle for the controversy over the recognition of the small Pious by his father Mario Balotelli.
Staffelli Valerio, who has intercepted at the airport of Linate, asked: "Dad will be present as Mario as AC Milan now or will be the bench warmer and a bit 'absent?".
The attapirata showgirl Neapolitan replied: "I believe that this will be a good dad. He said it and I'm sure she will." He added: "For my part there is full availability. Ports Pia If you want to Milanello will take it quietly."

Wanda: "Maxi, even the housekeeper ..."

The Nara continues the story behind the scenes of separation from Maxi Lopez.

Wanda: Maxi, even the housekeeper ... - The Nara continues the story behind the scenes of separation from Maxi Lopez.
Wanda Nara continues the story behind the scenes of separation from Maxi Lopez.
"I never cheated on my ex-husband - tells 'Who' -. I swear on my children. In fact I struggled to the end to save our marriage. But I did not. Always betrayed me, all the time. When we were in Argentina cheated on me with Marianna, our housekeeper was not that nice. We were in the house and they made love while I was sleeping in another room with the kids. "
"I have given up everything - adds Nara -. I did not want him to be a euro to close everything quickly. But when Maxi was able to Mauro that I had said that I was in love with his wife again. Gnawing that I had found a nice guy, young, sweet but with balls and ready to take care of me and my children. When we left Maxi said to me: 'Who do you want with three children? You're not going anywhere '. Instead came the magic. Mauro is a forty year old in the body of a twenty year old. He told me: 'I want a love our son, but first we have to get married'. It will go well. "
"No offense, in Argentina they know who I am, but do not know who the 'you' Belen" gloss with a gesture of pride Wanda.

Accused of witchcraft Cannigia's children!

Recently we have the scandal starring Charlotte Caniggia, the daughter of the famous Argentine player, who wore their networks 130 cms. breast, your last step product under the knife. Well, now the star and also his twin brother, Alexander, are back in the spotlight today by another scandal. It is a former Alexander accused of practicing black magic rituals and witchcraft with chickens.
Yes, you read that right! Witchcraft and black magic! Sofia Macaggi assures: "Often came for me to tell what happened in the house Caniggia. Never went out to say anything when I, in the house where they stopped in Cordoba, saw chickens had disappeared and died in the pool, "said the blonde.
He added: "I saw things because I was a long time in your home and have never used them for camera, but Alexander and Charlotte broke the codes. I denigrated as a woman and professional.The truth is that there was chickens in the yard and found dead the next day. I'm not saying do macumbas, tell you what I saw. I wondered but never bleached the subject of witchcraft. I said, 'maybe a neighbor who does not want to pet it was.' "
Charlotte Caniggia was quick to reply and denied everything. "Lies they are saying about me and my family hurt me a lot. We bought a chicken because we were bored. We have twenty years. No witchcraft nor do all the things you are saying. I find it disrespectful. We are normal guys. "

Bane Giroud

Marronazo for Olivier Giroud, the French striker Arsenal. And is that The Sun published Sunday that two weeks ago, during the pre-concentration match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace, spent a couple of hours in his hotel room with a girl, violating the disciplinary rules of the club.
Was the model itself, Celia Kay, born in Denver but currently based in London, which has recognized and confessed everything. In pictures published by British tabloid is seen arriving at the hotel at ten to one in the morning and leaving it after three. As suggested Giroud, Celia dressed as normal as not to attract the attention of security staff Arsenal, though below their lingerie wearing casual clothes, as also revealed that he had asked the front.
According to her, did not get to have sex during the two hours they were together. Only "were loving," said Celia, who did not want to stay all night, as you have asked Giroud. Also revealed that they met chatting and he sent her a picture with her naked body. "I said I'd see the rest in person," he said and denied that he knew that the French is married and has a daughter.
Giroud has denied it all and see what Wenger, whom history will be sitting and burnt horn which is published just after the debacle (5-1) in the area of ​​Liverpool says.

Bombshell: Maradona will be a father for the sixth time!

Maradona bombing. The Argentine star will become a father for the sixth time and the mother, against all odds, it will not be his young girlfriend Rocio Oliva, with whom he lives in Dubai, but his ex, Veronica Ojeda, with whom he also had her fifth child, the Diego Fernando small.
The unexpected announcement came in the Argentine 'Intruders' program during which the journalist Luis Ventura revealed the news that surely will be a torpedo in the water line of Fluff.According to the same source, Maradona takes cognizance of the matter and refused to hear the news of mouth Veronica Ojeda, not least because Rocío Oliva closed his nostrils the door of his home in Dubai, where he traveled supposed to tell to the news and so I could see her fifth child.
So far, no one from the nearest circle Maradona has spoken and will be waiting for events.