Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fico: "John, I'll take Pia"

The opening of the ex-girlfriend: "I'm lost his tears, but if you want I can bring the child to Milanello."

Fico: Mario, I'll take Pia - The opening of the ex-girlfriend: I missed her tears, but if you want I can bring the child to Milanello.
In Milan home continue to hold the counter, even the debacle against Napoli, the tears of Mario Balotelli after the replacement during the match at the San Paolo.
The former partner of SuperMario, Raffaella Fico, mother of Pia, his daughter newly recognized by the attacker Milan, speaking on Strip the News extends his hand: "I have lost the tears of Mario, Saturday night I was working. Mario tears, gets you excited? "are his words Strip the News, on the occasion of the delivery of the Golden Tapir.
"For my part, however, there is a complete willingness to go see him at Milanello and if he wants him to meet the girl.'m Also ready to bring it to her in Milan", is the opening of Fico, who tried to console the sample Rossoneri.
Then he concludes: "More power Naples."

Raquel Pomplum, Playmate of 2013 due to football

Raquel Pomplum, uma modelo mexicana que é estrela da Playboy (foto )
Raquel Pomplum, when most distinguished career, he confessed, never thought one voted best of 2013 Playmate day. Needless to say, the competition was huge ... It all started when looking for a good financial margin for further studies. That's the starting point for being chosen as one of the bunnies one of the most popular magazines on the planet. Success was immediate, to the point of being chosen as the best of the ... year. Born in a border area between Mexico and the United States, Raquel studying engineering Biochemistry and alternative energy. 
By the time they received the award, after several attempts, the model revealed the secret to good physical shape. "I practice football regularly. This is essential to maintain good form, "he said in full the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, alongside the founder of magazine, Hugh Hefner to. 
That in 2012 she made ​​the cover of April. The incentive to continue could not be better: 100 000 dollars and a Jaguar to walk for a year. The beautiful Mexican brunette is also one of the faces of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Spanish official commentator of this modality in the Black Belt TV channel. 

Rosario Central is not only Di Maria ... There Silvina Luna!

Silvina Luna, uma manequim que não esconde a paixão pelo futebol (foto )
Club Atlético Rosario Central is an Argentine football club located in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe, its biggest rival and Newell `s Old Boys. Founded on December 24, 1889, has in its history, with four Argentine championships. It is also one of the nurseries of great stars of football in this country. 
One of the latest is well known Portuguese: Angel Di Maria. The winger, who went by Benfica and currently wears the jersey of Real Madrid is one of those cases. But not only. All ardent supporters of this club know Silvina Luna, one of the most media adept at Santa Fe model, actress, television host club, is a constant presence in the games and the team suffers as a few.
She who, incidentally, has some alleged relations with soccer players. Among them, Maradona, the God of Argentine football and Diego Forlan, the Uruguayan star selection. Certainties, few, admittedly, but there is an undeniable confirmation. Silvina Luna is a woman full of sensuality, face several covers of men's magazines, among them Playboy. Here are a few pictures that prove all this and something more ... 

Mirtha Sosa confesses love 'banned' for Mourinho

Mirtha Sosa, modelo paraguaia que fez furor em... Espanha (foto )
Mirtha Sosa is a renowned Paraguayan model who has tried his luck in recent years outside of their country, particularly in Spain, in the fashion world. While still at an early stage of the route may, however, which has not had chance to say, and now face several major campaigns. But not only. The media attention has also been revealed in some night outs where he met some star players of Real Madrid. 
Karim Benzema, center-launches the Madrid club, and Royston Drenthe, former player of the team now guided by Ancelotti, were two such cases. Although some parties have shared with the players, stressed that he never had any affair with Real players. After returning to Paraguay, the model gave an interview to the portal Chronicle, in which he explained his time in Spain. 
Said to have saved some friendships with people recognized, but nothing more. In that publication, however, let out a rant. 'My only love is impossible Mourinho, "said the manikin did not hide his admiration for determining the Portuguese coach while passing by Real Madrid. 

"The Bride of the World's me"

Larissa Riquelme bride wants to remain World for long. Thinks not let him steal that distinction to be won in the finals in South Africa, wearing a sexy shirt of your choice, Paraguay, and mobile carefully placed between her breasts.
Those images persist and endure in the collective memory of the history of football and Larissa wants to enjoy his honorific title, at least "until you decide to retire from modeling. I am still the Bride of the World. Despite speculation and imitation, I am a pioneer, "said the portal.
Its objective is that in the World Cup in Brazil, a country where he has a legion of followers and who became the cover of the 35th anniversary of Playboy magazine, no upstart will usurp the crown. This was also told Brazilian portal that he would come forward to summer mundilista Quote (without her boyfriend Jonathan Fabbro) and prepared a surprise that currently does not disclose to anyone the copy ...
When the time of withdrawal, not before you arrive, Larissa plans to choose his heir. "The day you stop being the bride World'll do a contest to find my successor and I will crown the same, it is the country. The contest will be for the world. It's something you already thought and will be the best way to give my crown. "
Finally, Larissa explained that "would have a word to express what it meant to the South Africa World Cup in my career. He made the biggest dream of my life actually. I became known in the world. I enjoyed it and I still enjoy working in each and every country I visit, especially the affection of the fans. I am very grateful. "
And as we are, it will be well to remember the best pictures of Larissa during the World Cup in South Africa and ... that came later.

Sochi: the best parade and Irina Sharapova

"Proud". So these days feels Irina Shayk. And the model led the delegation of the Russian delegation, by the flag bearer in the opening parade of the Olympic Games in Sochi.
Cristino Ronaldo's girlfriend has boasted of it on the social networks, which has posted several photos that could be considered his best parade and also with some of the Russian athletes participating in the Games.
Certainly some Portuguese media are speculating she might be pregnant is to be noted that more plump than usual. However, a few weeks ago when the image was in Barcelona Desigual, the Russian said he did not think about having children at the moment ...
Who also participated in the parade carrying the torch was Maria Sharapova, who then said, "It was the best running of my life. Running will never be the same, "said the player, also very proud to represent his country

Javi Martinez's girlfriend, a star in Germany

Mary Imizcoz, Javi Martinez's girlfriend, has Germany at his feet. Chosen as Queen Bundesliga last year, has returned to conquer the Germans with a dramatic story by the magazine 'GQ', which has dubbed the 'Southern Star'.
This spectacular model Navarre twenty-two years, which we have already presented sometime in is not a WAG to use. And she takes care to repeat every time you ask. "I know the cameras will be pointing me while sitting in the stadium. So rarely will see matches Bayern "he explains.
Nor lives with her boyfriend. It does so with a German family and fail to learn the language, while the soccer player shares an apartment with his brother. We also horrified that compare with Beckham. But, though it may weigh, Mary is a whole 'celebrity' in Munich. And treat it as such.