Saturday, 8 February 2014

Alena Buffon house hunting?

According Dagospia goalkeeper of Juventus would be transferred from Grande Stevens.The story gets tangled ...

Alena Buffon house hunting? - According Dagospia goalkeeper of Juventus would be transferred from Grande Stevens. The story gets tangled ...
Plot of this kind would not be able to be finalized even the master Alfred Hitchcock: the intersections of the plots loving home Juventus make a plot point that would not shame the best mystery movie.
As reported by Dagospia, the crisis between Gigi Buffon and Alena Seredova - which has sparked rumors, reactions and deliveries of Tapirs gold - you would push up now irreparable. The beautiful czech would force on 22 January, the husband to pack your bags and have even walked in the doorway of the house with the "termination" of the contract of marriage.
The goalkeeper released through knowledge, however, would have found a roof: the home of Richard Grande Stevens in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in Turin. Who is this? No other than the former companion of Valentina Baldini, current girlfriend of Andrea Pirlo. About love triangles, the Juventus midfielder has just separated from his wife to give herself body and soul to new flame.
Fuel to the fire: their former spouse of Pirlo, Deborah Roversi, would reach Grande Stevens and together they would move to Monte Carlo, away from the past, isolated. But there are those who swear that the two are plotting revenge in style: two birds with one stone, in essence. And the birds, of course, respond to the names of Pirlo and Baldini.
In all this forbidden forget to Buffon. With Alena who seems to have a new love story and he would not let Gigi with the hatchet unearthed, the goalkeeper of the national team of the Old Lady and would meet with the journalist Ilaria D'Amico in an apartment in Milan: the second Dagospia two will come out in the sunshine in July, at the end of the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Paul George's pregnant in pairs

George, the player of the Indiana Pacers, fine points off the field as much as inside. And the left wing has two women pregnant at the same time, his girlfriend and her lover.
The scandal is making rivers of ink in the U.S. and that it off twice pregnancy, it turns out that George had offered to Daniela a stripper with which wrapped last summer, nothing more and nothing less than a million dollars for abortion.
Apparently the stripper has not accepted the offer and will give birth to a girl, so George will become father twice. Callie Rivers, daughter of trainer Los Angeles Clippers, Dog Rivers, player and official girlfriend, also expecting his child in the coming months. So far, none of the players has spoken publicly about what happened and it is not known if the bride thinks leave standing.
We leave you with some totografías Callie Rivers, the girlfriend of Paul George.

The former Pirlo, hunted with former player of new love

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Juventus suffered an epidemic of separations. The most talked, that of Andrea Pirlo, who has left Deborah Roversi, his wife for twelve years and mother of his two children. Well, the magazine 'Chi' has 'hunted' in a somewhat compromising position.
And is that Pirlo's ex-wife saw (and photographed) in a coffee company in Turin Large Riccardo Stevens, son of the lawyer and the Agnelli family, especially Baldini Valentina ex-boyfriend, new girlfriend Pirlo and trigger rupture. As expected, the Italian press the 'cuore' go stuck in all sorts of speculation about whether this was a casual meeting or something more ...

Wanda Nara: "I do not know if I'm pregnant"

Wand 3
Wanda Nara has lowered the discourse of their last meeting with Maxi Lopez, but has returned to make the cover of the Argentine media with equivocal hints about her possible pregnancy Mauro Icardi.
"I do not know if I'm pregnant. A woman sleeping together does not know with certainty. Mauro just want to do things as they should because he is young but has the thought of an older man, "the star said in an interview with Radio La Red
Maxi About this time he began lowering the voltage. "I hope that on their day off or yes Maxi see the boys. A parent meeting I went alone. But this is a father and loves the kids and is concerned "he said.
However, her mouth was heated and poured a final barrage when asked how quickly it had passed the break and had an affair with Icardi. "All I judged me, but from the zero moment I left the house she shared with Maxi, was living there as an Italian." Shot ...