Thursday, 6 February 2014

Balo: "What a thrill to write Dad"

'SuperMario' he confessed in a letter and hopes that now may end the controversy.

Balo: What a thrill to write Dad - 'SuperMario' he confessed in a letter and hopes that now may end the controversy.
"Writing dad (dad) made me move but this explosion, I want to keep this joy for me," she wrote in a letter to Mario Balotelli to 'very true'.
The ace of AC Milan talks recognition of his daughter Pia, played by the relationship with Raffaella Fico, the emotions felt in the glad tidings chirp on Twitter, but not only. 'SuperMario' back In fact, even the harsh words rivole his ex-girlfriend and Barbara D'Urso. "I hope that my silence could open the way to avoid further controversy on TV or in the newspapers ..." he wanted to clarify.
Wednesday striker was well vented. "The time lost to tell lies about me on TV and in newspapers to those who served? And to what?" tweet addressed to the Fig, which was followed by what the TV host: "And someone please shut the mouth of Barbara D'Urso who is two years old and shoots c ..... NOT KNOW or KNOW, com ' it should be! "

Veronica Ojeda Ultimatum Maradona: 'If you do not deign to see my son, forget it, do not see more'

Veronica Ojeda traveled to Dubai and went to see Diego Maradona,with his baby Dieguito Fernando, and received a slamming of the current girlfriend of former player and his family. After this episode, angry, Veronica gave him an ultimatum, after going to the Arab country to pass your child's birthday with his father.
The mother put her son Diego deadline on February 13, to visit his son in Dubai.
"If by then Mr. Maradona does not deign to see me and my son, forget not see it more.'ll Get the claim adjusting alimony, I will show you all the pictures I have of dieguito his Dad, total criminal complaint and I ate, and I will tell the truth about the division of property between us, "said Ojeda, as reported in" Infama ".

Miami Heat players spend £ 1200 to get our nails done in Beverly Hills

Hours before entering the court against the Los Angeles Clippers, the NBA, LeBron James and other teammates the Miami Heat were caught doing toenails in a salon in Beverly Hills. According to TMZ, the pedicure service would cost about $ 500,000 - somewhere around 1200 real - the athletes.
Coincidence or not, LeBron and his partners defeated the Clippers 116-112 late on Wednesday