Monday, 3 February 2014

Giggs Will Teach how to link to Januzaj naive?

 Media mocks England and the other supports you. Adnan Januzaj, Belgian pearl Manchester United, has suffered in the flesh the cruelty of the British tabloids, which have aired the resounding failure of the quotation which he made a girl through internet.
Melissa McKenzie (25 years), seven more than the inner thin, explained to The Sun that his meeting was a capital disappointment since the player was accompanied by his mother, wearing a tracksuit and that she had to pay for parking.
But that was not all ... "I've never met anyone so mean. I was very excited about our first date. We had met through a social network. I really managed and makeup cost me dearly. I thought I would pick up in a flashy car, but had to take me to dinner at my old blue Ford Fiesta "said Melissa.
What's more, Januzaj proposed as one of a restaurant known fast food chain. That was too much. "I did not expect to have to go there with a United player," the angry Melissa complained to the Belgian (20 euors paid for dinner) even gave one last surprise by asking her to take him home ... to nine p.m..
Clearly Januzaj Linnet sinned and naive in his appointment. Some say I should have asked for advice in the United dressing room, where there are real 'masters' in dealing with women. The largest of them, a Ryan Giggs whose infidelities came to court. Their betrayals with a model and the relationship with his sister, the wife of his brother, for eight years, was a genuine scandal.
So better than Giggs not teach you tactics to Januzaj. For your sake ... and the girls you know, better than little naive.

Abbey does not forget the betrayal of an escort Crouch

 They have already spent about four years and Abbey Clancy has not forgotten. Forgiven yes, but never erase from his mind the betrayal of what is now her husband and then-boyfriend, the lanky striker Stoke City, who paid $ 1,000 for the services of a Spanish escort during a trip to Madrid for a bachelor party .
The tabloids published it with great fanfare riding a famous scandal on the model spent much shame. These days he recalled in an interview with 'The Mirror'. "It was horrible," said Abbey, who was pregnant at the time.
"For any woman who is pregnant or has a child, it is very difficult," says Mrs. Crouch is from 2011, a year after the incident that marriage has left behind and now calls "one of those things ..."
He has completely forgiven Peter which he describes as "my best friend. makes me laugh, is kind, generous and amazing father. I'm proud of him, "said Abbey, who just won a dance contest on British television and has also recently introduced the new campaign for lingerie firm Ultimo, video and photos which you can see below.
But before ye may remember the canary escort Monica Mint, then 19 years and posed for Interview among other magazines exploiting her fleeting fame for sleeping with Peter Crouch and two Real Madrid players who he said "do not have a good I remember. "

Claudia Leitte: a premium of Kaka, voice World

As you may have read a few days ago, Americans Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull and Brazilian Claudia Leitte will perform the official 2014 World Cup song-Brazil, "We Are One".
The fact that the latter is neither more nor less than premium Kaka, Real Madrid former player who now plays for Milan is given. Little known in Spain, in his country, Brazil, Claudia awakens passions with the fast pace of their batucada and songs.
Television also has come to elevate it through participation as a coach in the program 'The Voice'. At 33, he has already published several record albums and broke into small clubs to the magical city of Salvador de Bahia.
After being part of the group Babado Novo, in 2008 he began his solo career to stardom. She is married to her manager, Márcio Pedreira, with whom she has two children and now has become a substitute for Shakira, who left the pavilion with its high Waka-Waka, the most important soccer event.
Following spectacular Fenanda and Adriana Lima, Claudia is the third major signing of female and native Brazil World.

Euro to Hollywood

Natalie Siwiec-31-OK
 From a photographer disclose his charms while attending some matches of Euro played in their country, Poland, Natalie Siwiec's career has taken a dramatic turn. The bride known as Euro 2012 Premieres Sunday a reality show dedicated to his daily life and sounds to make the leap to Hollywood. Can you ask for more ...?
Most mortals reponderíe surely not, but we doubt that Natalie did. This beautiful and versatile woman wants to cover all fields. And it has not only proven in the world of modeling, film, television or journalism but has also sounded to be part of the list of a political party of his country to the European Parliament. So far it has discarded for lack of time, not ambition.
Currently, Natalie ensures that telespectacdores enjoy the beautiful with the ten chapters of his reality, and we do not doubt that it has walked around the house naked in front of cameras. That does not seem to have cared Mariustz nor her husband or his father (which he defines as a television "animal") which also appear in a similar starring Kim Kardashian reality in America.
His appearance on the international editions of Maxim, Playboy Equire or have earned notoriety outside their country and some media speculated amricanos landing in Hollywood. And it reminds Natalie Vanessa Marcil, the star of the popular television series 'Las Vegas', and say that thanks to his fame on the Internet is increasing in the United States could soon make the leap. In fact, last year, as we saw in, Natalie did a photo shoot in bikini on the beaches of Miami.
We leave you with a gallery of the best photos of this Polish deity.

Happy 30 Sara Carbonero

sara-martin - OK
Sara Carbonero has turned 30 on Monday and the anniversary could not have come at a better time, because just a month ago I gave birth to her first child with Iker Casillas. Martin is certainly the best gift for the hostess who recently confessed that "sometimes you may want to ask how much a little person who does not let you open a second".
There are already four years leading Ratio Sara and Iker, whose kiss after winning the World Cup in South Africa Spain made them one of the media partners of the world of football. The relationship also catapulted Mediaset journalist, now a blogger with his blog "When no one sees me ', which explains many of his experiences.
This blog is one of the few exceptions that Sara Carbonero is allowed to reveal some aspect of his private life, which has always zealously guarded.