Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wanda reveals 7 infidelities Maxi

wanda-nara - 10, OK
"No grudge against Wanda," said Maxi L√≥pez few days after separation. However, by Wanda yes ... and no hard feelings. Confirmed by a mail heartbreaking just come to light through the journalist Rodrigo Lusich in 'AM' in the model details the "seven infidelities" in which the player hunt.
The mail is dated December 8 and sent to Maxi Wanda started knowing just when maintaining a new relationship Mauro Icardi. The text is as follows:
"You showed me that I want to keep on cag ... as the day you coj ... Troops ... with napo in the fifth, as the day you took ... to put a boat one weekend and told me you were like when you concentrate ... coj you ... in my house and I used to denounced by rape, as with my mom when I found you with prostitutes in the department of Darius Bombini your representative, and witnesses are all your friends who are there with you. As when we left it in a hotel in Barcelona and you left with a mine. Like when I sat down to talk to the Italian who say she is pregnant and he told me that two years ago you ... You cut the coj Benchu ​​born when you kept searching and then (if you remember something I have not test every thing). I forgot the brasileira you dated Valu in Brazil when he was a baby. I all these years all I did was take care of my children, mourn, suffer and try to save my family. Now it's over. "

Pharaoh Milan planted his left Cleopatra

It's over. The love story between Esther and Stephan El Shaarawy Giordano has come to an end.The Italian media confirmed dedicated to cuore, announcing with fanfare separation of one of the most beloved couples of Italian football.
The crisis began before the holidays, the couple spent separately. A tweet from Esther and it implied: "Winter ... 'mammina' I always saved you," he wrote. Now, a few weeks after confirmed the breakup, the reasons have to find them, says the Diva e Donna recista in the other mother. And the mother would have advised Pharaoh to let you fully concentrate on your profession, football.
The truth is that season El Shaarawy is still good and now wants to regain lost ground with new coach Clarence Seedorf. Still, no one can rule out that the couple reconciled in the future. For now, the jilted bride comforts another girlfriend, Balotelli. Fanny Neguesha is trying to swallow it at least possible for a bitter Esther really tell what's going wrong.