Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sylvie will have no secrets ... for now

Sylvie Meis, shopping in Barcelona (Twitter)
Sylvie Meis has reappeared these days in our city, where he attended one of the shows of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. The former Van der Vaart was last seen shopping in Barcelona too and its presence has coincided with a new controversy about him.
A few days ago already denied in a tweet, but now had to insist that does not prepare any autobiography despite claims that a writer and is writing in his name and you will be more outrageous than Boris Becker. The press publishes six issues figures on what it would charge for the book, but Sylvie has called it "complete shit". He added that "there will be less about my biography and married Rafael".
So far, then, Sylvie not count the secrets of their stormy separation nor his adultery with KLM pilot.

Romario: after transgender case, new love

Romario was, is and will always be a crack. Within the pitch was a portent and out of them a born conqueror. Father of five children with five different women, Brazilian jumping from flower to flower and the last thing it was known in the field was his loving relationship with a transsexual, Thalita Zampirolli , Romario refused to recognize as such. Well, it turns out that Romario has returned to find love and not hiding.
On the contrary, the deputy networks presumed relationship with Fabiola Azevedo, the last brunette who has fallen victim of the former player cartoon. Both recently spent a romantic holiday in Miami and will certainly be one of the most attractive couples Rio Carnival. Certainly for this event Romario has been signed as 'muso' of a famous brand of Brazilian beer.


Posh is finally recognized as a true creative and know!One that went from Spice Girl to Woman footballer then be devoted queen of fashion, talks about his journey time video. Zoom on the trailer unveiled by Victoria Beckham.
For 5 years, Victoria Beckham reigns supreme over the fashion sphere . The former Spice Girl and wife of David Beckham has proved to the world what she was capable of.The young mother had launched a challenge that seemed insurmountable become a fashion designer recognized. This is now done! Hollywood red carpet full of his creations and the stars are raving about it. Victoria Beckham has just won its public fashionistas. Creative today unveiled the trailer for a documentary to be published soon returning to his rise in the world of fashion.
The documentary is called The Victoria Beckham Fashion Storyand the project is developed in collaboration with Skype (giant multimedia). Posh says in the first trailer "I was a Spice Girl married to a footbaleur, I tried to do something that nobody had ever done before me." And the fashionista does not lack ambition "I always had to work hard for everything." It also returns for her passion for fashion "I've always wanted to design a collection. This has always been my passion."


Victoria Beckham finally opens his fans a few weeks of New York Fashion Week where she will scroll. As part of its project with Skype, will participate today in a session of questions and answers on Twitter. So between 16h and 17h you will be able to know a little more about the meteoric rise of the wife of David Beckham. To do this, use the hashtag # AskVB.

The photo everyone is talking about: Wanda, and Maxi Icardi Happy Together

Despite the tension that lived a few days ago when Maxi refused to return the children, Wanda had dinner with his ex and her current partner.All happened under the birthday celebration of Valentino, one of the children that the model had Lopez.
Last Friday, Mauro Icardi Wanda Nara and spent a few hours with Maxi in peace for the child to have a fun party with their friends. During the meeting, they were kind to each other even though the deal was the bare minimum. In fact, to the versions of the alleged "tension" that would have lived that day, Wanda took care to clarify the matter by Twitter: "The wave is the best.
A few days ago, Wanda had publicly claimed that Maxi had not complied with the agreement signed with the Court in which it undertook to bring the children home Wanda, once the holiday period ended. However, by lawyers, the model and the player would have signed a truce.
Bebeto's son denies an affair with Bruna Marquezine. Source:
As you will recall, a few weeks ago started rumor about a possible rift between Bruna Marquezine and Neymar, since they would not have spent the night of New Year's Eve together. However, although was late, the actress herself was responsible for denying the separation.
But now they come out information implicating the 18 years since the Brazilian newspaper 'Extra' has reported that Bruna Marquezine have happened that night with Mattheus Oliveira, the son of the legendary Bebete that today plays for Flamengo , and they even have had an affair with him. Anyway, the Mattheus itself has been responsible for denying these rumors with an official statement and providing a graphical proof of the stronger.
"Preservo my private life, I'm a football player and my concern is to play. But I can not help but invent lies, especially if involving the girlfriend of a friend. I know Neymar since he was fifteen and have relationship, never do any of the things you suggest. Bruna met Marquezine quite some time because we have a friend in common, although not part of the same circle of friends or have any kind of relationship, "he assured.And to prove it, he hung a picture in which he is seen with his sister, the model Stephanie Oliveira, who spent the last night of 2013.

"Let me explain Valentina"

Big Richard Stevens, a former boyfriend of the new flame of Juventus Andrea Pirlo speaks of "compulsive shopping".

Let me explain Valentina - Big Richard Stevens, a former boyfriend of the new flame of Juventus Andrea Pirlo speaks of "compulsive shopping".
Valentina Baldini, new flame Andrea Pirlo was for ten years with attorney Richard Stevens Grande.
Just the scion of one of the most prominent families of Turin, is tied hand in glove with Juventus that the Agnelli family, spoke on 'Who' of their relationship: "Valentina and I broke up after ten years together.'ll Be honest: not harbor any resentment. however I would like to specify that there are other components that come into play in a separation, maybe pathologies, such as compulsive shopping, which may force us to alienate some people even after many years of relationship. "
Dribbling out Pirlo: "My affair with Valentina is over: dot. I do not give weight to things you hear tell. Always remember that it all depends on the quality of the chatter: for sick should be worth it."