Monday, 27 January 2014

Singing career not for Ronaldinho

Singing career not for Ronaldinho
At the age of 33 is Ronaldinho to see what he has to do after football shortly.The Atletico Mineiro sings along in why the number of Brazilian rapper Trio Temura. In the song "Vai after fe" ("Go in Faith ') Ronaldinho shows us that he is not a nightingale.

Adriano Leite, involved in a fight in Brazil

Adriano Leite fuss back in Brazil. Source:
Large international football lovers surely remember Leite Adriano, the former Inter Milan and Rome for a couple of seasons he was considered one of the best strikers in world models. However, his football career was diluted because of his attitude and his incorrigible rudeness and constant-field nonsense. The story that will photograph that appeared posing with two rifles in hand ...
It is apparent that the current 31 player who trains with the Brazilian returned to Atlético Paranaense fuss.And it is reported that as some Brazilian media, 'Emperor' has been involved in a fight at a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro and has even been about to come to blows with a woman.
As some relate information portals, Adriano Leite finally did hit the girl because of the nightclub doorman in which the events happened prevented. Now it remains to be seen if the leaders Atletico Paranaense (team he has no record, by the way) lets you keep training or would definitely away. Looks like its 31 springs or learn ...

Helen wants to be a mom

Which is considered by many as the hottest British wife, actress Helen Flanagan, is in removal services. Leave your apartment in Manchester to move to Birmingham, where her boyfriend lives, footballer Scott Sinclair, who plays on loan from Manchester City, West Bromwich Albion.
"I miss my apartment at the time of leaving," tweeted one Helen has a very clear goal in his new assignment: get pregnant. At 23, your body says being a mom and announced that this summer will be the ideal starting point to fulfill his dream of having "lots of kids" moment.
Ensures that Scott is aware and in agreement with the idea, so we just need them to implement it.But surely the player does not do much to pray now that things are back to go from strength to strength with each other. "The plan is to have four children and adopt one or two," Helen said in a recent interview. In the background is the wedding, "it will be very simple and spiritual" by the desire to model confesses to "ill when we broke up. He drank a lot and I did not care. "
Now it is great as comprobaréis in your last job for the magazine Nuts.

Bebeto's son denied a 'affair' with girlfriend Neymar

bruna-son bebeto
Mattheus Oliveira, Flamengo player and son of legendary Bebeto, had to deny an alleged affair with the girlfriend of Neymar, Bruna Marquezine a rumor published by the Brazilian newspaper Extra. According to this publication, Bruna and Mattheus have spent together the new year at a luxury hotel Angra dos Reis, which also was denied.
In an official statement, Bebeto's son denied everything and provided proof. "Preservo my private life, I'm a football player and my concern is to play. But I can not help but invent lies, even if they involve the girlfriend of a friend. I know Neymar since he was fifteen and talked often never do one of those things you suggest. Bruna Marquezine met some time ago because we have a mutual friend. But not part of the same circle of friends or have any kind of relationship, "he said.
What's more, Mattheus published a photo that looks with her sister, supermodel Stephanie Oliveira, Felipe Maia in San Diego, where they spent the New Year with the rest of the family.

Irina Shayk: "A Christian should have given before the Golden Ball"

Irina Shayk parade Tuesday to Desigual under fair fashion 080 Barcelona Fashion, but Monday was in our city where he gave a press conference at the offices of the Spanish brand. The model immediately won over the audience with her charm and brash and not evaded the questions put to him about her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo.
"The FIFA gala was exciting and Christian and should have given the Golden Ball before," Irina, who refused, laughing, saying "Visca Barcelona" or "Visca Barca" when asked what drew a reporter. "No, no, not that," replied the Russian model.
Yes what was wanted to talk about Spain, ensuring that "I love it, because people are very open and friendly. The Spanish woman is very fashion, "he added. About his work said that not only is "to be beautiful. It's hard, but I'm positive I'm not complaining, I like what I do. "
Shocked to say "when I get up I look fat" and said that at the moment has no plans to become a mother. "It has not reached me time," said Irina acknowledging that one to party "is not my thing.I'm Russian ... I do not drink, "he said explaining to conclude that the most important thing for her is" my job, my family and my relationship. "