Sunday, 26 January 2014

"Paul Gascoigne finds again in danger '

Paul Gascoigne has inclusion in rehab. For the seventh time According to The Mirror again delivers the former football player these days struggle against death.
According to The Mirror Gascoigne has to include in an expensive private clinic in Southampton, which is about 7,000 euros per month charge for an intensive rehabilitation program. Himself last week It is according to the newspaper already the seventh time that the former international to a rehab program 'has begun. "And now it is again so completely wrong," reports the British tabloid today.

On December 18, five weeks ago, Gascoigne twittered in two tweets yet he felt like in 2014. "I feel good. I look forward to the future. I have my whole life into the number 13, so I'm looking forward to 2014. That's going to be my year. "

No lawyers for Alena

"I do not need any wedding and reassure all the 'friends' and not journalists," writes bluntly about the alleged separation from the Seredova Buffon.

No lawyers for Alena - I do not need any wedding and reassure all the 'friends' and not journalists, writes bluntly about the alleged separation from the Seredova Buffon.
Alena Seredova tells her. 

After that in the last hours the gossip about his alleged separation from Gianluigi Buffon began to run amok, the wife of Juventus goalkeeper of the national team and said through his facebook profile. 

"I want to reassure all the 'friends', journalists or not, who insist on recommending the lawyer to address. Bernardini De Pace: I do not need any lawyer matrimonialista and if, in twenty years, I never served one I would trust a lawyer of my full confidence and esteem ... I hope I have been clear with all the 'friends'. A kiss to the real ones ..., "he wrote dryly Czech showgirl. 

Alfonso Signorini had spoken of a 'crush' the Italian captain for Ilaria D'Amico, while the journalists 'About' Valerio Palmieri and Blue Pen that have crept into the heart of the beautiful Alena there would be a butcher. 

Karina, very much in love, celebrated goals from Kun

Karina y Kun Agüero
Karina, the princess, is installed in England with her boyfriend, footballer Sergio Kun Aguero. While there were rumors of crisis in the family, is both solid and she proves it every time you can manifest your love on Twitter.
Now, after the triumph of the team in the game in which Sergio scored three goals, the singer gave him the following message on the socialnetwork:! "Argentine Pride Q happy I am, this is your year and has already begun the Best Way!! felicitoooo you! Hattrick "(do three goals in the same game). He, brief but no less effective, he replied:"Thank you love."
Apparently there installed Karinba continue with his love and it is not known when his career resume.

Radio says that Buffon had affair with Italian journalist

(Photo: AFP)
The goalkeeper Buffon, Juventus idol and the Italian national team, had an affair with journalist Ilaria D'Amico. The parties have not commented yet, but the information that was released by a local radio station, now runs the country.
- It seems that Buffon has a 'drop' by Ilaria D'Amico. This is gossip of the moment. We do not hide. This is the law of gossip. Soon people involved desmentirão, but the truth will out sooner or later - assured the journalist Alfonso Signorini.
The case would indicate that marriage Archer with Alena Senedova would not be the best of times.The couple has been together since 2011 and have two sons.

Melissa prays for Falcao

I asked Grandma Falcao. "Pray for him," said the dear lady shortly after learning that his grandson could miss the World Cup because of his serious injury. No sooner said than done. All Colombia asks God that crack recover much sooner. And among those millions of Colombians is that is definitely one of most desirable models internationally: Melissa Giraldo.
This beauty who prays for Falcao was regarded by the French website Pure People as the sexiest woman in the world in bikini. Win as a model but also an actress and television presenter. He studied acting for a year in Argentina and was the host of the entertainment section of Caracol News. But what stands out with its own light, as you will see, is posing. It does over 16 years and to have such a great body makes daily crossfit and yoga twice a week.
Now he is currently the image of the lingerie brand Tarrao. In this campaign are the first images.Then come his most notorious for the Colombian magazine story Soho this past summer. No wasted.

There was no 'blood' in the duel Icardi-Maxi

The Inter-Catania was the party with the most morbid of the day of Serie A. Face to face, for the first time since Wanda Nara stop at one another, and Mauro Icardi Maxi Lopez. High expectation for what would happen. So that neither the star itself would lose and what was presented in one of the boxes of San Siro.
From there, smiling and with mobile in hand, looked like blood not reached the river. And it Icardi and Maxi or crossed, because not played a single minute. Both were heated bench ninety minutes and mourning must wait for another day. Although it is possible that other teams because Maxi can leave soon to return to Catania Sampdoria, where militant when the scandal was hatched. In this team coincided with Icardi and it became good friends. Whether that was continually in his house and there he began to be confident of his wife and then become his mistress.
The couple already has promised and is awaiting the arrival of the divorce between Wanda and Maxi. Meanwhile, no day the 'Wancardi' no show us your passion in social networks.

Hormigos's husband says the child is his

Betrayed her husband with a footballer and jumped to fame by a committed video that masturbated to her lover, the goalkeeper of the team of his people, the Yébenes (Toledo). Forgot Hormigos is back in today. This time, monopolizes the media attention after confirming she is pregnant with more than ten weeks.
The first announcement was made by no less than Belén Esteban. Then we confirmed the Oblivion itself, further revealed that the unborn baby is not her husband and any of the long list of lovers has been attributed in recent months (Guti Hasdrubal through Oscar Pereiro).
A few days later, the husband of Hormigos Jesus Atahonero, broke his silence and was interviewed by Emma Garcia at the 'Open your eyes and look' program. In their juicy statements, confirmed that he had forgiven his wife's infidelity with goalkeeper Yébenes club.
"Forgetting and I talk about everything. Who told me that she had an affair with a girl and it was she who told me that they had caught the second time and had pictures was, "said the carpenter.
He could not hide the worst was having to tell their children. "When the video came out I had a hard, it was very hard, especially for my children. That's something I can not explain, but I faced. I even saw the video with Oblivion. "
The husband said exconcejala keenly anticipated that the child is on the way and said "now do not forgive infidelity any more."

Leo Messi celebrated his mom's birthday

Coincidences of life. Shortly after Sandro Rosell submit his resignation as president of FC Barcelona, ​​Leo Messi was held. But nobody thinks bad. Barca crack family celebrated the birthday of her mother Celia.
Smartly dressed in a white shirt and tie, Leo and his family hosted a dinner on Thursday night to celebrate the birthday of his mother. To record the event, the player Barca hung on the net a picture with the birthday girl and the other with his nephew, in which neither can hide the love you have.
"Happy Anniversary, Mom! and Celebrating the anniversary of my mother with my nephew, "were the messages with photos attached. Dinner, by the way, also served to celebrate 400 games with the club, met yesterday in Getafe.