Saturday, 25 January 2014

Buffon's Triangle

What's going on at Juventus? That's the big question that the Italian press that in less than a week, has seen how two of the most iconic players 'Vecchia Signora' as Gigi Buffon and Andrea Pirlo have changed precisely done, Lady ... .
First was the exmilanista which left his wife Deborah Roversi, with whom he has two children, a blonde, Valentina Baldini, who was son of Riccardo girlfriend Grande Stevens, attorney for the Agnelli family before. Now it has been known that Buffon his footsteps and could be bundled with the popular television commentator Ilaria D'Amico, which at the time and was attributed an affair with Beckham.
The shock of the event compared to Pirlo 'Hollande case' because he had as an exemplary husband. The same applies to Buffon. His relationship with Alena, former Miss Czech Republic, he was considered one of the strongest Italian football.
But the scandal has broken out now and speak of love triangle. According to journalist Alfonso Signorini Radio Monte Carlo, Buffon has "lost his head" by Ilaria d'Amico, a known commentator and presenter football programs working for Sky Italia.
Month and a half ago just started rumors of a crisis Buffon, which were denied, and now ensures Juve goalkeeper then left the family home and live in one of the two apartments he owns in Turin.
Although its setting belies any infidelity, Il Messaggero says Alena, meanwhile, have begun a relationship with a man known showbiz.
Keep you informed. Meanwhile, we leave you with some pictures of the two vertices of the triangle Buffon ...