Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nabilla Benattia, French Kardashian is ahead of PSG

Nabilla Benattia, uma manequim de vários atributos (foto )
Nabilla Benattia recently earned a nickname ... about: Kim Kardashian French. Or more. At 21, this Gallic pump, the daughter of Algerian father and Italian mother, gained all the popularity in several television ads that ran in the world last year. Hired by a modeling agency at 14, Nabilla, with several appearances on the covers of men's magazines hugely successful. 
Still, in the advertising world, was celebrated with various phrases, some of which have generated immense wrath on you tube. So much so that, imagine, Nabilla Benattia was one of the most in demand names in search engines in France. Both ... as, for example, the PSG, a club that has gained tremendous prominence in recent years compared to the millions who did signings. 
Nabilla, an unconditional supporter of ... gyms, or do not have a stunning body, already has a TV program in France and his promises greater things ... A feast for the less attentive eyes, here is a dummy that has requested to appear in several campaigns Gauls clubs. Who will bring the best in the race to this great hire? 

Fiorella Castillo, best in the world in high heels

Fiorella Castillo é uma manequim argentina de enorme sucesso (foto )

There is a star of Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but shows an unusual quality with the ball. With an added difficulty: high heels. Or more. We talk about Fiorella Castillo, model, actress and Argentine producer who has gained media attention for skills with a ball at his feet. 
Moreover, this dummy, aged 24, was a principal figure in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, where, dressed up, some shorts and a sweater squad, began to touch a ball in high heels!Fiorella showed the skills to ... all levels. The brunette, who promises to be one of the attractions of Brazil during the World Cup, delighted those present a spectacle that wowed audiences ... 

Dangerous curves Helena Soares

Helena Soares, 31 anos, um corpo deslumbrante (foto )
A brief glance, assessing beauty and stunning body, just imagine what makes Helena Soares.Well, at age 31, mother of three, this brunette is a star behind the wheel. Or more. We are talking about one of the greatest rally drivers with success in Brazil. Woman warrior, the Monkey manages to hide the fact the 109 cm ​​and hip 68 waist. 
Still, behind the uniform hides a beautiful woman, easy smile, who has won several car racing.But not only. The sensuality would lead to the other areas, like dancing, one of his passions.Reason has been chosen by several samba schools to Musa Carnival. 
"Life teaches me everyday obstacles that help us leverage our limits. Love Country Rally because it requires my best all the time and being chosen his muse left me very happy, I feel honored and I want to represent all the amazing women who face making the best presentation at the Sambadrome Paulista. The samba is always on the tip of the tongue and exercise every day to make good figure on the avenue 'secured Helena, in an interview with a Brazilian magazine. 

Leveraging success, Fernanda Lima presents award for British TV

(Photo: Fabrice Coffrini / AFP)
The presenter and Brazilian model Fernanda Lima continues doing much international success. After being called "goddess" after leading the draw for the World Cup, in late 2013, and also the ceremony of the Golden Ball FIFA in January this year, the blonde was called to attend the National Television Awards of ITV in London, which takes place on Wednesday.
The presenter was preparing a less classical model look after the party behaved in FIFA, and make mention of the World Cup at the ceremony. And the model is enjoying the good moment of international visibility, as it is in Europe this party Golden Ball making professional contacts

Victoria Beckham: "I never said that Spain smells like garlic"

It has always been told that Victoria Beckham did not like Madrid or Spain. Among other things, because, reportedly said at the time, the capital stank ... garlic. A myth that the singer and designer has been responsible for denying in an interview with Vanity Fair that arrives Tuesday at the kiosks.
"I never said that Spain smells like garlic," says the 'Posh', which certainly did not live their best moments in Madrid. At that time, said that he had quarreled with Ana Obregón in a gym and her husband had an affair with Rebecca Loos, his housekeeper.
The Beckham also refused to be reunited with the Spice Girls. · "I will not re-dedicate myself to that. Participate in the Olympic Games was a great honor. I became proud to be British ... But it was the perfect time to say: this has been a blast. Thank you very much to all, but it's over. "

The Iron Daughter debuted on the catwalk

Claudia, the youngest daughter of former Real Madrid Fernando Hierro, debuted this weekend on the runways. He did it in the Alfonso XIII Hotel Seville occasion Catwalk 'We love Flamenco' in which he paraded with the famous flamenco dress designer José Luis Carreño, known as Zambonino.
The lesser of the two sons of Fernando Hierro and his wife Sonia was one of the biggest draws of the event organized by the company 'Go Events' of the model Laura Sanchez and her beauty and self-confidence when parading not go unnoticed.
Claudia, 19, is studying Advertising and Public Relations in Madrid, but his true calling is the model. Your participation in the parade of the game with his mother Sonia José Luis Carreño in the April Fair in 2013, when the designer, I wanted to know to enter the world of modeling, offered to give it a try. No sooner said than done. Claudia has already fulfilled part of his dream debuting as a model.
"It's very pretty and I'm proud of how well you have paraded" Hierro said in statement that includes

Ronaldo's son (13 years) boasts girlfriend

Like father, like son. The father was called the 'phenomenon of love' for his many conquests and the child seems to go the same way. And, its only 13 years, Ronald, son of legendary footballer Ronaldo and his ex-wife Rayo Vallecano, Milene Domingues, anivesario is celebrating its first nine months with his girlfriend.
It's called Manuela Escobar, has the same age, and have been unable to hide his happiness together publishing a photo on Instagram that the Brazilian press has picked up in recent editions."9 months. I love you ', Ronald wrote, to which she responded with equal passion. "I love you too.Nine months with you being the best of my life. Thank you for every moment, "wrote Manuela, whose parents bless the relationship and below that you can see in a picture with the young couple in love.
Ronald is these days skiing in Switzerland with her father and his girlfriend, Paula Morais DJ.

Milan is one year

"Really it's over a year old?". That's the question being asked Shakira, the 'slug mom' (as she defined) on the first anniversary of his son Milan. The singer has posted this message on his Twitter account in congratulating his son on a snowy landscape with a dedication in a fun snowman.
The truth is that Shakira is right and it almost seems like yesterday when, on 22 January 2013, Milan came to this world in the clinic teknon Barcelona. He was one of the most anticipated in recent times by the celebrity status of their parents, and music stars of world football births.
Since we saw the first pictures of Shakira with incipient bulging tummy and then, who would have been able to follow the evolution of Milan, which incidentally has already begun to walk, step by step. His own parents have been responsible for countless photos hanging on the social networks in these twelve months of happiness. Below you can see some ...

The earliest image of Sara Carbonero with her son Martin

sara-martin - OK
The journalist Sara Carbonero has posted on his blog one of the most tender pictures of her newborn son. "I do not know the desire I had to share with you this time. The most beautiful and important of my life "moment, wrote to his followers.
"Martin has given meaning to all, radically changing my priorities, reminding me of what really is important and essential," says Sara to one that looks really happy and enjoying her motherhood while holding the baby gently. Sara adds, in a poetic way, he feels "like the painter sitting in front of a blank canvas or a sculptor must start from scratch to shape and mold your sculpture. I know I have a past with our wonderful challenge. "