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David Beckham en séance de dédicace de son autobiographie au Waterstone's le 19 décembre 2013
Katherine Jenkins, who an affair with David Beckham was paid, confided in The Sun and she says not to regret the way she handled the rumors. At the time, it was explained on Twitter.
In 2012, the Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins was at the heart of a very insistence rumor : she would have had an affair with David Beckham . The young woman had at the time responded to these rumors on Twitter and had denied the information describing these accusations as false and hurtful in a message she always stands today, in the columns of the Sun: "It was necessary that I do so I had to do I just do not want people to think I was that kind of girl That is not out of nowhere... everyone talking. " Katherine Jenkins has crossed orVictoria or David Beckham since the incident but think that their next meeting would be "interesting".
In parallel, it has recently been reported that the couple, married since 1999, could live separately, David Beckham is on the verge of signing a contract to buy a football club in Miami.The former sports therefore consider moving to Florida, a decision that his wife would have objected. "There are many interests at stake with this contract and David did not take lightly," he told a source in the British magazine Star. "Initially, Victoria and had told him to return together in America butVictoria has changed his mind . "
The disagreement would last for several weeks now but Victoria and David Beckham have finally found a compromise. "It's frustrating that they are separated again because Posh loved David more this last year," said the source magazine. "But at the same time, she knows that having a home in Miami where she can spend the holiday with family is a good idea. David has always supported his ambitions and now she wants to do the same for him."

Roman Abramovich's girlfriend Dasha Zhukova apologises for 'black woman' chair photo

The partner of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich today apologised after she was pictured sitting on a chair designed to resemble a half-naked black woman.
Dasha Zhukova, 32, who has two children with the Chelsea owner, was caught up in controversy after an online magazine published a photo of her perched on the artwork.
Buro 24/7 used the image of Ms Zhukova yesterday, which was Martin Luther King Day, to illustrate an unrelated interview about the former model’s new magazine, Garage.
Ms Zhukova said: “This photograph, which has been published completely out of context, is of an artwork intended specifically as a commentary on gender and racial politics.
“I utterly abhor racism, and would like to apologise to anyone who has been offended by this image.”
The artwork by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard is one of a series that “reinterprets art historical works from artist Allen Jones as a commentary on gender and racial politics”, said a spokesman for Ms Zhukova
Miroslava Duma, the blog’s editor, also posted the photo on Instagram.
Duma quickly deleted the picture from Instagram and cropped out the chair on Buro 24/7.
Campaign group Organizing for Women’s Liberation criticised the picture after it circulated on the internet.
The chair is similar in style to a famous piece by Londn pop artist Allen Jones, whose 1969 fibreglass work “Chair” was made to resemble a white woman.
Today Mr Jones said: “It’s obviously a copy of my sculpture and I supposed I should be flattered.
“I never meant the chair to be sat on.
“It’s the first time I’ve seen someone using it as actual furniture and I think it would be rather uncomfortable.”
Jones’s original piece is part of a series of female figures as furniture also including Hatstand and Table.
One cast is in the Tate collection.
The 76-year-old Royal Academician said his Clerkenwell studio has since been filled with hundreds of homages to it.
The artist has in the past been accused of misogyny, but said the chair sculpture aimed to show the human form could be “functional”.

Racism row over website's picture of Roman Abramovich's girlfriend Dasha Zhukova on 'black woman' chair

A picture of Roman Abramovich's girlfriend sitting on a chair made from a mannequin of a black woman has sparked accusations of racism to be levelled at an online magazine.
The image shows Dasha Zhukova, 32, perched on the bizarre furniture for a photo shoot with fashion site Buro 24/7.
The chair is a half-naked mannequin of a black woman with her legs in the air. It has a cushion on the backs of her thighs which Ms Zhukova sits on.
It is understood the chair was a design by provocative 1960s pop artist Allen Jones.
Shortly after it was posted, the website updated the picture with a cropped version in which only the mannequin's boots can be seen.
It came after scores of people accused the magazine of being racist in online posts.
It was also removed from Instagram following complaints.
On Twitter, users branded it "racist", "tasteless" and "appalling".
Ms Zhukova, who has two children with Russian oligarch partner Abramovich, posed for the shot as part of an interview about her new magazine Garage.
Hannah Ongley, a blogger at Styelite.com wrote: "It’s disturbing that anyone thought this was a good idea, and fairly awkward that the interview was uploaded on the day we’re supposed to be celebrating civil rights and women's rights advocate Martin Luther King Jr".

"Sylvie Meis receives offer six figures biography '

Sylvie Meis has received an offer to have recorded. Intimate details of her life The autobiography of a six-figure sum would be involved. It reports Focus Online based on ABC Online.
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2013 was a hectic year for the woman who for years was as Sylvie van der Vaart through life. On January 2, 2013 and made it known that their glamor Rafael marriage was over.Then began the speculation and gossip and followed the new twists in the lives of the presenter and the footballer together at breakneck speed.

Was beaten during New Year's Eve?Sylvie had deceived the footballer?And what was the other way around?Who was Guillaume Zarka? And what was with Rafael Sabia, formerly the BFF Sylvie? Sabia was pregnant?Sylvie had aangeklooid with Zlatan?What developments would affect the performance of the football Orange International?

Rafael continued Sabia. Sylvie tried to fill. Her role as mother of Damian as well as possible Sabia became pregnant, but lost her unborn child.Finally, there was also a KLM pilot who tried to sell. The story of his escapades with Sylvie Meis had been blackmailed for by confessing in November. Itself the story

Eventually, the marriage between Sylvie and Rafael on December 4, 2013 was officially disbanded.

Range of six figures
Focus Online is able to report that Sylvie has received from a publisher who sees merit in the intimate details of the violent past year, but also the rest of the life of the presenter who also is widely known in Germany, in writing an offer now to set. Meis would previously have received an offer of six figures and Christian Schommers, which in 2013 had a bestseller with the biography of former tennis player Boris Becker, was the (co-) author should be.

"Yes, it's true. There is a range of six digits of a publishing house to Mrs. Meis' confirms Schommers to ABC Online. According to him, there would be discussions since December."Sylvie Meis is a fascinating woman and one of the largest German TV star. She is in the public interest and has experienced tremendous. "

If Meis agree then Schommers would prefer to write an autobiography, as he did Boris Becker: "Sylvie tells the story than anything in the I-form."

The author has several job titles that haunt his mind. "I, Sylvie," or "Sylvie: My Life ', would belong to the possibilities.

Sylvie in Bild
The possible consent of Meis would fit into the line that they inzette since early January. The autobiographySince then appear in the German Bilddifferent contributions of the presenterwith glimpses of her turbulent life. With the series Meis hopes a counterbalance against the nonsense that is written. "

Victoria Beckham Spice Girls say goodbye

Should there ever be a reunion of the Spice Girls, it will not be Victoria Beckham. The former Posh Spice has finally put an end to a possible reunion of the British girl group.
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The 39-year-old fashion designer says in Spanish and Italian version of Vanity Fair that occur during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics was the perfect time for the band definitely shut the back to turn.

"I never do it. The action at the Games was a great honor, I was so proud. It was also time to say 'Thank you and goodbye. It was fantastic, but enough is enough. " Sometimes you have to realize that it is time to stop, "says the wife of ex-footballer David Beckham.

The Spice Girls were in 2000, separated in 2008 and made a reunion tour.Recently, there were speculations that the band might come after the group received a lucrative offer for a reunion show in Las Vegas. Together again The offer of 25 million dollars for a single action would only apply when would agree. All five ladies

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton could move to Monaco

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton could move to Monaco. Source: dailymail.com
The British press is beginning to pick up new rumors about reconciliation between Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton. As we showed you a few days ago, the couple made ​​by the pilot of Formula 1 and the singer has returned to resume their romance after almost half a year apart.
And new information that would suggest considering a change of scenery together. In fact, it is said that Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton leave London to start a new life in Monaco, the principality of luxury. So says The Sun newspaper, which is based on the statements of a source close to Mercedes racer and artist.
"Nicole is seriously considering going with Hamilton to Monaco. The only thing that matters to the two at the moment is their relationship. They do not care the fact away from his family. They also believe that they have to take a step forward so we can enjoy a more stable relationship, "says the source to the English publication. This would not prevent the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger put aside their profession because it could travel to London to continue working with the private aircraft pilot. Undoubtedly, this is a big reconciliation.

Esther force Berdych

Whenever you can accompany the tournament and Australia Open this year has been no exception. In Melbourne these days is impressive Satorova Ester, who has seen his boyfriend, fellow Czech Tomas Berdych, has knocked out David Ferrer.
It is the first semifinalist Czech Jiri Novak tournament since 2002 and semis will face Djokovic or Wawrinka. It will not be easy, but the player will have the special power of having a girlfriend like yours.
At 22, Esther is a model that works for cotizadísima brands and which currently stars in the campaign for Intimissimi your country. Berdych she began dating almost two years ago after cutting his relationship with fellow tennis player Lucie Safarova.

Puyol's girlfriend prepares for birth with yoga

Vanesa Lorenzo, Carles Puyol's girlfriend, is in the final stages of her pregnancy. Missing about a month for the child waiting to come to this world and in the meantime, all cares are few.
From the beginning of pregnancy, who has already served the eighth month, the Catalan model has continued to practice yoga daily routine and offer just a sample Instagram for its practice exercise. "It helps me to better carry the pregnancy," Vanessa wrote with one of the two images.

Pirlo, there is another?

We would un'immobiliarista blonde behind the separation from his wife.

Pirlo, there is another? - There would be un'immobiliarista blonde behind the separation from his wife.
We would un'immobiliarista behind the separation of Andrea Pirlo and his wife Deborah Roversi after 12 years of marriage and two children, Nicholas, aged 10, and Angela, seven-year.
According to 'The Spiffero' to cause rupture of the flame would be a new director of Brescia. Blond girl his age, he worked in real estate and has a passion for fitness. And Juventus In the past, in fact, would be seen paired with Richard Grande Stevens, the son of Franzo, honorary president of the 'Old Lady', man of the Agnelli family. 

Adriana Lima, muse Golden Ball at the service of Cupid

Adriana Lima (foto D.R.)
It is one of the most requested models in the international fashion scene, but since they took the stage at which crowned Gala Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player of 2013, the Brazilian Adriana Lima has boot (even more) sighs slightly throughout the part. 
According to several European sports newspapers, Adriana has even outshine fellow presenter Fernanda Lima, who has also since about since its appearance in the draw of the World.«Fernanda Lima had not much impact as the draw of the World. On the other hand, his compatriot Adriana Lima dazzled with its fair and precious blue eyes green dress, "wrote Mundo Deportivo. 
And on the heels of the success achieved last Monday that Adriana returned to dazzle, this time on a photographic production from Victoria's Secret, which appears dressed in some of the new collection of the famous brand of lingerie for Valentine's Day proposals which celebrates the 14th of February. 
Married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, with whom he has two daughters, Bahian style 32 years is better than ever. 

Rihanna promotes World-2014 with ... topless

Rihanna em Angra dos Reis, no Brasil (foto D.R.)
Rihanna is in Brazil but ... not to sing. The Muse of Music, 25, was elected to pose for Brazilian Vogue, a genuine promotion to the Football World Cup, which is played only in the summer but there is at the very thought of the Brazilian people. 
Rihanna posed in Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer and even a traditional Brazilian samba school. The idea of Vogue is to present the singer as a typical Brazilian woman. 
Now ... good and bad news: the good is that Rihanna stripped (literally) of prejudices and posed topless in Angra dos Reis. The bad is that patches placed on the breasts and "spoiled", partially, the photo shoot.