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What if there was Golden Ball won the beauty ...

Adriana Lima foi uma das apresentadoras do evento (foto )
The gala crowning Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player on the planet in 2013 was marked, as always, by a huge glamor among the guest stars. Besides the fact that Messi, incidentally, caused quite a stir on social networks, the ceremony was enlivened by the beauty of some women who are preparing to watch a single moment. 
The main attraction was obviously Irina Shayk, Russian supermodel, the other half of CR7, that, as the Portuguese international, could not help a few tears. Antonella Rocuzzo been more restrained, which, nevertheless, always at the side of Messi, could not hide from the hundreds of lenses of cameras. But this gala FIFA has not died in the beauty of these two models. Also Adriana Lima and Brazilian Fernanda, who took the opportunity to promote the upcoming World were highlighted. 
Pilar Rubiu woman of Sergio Ramos, co CR7 Real Madrid team also took a shine to another party held in Zurich. But also the DJ Paula Morais (Ronaldo, the phenomenon) or Wahiba Belhami (Ribery). Another competition, each with different qualities and attributes. In particular, fancy ask ... who won? 

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That "sister" Icard!

Zaira Nara shares with her older sister Wanda's passion for football players: Forlan was going to marry.

That sister Icard! - Zaira Nara shares with her older sister Wanda's passion for football players: Forlan was going to marry.
Two sisters united by the same passion: the players. Better if the attackers. 

Wanda Nara, the Argentine showgirl who made heads turn at first and then Maxi Lopez Mauro Icard, has a younger sister: Zaira, profession model. 

Elected the 47th sexiest woman in the world in 2010 by 'FHM Magazine', Zaira has nothing to envy to the blonde sister. It is less known in Italy by Wanda - for now - but the rage in Argentina for many years as the face of several advertising campaigns. 

In March 2011, Diego Forlan has announced the official engagement with Zaira, only to leave in a month from the wedding. Certainly will find someone else who knows how to appreciate it ... 

Daniella Semaan ... pregnant again?

Daniella Semaan ... pregnant again? Source:
Born just eight months the little Lia, the first child they have in common and Daniella Semaan Cesc Fabregas, Barca midfielder ago. However, they have started to run the first reports that predict that the Lebanese could again be pregnant at 38 springs.
This was confirmed by the program 'Arucitys' Catalan television TV '8'. In fact, the program has ensured that this is not a rumor, but an accurate information based on how attentive they would have shown Cesc with Daniella own Semaan New Year's Eve last, a holiday he enjoyed the couple next to Shakira and Gerard Pique.
Thus, if true in this disclosure, Cesc Fabregas would be a father just months after being released as a novice. Meanwhile, Daniella Semaan give birth to her fourth shoot. Will underway brother or sister Lia small?
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New details of the alleged rift between Neymar and Bruna

New details of the alleged rift between Neymar and Bruna. Source: instagram
A few days ago, in and picked the first rumors were gathered about the alleged rift between Neymar and Bruna Marquezine . Well, it seems to be still out information on the reasons that have prompted the actress to leave Barça star.
As EuropaPress website collects, lack of commitment, the constant parties I went Neymar and numerous photographs Barca crack upload to social networks have triggered jealousy Marquezine Bruna, who have decided to put an end to the relationship. "Bruna wanted Neymar carry a lifetime commitment, but he's too young. With every photo that appeared with a woman he had a new discussion "reflects this site in relation to statements of a friend.
On the other hand, also takes into account the following words of another mate Neymar himself: "" I had to play as a single. Although I arrived depressed then had no problem alive. The atmosphere was excellent and the party was a success. " But acquaintances of the couple say that Bruna Marquezine will soon resume his romance with the player "will return because they worship, what happens is that they are very passionate and are jealous of each other as teenagers. Whenever discussed are left to follow on Instagram or deleted from Whatsapp ". It remains to see if it really just resuming his relationship ...

His New is 28 years younger leaves just fallen in love

Almost six years was Sepp Blatter (77) single. Now the Fifa boss lives again in a happy relationship!

The lady came in the little black, and the football World whispering on Monday night at the Ballon d'Or in Zurich's Kongresshaus: Who is the woman on the side of Sepp Blatter ?
Finally Blatter is officially single. And when he parted from his Polish girlfriend Ilona Boguska since 2008. In an interview with the "Swiss magazine" he said about three years ago: "Who knows, maybe hits me love again. That's not a question of age. "
In fact: After VISION information is the companion of Blatter, who sat during the show between him and Brazilian legend Pele, his new partner. Her name is Linda Barras. Born in 1964, most recently residing long in Crans-Montana VS. She has Armenian roots and married the Valais real estate dealer Christian Barras.
Blatter has known her for many years. Already in 2008 the Fifa Boss and Linda are seen in the pictures together. At the gala evening, "La Nuit des Neiges". This it is many years ago as President. The money collected in the evening we were already the "Sepp Blatter Football and Humanity Foundation" benefit.
If Blatter now happy with his Linda?
He had been married three times. Only with Liliane Biner, who bore him daughter Corinne. Then with Barbara cheesemaker, with whom he remained on friendly terms even after the divorce.By the time she was snapped in 1999 with 52 years of life. 2002 wedding with dolphin trainer Graziella Bianca. The marriage only lasted a little more than a year.

What influence does Blatter new relationship to its possible re-election in 2015? So far it was assumed that he again seeks a term of office until 2019. But who knows: Maybe he wants but cede and enjoy his new love.