Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A proud girlfriend: "I feel fortunate to have such a man at my side"

Colombian singer surprised with his confession and said he is very lucky to wake up every day by the great body of her boyfriend, Gerard Pique.
In an interview with an American radio, 102.7 KIIS FM, Shakira full of praise for theBarcelona player, who have the small Piqué Milan.
"As Gerard likes that I'm a little chubby, I'd also like him to be strong. When I wake up in the morning and see how he gets out of bed, I realize you have an athletic body and a huge height. When you stand seems to have one of the characters in Avatar in my room. I love, I feel lucky to have such a man at my side, "said the singer.
Also reported that he is living one of the best moments of your life, both in the family and professionally. "Now I'm in a very special moment in my life, especially emotionally. I have a very nice relationship with Gerard and my son, and this is also reflected in the professional level. I am happy and I thank life. "

Veronica Ojeda at war with the girlfriend of Diego Maradona

Veronica Ojeda at war with the girlfriend of Diego Maradona: "Rocío insulted my son told ugly fat, but my Dieguito is beautiful."
Oceanfront, Veronica is full preparing the first birthday of their son. "I wish we knew Gianinna Dalma and his brother" he says.
In addition:
- Belen Francese: "I marry Farfu".
- Susana Guillermina Valdes: "You have a divine tummy".
- Sabrina Nicole Neumann Garciarena and expecting a baby.
- By cheating, kicked out of his house to Huey, the hot hunk Avenida Brasil.
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Does it return to Argentina? The proposal that tempted Wanda Nara

In "Relentless" Zaira Nara Wanda Nara revealed that our country could return with a proposal for the hand of Nazarene Velez.
The producer of "Los Locos Grimaldi" Wanda Nara tempted to participate in his work, which is part Zaira in Villa Carlos Paz. "I do not know how it happened to him Nazarene he was sent the script and said, 'Wanda, I want a share yours.'"
In addition, the smaller of the Nara and said that if Wanda has this participation would not be adding a character to the work, but would take the place of one of their peers.
The truth is that for the moment, the model is enjoying her children and her love with Mauro Icardi in Italy.

Wanda and a serious complaint against his ex mother in law

Wanda Nara
The controversy over the divorce between Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez is endless. Now, Wanda accused his ex mother in law want to steal the money that belongs to their children, Valentino, Constantino and Benedict,
On Twitter, the blond published: "How sad that a grandmother stealing his own grandchildren, a grandmother q never change a diaper today gets to collect money q does not belong!".
In addition, Wanda revealed a fact that was not known until now is the fact that she "resigned" to his share in the divorce and give it to their children. "My money I donate it to change my divorce d that of the kids NO sad paternal grandmother stealing q follow us! Pero. accompany the child does not "
"And the saddest q that lady lives in an apartment that's mine .., everything in life becomes mine to let my children what NO!!" He said categorically Wanda dese Milan, where installed with boyfriend Mauro Icardi.
Also, the blonde continued his twittera catharsis and revealed that his ex-law had done them a autorobo: "First a autorobo us with money for taxes were q, q luckily got the complaint but flia dam and now this! ". Y was more, since said he has evidence against the mother of Maxi Lopez:"! And I hesitated as I learned q in this life to q believe you got to have proof I have the audio # lanonachorra "
Thus, a new chapter is written on the separation of Wanda and Maxi and probablemetne, tgraiga much impact ...

Pirlo divorces

According to 'Who' champion Juventus have already started the paperwork for legal separation from his wife Deborah Roversi.

Pirlo divorces - According to 'Who' champion Juventus have already started the paperwork for legal separation from his wife Deborah Roversi.
Andrea Pirlo is about to get divorced. 

According to 'Who' champion Juventus have already started the paperwork for legal separation from his wife Deborah Roversi. The two have been married since 2001. 

The couple have two children: Nicholas, born in 2003, and Angela, born in 2006.

Better than Miss Bumbum

The Brazilian magazine 'Sexy' is healthy and good habit to strip the winner of Miss Bumbum, which rewards the woman with the best butt in Brazil.
Well, this year has once again changed the script and instead of showing as the world came toDaiane Macedo , the winner of the last edition, it has one of her bridesmaids, Pernambuco Eliana Amaral. I occupy the second place in the jury selection.
"The second is always better. It is our Bumbum. We chose Eliana Amaral representing the best ass in Brazil, "writes the magazine, something that Eliana, without false modesty, agrees. "I'm much better than the first," she said proudly. "I'm more complete and more beautiful. She only won because you have more inches I bumbum "he said.
No doubt, he is repeating what happened in the previous edition, when the spectacular Andressa Urach (whose perched on Sexy can remember clicking here ) became more famous than Carine Felizardo , the winner. And even more especially when he declared that he had sex with Cristiano Ronaldo, earning him a complaint of Portuguese. Who will say that he has gone to bed Eliana? In Brazil and become bet.

Shakira and Rihanna sweep: number one in 39 countries

Just 24 hours after his first audition, Shakira and Rihanna single, Can not Remember to Forget You, sweeping worldwide. The two divas song is number one on itunes and nothing more and nothing less than 39 countries. Definitely a great success progress Shakira's new album, which is scheduled to go on sale next March.
It will be the seventh work of Shakira, almost to the brink of the first year of the birth of Milan, is back with great force. It has already been denied a new pregnancy and Colombian singer prepares for an intense campaign to promote the new album.
For now, here you can hear the sensational advance with Rihanna.

Irina's mother suffers severe burns in a sauna

We saw very happy at the Golden Ball gala accompanying her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo, but the procession was inside. Irina Shayk is very upset and concerned about the serious accident suffered by his mother to fall into a sauna and burns of second and third degree occur.
It happened a few days ago in the Russian town of Emanzhelinsk. Irina's mother was in a sauna and fell on a boiling water heater. According to Irina, everything was due to the precarious security measures local circumstance criticized on social media warning that the lack of funds severely affected many of his fellow Russians.
"I love my country, make no mistake, but it seems very triiste that such things happen every day in our cities. My mother was a few days ago to the sauna and, once inside, he slipped and went to a heater that was on fire and was not isolated by any fence, "he wrote in an indignant Irina networks.
He added: "The end result has been burns of second and third grade for my mother. I can not believe that the owner does nothing to protect their customers, and that the authorities allow a sauna illegally and without any safety measures operate. "

Ronaldinho repóker the chart with a pool

Ronaldinho has returned to fuss. The crack, which is on vacation, has starred in a true viral web phenomenon to appear posing in a pool with five women with the ass in pomp Ronnie ... The image could have been taken in the exclusive neighborhood of Barra de Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro.
The photograph, which has been around the world, comes just days after a Brazilian star, Vanessa Tasquetto is photographed with a tattoo on his crotch with the distinctive R10, the Brazilian brand.

Has Ronaldo stolen Messi's girlfriend?

A picture of Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi's girlfriend on his lap has devastated the social media after Monday's Ballon d'Or award.

story visual
Cristiano Ronaldo took Monday Ballon d'Or trophy from Lionel Messi - but snatched the Portuguese star also ærkerivalens girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo.
How could it at least look at a picture that is shared thousands of times on Twitter since the awards on Monday night.
Here is Cristiano Ronaldo surrounded not only his own girlfriend, Irina Shayk, but also Antonella Roccuzzo.
While sitting Lionel Messi alone here beside and looks a little puzzled.
View image on Twitter
The picture is, however, false. For as you can see on the original, you can find two pairs nicely at separately, and there is nothing romantic drama along the way. In other words, Photoshop has been used.
'The world will be deceived,' as they say.
Several Twitter users have pointed out the fraud. Here is the real image at the top and the false bottom: 

Adriana Lima tieta aces in FIFA gala

(Photo: Playback / Instagram)
The model Adriana Lima, who represented the "Brazilian time" party FIFA - when Pele, Neymar and model were interviewed by Fernanda Lima - tietou the stars of the night after the ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland. The Brazilian beauty posted on Instagram photos with Messi, Pele, whom he called "unique" and Daniel Alves and Neymar.
(Photo: Playback / Instagram)
(Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Lady Antonini: "Allegri? Godo!"

Tweet joy of the wife of former AC Milan, AC Milan surrendered due to friction with the coach Tuscan.

Lady Antonini: Allegri? Godo! - Tweet of the joy of the wife of former AC Milan, AC Milan surrendered due to friction with the coach Tuscan.
Tweet joy of the wife of Luca Antonini, Benedetta Balleggi, after the exemption Massimiliano Allegri: "Allegri? Finally enjoy myself!".
The husband spent a year of hell in the season 2012/2013, with just six league appearances, and last summer he was traded from Milan to Genoa precisely because of friction with the Tuscan coach.
"I love Barbara," is another tweet of Balleggi, which did not fail to cause a hornet's nest of controversy in the network.

Barbara celebrates her boyfriend at Monza

The manager of AC Milan celebrated the birthday of her boyfriend Lorenzo Guerrieri.

Barbara celebrates her boyfriend at Monza - The manager of AC Milan celebrated the birthday of her boyfriend Lorenzo Guerrieri.
Big party on Saturday night at Monza to wish a happy birthday to Lorenzo Guerrieri.The boyfriend of Barbara Berlusconi has turned 24 and to celebrate sixty people gathered Enoteca center where he works. There were Barbara, her sister Eleanor with partner Guy Binns, and friends.
The manager of AC Milan, 29, and the Warriors (24) have been dating officially since September, after following the end of the story between the scion of the family Berlusconi with former Milan striker Alexandre Pato.

"Maxi Lopez, Wanda betrayed me"

The revelation by Argentina's former lover, a 21 year old Sicilian: "I did not know he was married at the beginning."

Maxi Lopez betrayed me with Wanda - The revelation of the former Argentinean lover, a 21 year old Sicilian: I did not know he was married at the beginning.
Other than Icard. Speaking to Mediaset says the former lover of Maxi Lopez, Claudia, 21 year old Sicilian who would be the main cause of separation between Catania striker and Wanda Nara.
"Maxi Lopez, Wanda Nara betrayed me. Did not know he was still married. Known him for two years - said Sunday Live - but when we first met him and I was married and faithful to my ex girlfriend. Then we met again three months later through mutual friends and he told me that the story was ending with his wife and he would soon be a free man. "
"The story began immediately, the are was close because he was ill. Thought he was single, he said, and instead of it had not yet divorced. We got engaged. Lived close. For two months I lived with him. Would set off together, we used to see together on public occasions. had no idea it was committed. "
"We were together until January 3. Then changed mood, I do not know what happened. Did not left me, suddenly disappeared.'m Disappointed because I felt used," says Claudia.

Liz, from genes champion

The beautiful Argentine actress, sister of former Inter Solari, admits: "I'm not ashamed to show me naked."

Liz, from genes champion - The beautiful Argentine actress, sister of former Inter Solari, admits: I'm not ashamed to show me naked.
His brother, Santiago Solari, entered the history of Inter winning three league championships in the era of Roberto Mancini (2006, 2007, 2008). But the Nerazzurri fans certainly will not remain indifferent even to the curves and the penetrating gaze of the sister of 'Principito', Liz. 

Model and actress, the beautiful blonde 30 year old sister is also Esteban and David (the players themselves) and grandson of Jorge, National Albiceleste to the 1966 World Cup and coach of the amazing Saudi Arabia to USA 94. Authentic genes from his champion then. The Sun has also worked for some Italian productions (like the movie 'Ex - Best Friends' Charles Vanzinas and the TV series 'Welcome to the table - North versus South') and has posed for the magazine 'DMAG' in a series of shots really hot. "I am not ashamed to show me naked. I love my body. What's wrong?" His candid confession. 

But his past also hides a sharp pain. In 2010, the blonde Argentine saw die in the arms boyfriend Leonardo Verhagen (brother of the wife of Walter Samuel, defender). "It 'died after having made love with me. Had convulsions. I immediately sought help, but there was nothing to do," recalls Liz upset

Satta: "It will be a boy"

"Name? And 'difficult to find one that will work in Italy, Germany and America."

Satta: Will it be a male - Name? It 'hard to find one that will work in Italy, Germany and America.
Melissa Satta at the microphones Verissimo has unveiled a particular linked to the son of whom is pregnant. "It 'a male." 

Uncertainty on the name: "It 's hard to find one that will work in Italy, Germany and America." 

The beautiful showgirl and Kevin Prince Boateng are also thinking of the wedding: "Probably in 2015, I do not know when. Sardinia We will do it in the church where I was baptized and confirmed."