Monday, 13 January 2014

Woman Messi put the picture next to the ace: 'Very proud of you'

Antonella Messi (Foto: Reprodução / Instagram)
Antonella Rocuzzo used Instagram to demonstrate their unconditional affection for her husband Lionel Messi. Minutes after the end of the award ceremony of the Golden Ball, the beautiful posted a picture with the Argentine side of the legend: 'Very proud of you.'
On Monday, Messi lost the contest the prize of 'Best Player in the World' for the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. This was the second time the star of Real Madrid won the award.

From Here to ... Lima!

We forgive Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ribery, Blatter, Gullit, Pele ... and ye also easy pun, but best of the Golden Ball gala were, by the lime, the two Lima, Fernanda and Adriana .
Sure you will agree. And it put the two Brazilian glamor to a ceremony that would have been much heavier without him.
Both dressed in green, the Lima, who are not family, dazzled. Indeed We had warned throughout the day, as it were, that Fernanda would dress more modestly than in the World Cup draw to avoid problems with some Muslim countries and we show a gallery of your best photos, which you can remember by clicking here.
Now it's time to celebrate the presence of Adriana, who attended the gala World ambassador of Brazil with Ronaldo and Neymar Phenomenon. "I'm a big fan of Neymar, but if I find Pele, I could not know, then it will be a dream come true!" He said shortly before the gala.
Then your wish come true and wife of basketball player Marko Jaric, who played for Real Madrid, he met 'O Rei' and photographed next to him was made. Also with Messi and later with his compatriots Dani Alves and Neymar, hanging three pictures on social networks.
We leave you with a gallery of the best photos of the two Lima at the gala and then another dedicated to Adriana.
fernanda lima gullit bola de ouro fifa (Foto: AFP)

Girlfriend and lover 'Chicharito' wash dirty linen in public

Chicharito Hernández e a suposta amante, Chaska Borek (foto D.R.)
Chaska Borek, English actress and dancer, only 19 years, said in public have had an affair with Chicharito Hernandez, the Mexican striker for Manchester United. 
The alleged affair, moreover, was widely reported by British newspapers, using photographs.The case obviously did not go down at all well Leticia Sahagun, the beautiful Mexican girlfriend of the young United striker. 
Social networks served even for an authentic wash dirty linen between girlfriend and alleged lover player. 
First, the official twitter of the couple threw a question: 'Why Chaska is so jealous of me?' 
The answer Chaska Borek was ... conclusive: 'You're a dirty bitch. Was with him tonight and I can say that is a beautiful party. ' 
Leticia Sahagun, girlfriend Hernandez ended the conversation with ... insults, calling the alleged mistress 'slut' and 'whore'. 
The novel promises more episodes.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie are separated

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie are separated. Source:
A few weeks ago we showed you the tremendous Hilary Duff as a WAG's most ardent world ice hockey , and is married to Mike Comrie, former player of some NFL teams such as the Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes or even the New York Islanders.
Well, it turns out that the exuberant Hilary Duff will no longer be a WAG, as the couple has decided to end her marriage after more than three years together by the law and with a child in common. This was announced by the website TMZ, which emphasizes that both "have mutually decided an amicable separation." The main reason would not have been other than a simple distance between them.
Anyway still according to this site, the rupture has not been too traumatic, since "will remain as best friends and continue to be in each other's lives." That's why we have decided to opt for joint custody regarding her son Luca, who today has almost two years. Now all that remains is to announce their final divorce.

Sylvie Meis confesses that he felt betrayed by Rafa Van der Vaart

Sylvie Meis admits he felt betrayed by Rafa Van der Vaart. Source:
Without a doubt, 2013 has been a tough and unstable year for Sylvie Meis (formerly known as Sylvie Van der Vaart). And the ex-wife and Rafa Van der Vaart saw Hamburg footballer left her to go with what was his best friend, the beautiful, Sabia Boulahrouz, although the origin of the breakdown of their marriage was based on the infidelity she committed after beating her breast cancer.
Well, despite all the sexy Dutch model wanted to express several months after separating from footballer what he felt when he heard this and her best friend had started a romance. "I was very hurt when I knew.He was one of the few days of my life that did not have my emotions under control. It is difficult to lose people in which you trust. In 2013 I lost a lot of people, "said Sylvie Meis sensual to the German press.
Thus, although it has been the main culprit of their divorce, the dummy springs 35 wanted to confess that he felt betrayed by her former husband and her best friend ... And it added the following, dropping a small stick to Sabia Boulahrouz "If I'm friends with someone, I am very loyal to the end even if the friendship is no longer there..." Surprising statements Sylvie Meis definitely ...

Fernanda Lima, the other star of the Ballon d'Or gala

Fernanda Lima-OK
Fernanda Lima on Monday will focus the eyes of millions of viewers worldwide. The Brazilian, who has already conquered the entire planet in the draw for the World Cup finals thanks to her generous cleavage, today presented the awards delivery Ballon and has vowed to wear more modest this time in order to avoid controversy .
"I will be attentive to the shower for everyone to see," said the beautiful Brazilian referring to the scandal that caused his clothing in Iran. Television Muslim country interrupted live coverage of the draw for Costa do Sauipe cutting planes that you could see the plunging neckline and then definitely discontinued.
That gala was about 500 million viewers in over 200 countries since Fernanda Lima, born in Porto Alegre, has become an icon. Daughter of two music teachers and granddaughter of a Catalan born in Palamos, began his career in the fine girl catwalk, with only 14 years old when he was discovered by a photographer on a beach in Rio Grande do Sul
At 22 debuted on television and since then his career has been unstoppable. Hosted the first gay kiss broadcast on Brazilian television and is married to Rodrigo Hibert, a Brazilian presenter who also conducted the gala and the World I filmed a highly erotic video that you can rememberclicking here . In 2008 she posed nude in Rolling Stone and pregnant with twin boys, whose birth has not left its mark on a body that is still almost perfect at 36.
Philosophy student and entrepreneur (own a restaurant in Sao Paulo who is ranked 46 of the top 50 of 2013), is a fan of Corinthians and admirer of Messi. We'll see if it brings luck and blaugrana Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo wins ...