Saturday, 11 January 2014

Antonella Roccuzzo and Daniella Semaan, "sisters"

Antonella Roccuzzo and Daniella Semaan, "sisters." Source: Instagram
Undoubtedly, Antonella Roccuzzo and Daniella Semaan have shown over the last two years that there is a good vibe between the WAG's Barca, mainly because these two have often shown that social networks are great friends. Well once again the Messi and Cesc brides have posted an image that reports of his great relationship.
In fact, it has been the beautiful Antonella Roccuzzo which has shared a photo on his Instagram profile that appears in the beautiful Daniella Semaan. And along with the capture, in which both depart radiant, the Argentina writes: "Reunion with my sister," making it clear once again that 'Anto' and Daniella are inseparable.

The former lover of Maxi Lopez: "I slept in bed Wanda"

The former lover of Maxi Lopez: "I slept in bed Wanda". Source:
After the soap opera starring Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi seems that Maxi Lopez and her ex-lover will also give that talk. It turns out that the Italian woman had an affair with the footballer of Catania, the same by the name of Claudia and a few days ago said his brief romance with the 'Hen ', hit yesterday details about his adventure with him on a television program in Argentina.
In fact, it has been much more explicit, as told warts and some of his crimes he committed with Maxi Lopez. In that sense, he hinted that maintained relations in the double bed in the sleeping Wanda Nara: "Yes, I met Maxi's house and slept in his house, where he lived with Wanda. As a lover, I put nine. "
And when he was asked whether Maxi Lopez was able to hold the sexual marathon that Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi stuck, did not hesitate to say emphatically. "Yes, yes," he said. Anyway, despite its intense adventure, also recalled that "I am no longer the girlfriend of Maxi. We were together for three months and ended 20 days ago, the two ended the relationship, "confessed the girl, who also recalled that" he told me were breaking up, I thought I was not with Wanda, who spoke only on the kids. Wanda did not talk or his past, but now that the relationship is over, I suffered a lot and I think Maxi will not return. "

Zaira Nara denies pregnancy Wanda Nara

Zaira Nara denies pregnancy Wanda Nara. Source:
The soap opera starring Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi continues as there are news about one of the most controversial sport pink world couples last year. On the one hand, note that the Inter Milan player has returned injured his honeymoon with the Argentina model. It turns out that the player suffered a groin injury (inflammation in the groin), that would have occurred during their stay in Brazil with the former Maxi Lopez. It seems, then, that sexual marathons have finished taking its toll.
On the other hand, are out information about the possible pregnancy of beautiful Wanda Nara, which would be six weeks according to some Argentine media. However, his sister Zaira Nara has been responsible for denying the rumors alleging that he asked and she confirmed that there is no baby on the way. "I asked him but she said no and is enjoying what a courtship. She loves to have children but now is not pregnant. I told him to wait and enjoy life, "said Zaira told the PrimiciasYA portal.
But there's only news about the pairing of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, but also regarding the affair that took Maxi Lopez and his lover. It is the latter, Claudia, has returned to give more information about his affair with Catania striker: "If he cheated on me (Wanda), also did the same to me. I at first was nothing to him, but thought he had been somewhat over time. Today to talk about everything that makes me very badly because I know you used me, "confessed Chestnut, ensuring that you have also been unfaithful ...

Bad news for Mauro Icardi

Wanda Nara y Mauro Icardi
The footballer rejoined workouts Inter after their idyllic vacation Wanda Nara. But a small condition can leave off the court for some time. Get.
As reported in the Italian sports media, Icardi presented pain in the groin area, where in November was itervenido. Apparently, the inconvenience would have begun on Tuesday and experts decided to leave it out of the meeting and played with Inter Coppa Italia by Udinese.
While the gossips speculate Wanda responsibility in the matter, they avoid making statements about to be preserved. He will surely have private nurse.

Divorced, Uruguayan Cavani engages romance with model

                  Jocelyn Burgardt, a nova namorada de Cavani  (Foto: Reprodução )
The heart of Edinson Cavani has new owner. The PSG player who was divorced last year from María Soledad, with whom he had two children, is living a principle of romance with model and dancer Jocelyn Burgardt. According to the Uruguayan press, the player will come to spend the holidays year-end in Bella Unión, Artigas, with beauty.

Neymar not give Bruna

The tabloid press in Brazil is certain that the relationship between the actress and the Barcelona striker has now broken, but the player denies posting a picture.

Neymar not give Bruna - The Brazilian tabloid press is certain that the relationship between the actress and the Barcelona striker has now broken, but the player denies posting a picture.
Brunette Marquezine remains in the thoughts and hearts of Neymar.
The tabloid press in Brazil is certain that the relationship between the actress and the Barcelona striker has now broken because of the distance that separates them. No comment by the agents of the two top stars, to respond indirectly has been the same player Barca, who posted a photo on his Instagram profile along with his girlfriend with the comment "Infinite Love".

Balo, the truth about Pia in May

According to the lebarante.blogspot, the Milan striker in the next few days we will submit to a DNA test.

Balo, the truth about Pia in May - According to the Corriere della Sera, the Milan striker in the next few days we will submit to a DNA test.
In May, you'll discover if Mario Balotelli is the father of Pia, the child born from his ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico.
According to the Corriere della Sera, in the coming days, the AC Milan striker will undergo the DNA test and the results will be presented in the courtroom in four months from the technical consultant, appointed on 9 January by Judge Joseph Ondei the Court of Brescia .
"If my daughter will be mine I will do my duty as a father to the bottom" Mario told his lawyers on 5 December, for the first hearing.
The child in May will have a year and a half.

And Bar Refaeli had just one word ... "Messi"

Bar Refaeli is these days in Barcelona for work and took advantage of his stay in the city of Barcelona to exercise. He did it by going to the Nou Camp on Wednesday, where he witnessed the return of D10S wonder.
The model, with goals from Argentine still in the retina, he wanted to share his happiness and tweeted a place full of admiration for the message that is their idol: "One word: Messi" he wrote.
Earlier, Bar had published a photo of yourself with a friend in the VIP area of ​​the stands of the stadium. As is well known, Israel's top can always go to Camp Nou and boasts the devotion he feels for the blaugrana team and its players.

The diet of sex goes to the bride of Maradona

Recently I saw boast contained in a video. And certainly, Diego Maradona had thinned considerably. The same can be said for his girlfriend. Apparently follow the same diet and Dew Oliva explained, is a good and continuous sex sessions ...
He confessed to, who asked for the new Diego, skinnier and fit. "Beautiful! Here in Dubai we train together in our own gym. " And laughingly said that the Fluff is very fiery. "I went down four kilos, with that I tell everything."
Meanwhile, Dew puts another face you when he talks about Veronica Ojeda, Maradona's ex, with that on the night of New Year had a strong argument. The spiral of statements against each other has risen in recent days and no end.
The ojeda said Maradona's current girlfriend is afraid to return to her, what Rocío responded viciously. "Afraid? A man leaves you becomes pregnant and it's because you do not want ", shot and ended up crushing your physique. "I do not even reach the heels this fat cow."

Aline Bernardes, the next 'Bride of the World'

Aline Bernardes, musa da Taça das Confederações (foto D.R.)
Is 24 years old, is a Brazilian model and the leading candidate to succeed Larissa Riquelme, who shone in South Africa as 'Bride of the World', which will take place this year in Brazil. 
Aline Bernardes, moreover, has released strong bid through social networks to encourage fans. 
After being elected as the muse of the Confederations Cup, Aline Bernardes, who also attended by Mato Grosso do Sul, in the Miss Bottom 2012 and 2013, has said that it will be a dream to succeed ... Larissa Riquelme.