Thursday, 9 January 2014

"David's trades Halina Reijn for 21-year-old supermodel '

Edgar Davids is lately often spotted with the beautiful, 21-year-old Annabel Cunha , student and business model. At one time, the 40-year-old player / manager of Barnet to Amsterdam, then visit the footballer Cunha in his hometown of London. The times of Halina Reijn seem beyond, reports Privé.
"Edgar and Annabel have created something together," a source tells the magazine. "I see them together for weeks dealing very much in love with each other. As they look at each other, touching and kissing, you're not an ordinary friend. " 
The Dutch model, also with Brazilian blood in the veins, it seems like the place of "talking friend" had taken. Halina Reijn

"Reijn and David's good friends'
Last summer there were rumors that Reijn and David would have. A love relationship The two were walking hand in hand and even spotted kissing in the British capital London, and there would have shopped and romantic getafeld in a restaurant. David Reijn also regularly visited the Dutch capital.

"I am very surprised that this is brought out. Edgar and I know each other and meet ever in London, where more friends live mine. But we have no relationship, we are good friends who share the same interests . I'm just still single, "responded Reijn in July.

Olcay Gulsen
David had until mid-2012, a relationship with Olcay Gulsen: landlady of the global fashion brand Supertrash scoring. The two were little more than a year engaged but broke up because they hardly saw each other busy work.

Barnet FC
In December-January David was still in the news for his work at Barnet FC . In late December he left after his third red card of the season that he did not enjoy playing football more. He and his club would be the target of policymakers.Referee whistle would go against Barnet.

But after the player / manager had seen winning Alfreton Town 1-0 team said the former Ajax player against the English channel Sky Sports that all options regarding his football career are still open.

Shakira: "Piqué prefer meat to the bone ..."

Shakira: "Piqué prefer meat to the bone ...". Source:
While still brewing rumors about a possible new pregnancy , Shakira has attended Glamour magazine and has spoken openly about her relationship with Gerard Pique. And the truth is that the singer has admitted that Barca player loves her body, regardless of having body measurements.
Indeed, recall that Shakira has been concerned to like Gerard Piqué from the very moment in which she gave birth to little Milan, since it was something I was concerned enough. Thus, the Colombian noted that "my man, Gerard, prefer the meat to the bone."
To this, the sexy Shakira added that Gerard Piqué "does not like extreme thinness (laughs) and that takes the pressure off me. Already have much to worry about, "although he has said that, too, will not exercise this month" because I have to finish an album and a baby. " Thus, it appears that the beautiful Shakira is very worried about her physical ...

Bendtner bought the most expensive apartment in Denmark in 2013

It is expensive to stay in Copenhagen - but some apartments are (much) more expensive than others.

See price
Nicka Bendtner had the right big bucks up when he bought his apartment in Copenhagen last year.(Image: Polfoto / AP / Lars Poulsen)

It costs nothing to stay central. It may footballer Nicklas Bendtner sign.

He had to pay 13.2 million dollars for a look at both the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.
On the other hand, it was also the most expensive apartment sold in 2013.
It is a reconciliation of
The apartment, which is 339 square meters and cost about 40,000 dollars per. square feet, was sold already this summer.It is located at the top of HC Andersen Boulevard 51 and is on two floors.
- It's not entirely surprising that Copenhagen run away with first place in the upscale apartments. But the new apartments in Tuborg Harbour Park in Hellerup clutters the list also says Birgit Daetz, communications director for
The following sites are an apartment at the Niels signatory Road in Virum to 11.23 million euros and the next two are in Hellerup Tuborg Harbour Park respectively 11 and 10.5 million.
And it is a view of the water, which helps to pull up prices. In second place is the lake view that draws as the apartment is in the first line of Furesøen in Virum.
Figures from shows that condominiums, located less than 100 meters from a lake, on average cost 10,000 dollars more per. square foot than the apartments, located just 200 meters away from the lakeshore.
If an apartment is less than 100 meters from the shore, it increases the price of 6500 dollars per. square meters, compared to if it was 200 meters from.
- If you live in an apartment where you have no garden, it will probably be even more important that nature is close. Thus it costs extra to have the sea, lake or forest just outside the window, says Birgit Daetz.
She expects that some of the newly built apartments in Nordhavn or apartments in the new building in Christianshavn might interfere in the top of the most expensive apartments in 2014.

Sara Carbonero leaves hospital five days after the birth of Martin

Casillas e a esposa com o novo filho (Foto: Getty Images)
Woman goalkeeper Casillas, Sara Carbonero left the Ruber International Clinic in Madrid five days after giving birth to the couple's first child. Little Martin was born last Friday with 3.58 kg.

Ronaldo appears big hair and beard: 'Tô handsome?'

Ronaldo (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)
The former midfielder of the German national team, Thomáz Hitzlsperger, 31, took his homosexuality publicly in an interview with Zeit magazine. The player, who played in the World Cup 2006, said it wants to encourage your decision combating prejudice in football.
- I declare my homosexuality because I want this question go in the world of professional sports.Realize that I was gay was a long and difficult process. It was only in recent years that I realized that I would rather live with a man - the player said.
Hitzlperger announced his retirement in September 2013 after suffering with injuries sequence.Revealed at Bayern Munich, the player has on his resume tickets for Aston Villa, Stuttgart, Lazio, West Ham and Wolfsburg.