Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Casillas introduces children to the fans: 'Better This World'

Casillas opened the year 2014 with smile from ear to ear. The motivation for such happiness was the birth on Friday with her first child with journalist Sara Carbonero. The Real Madrid goalkeeper showed his heir to his fans published in its official website.
- Who would tell me to my 32 years of life that the best gift that the Magi would bring would be me now and not when I was the age of innocence ... Welcome to my world, Martin - wrote.

Holyfield: "Homosexuality care"

"If you are born with a defect in one leg, go to the doctor and try to cure it."

Holyfield: Homosexuality care - If you are born with a defect in one leg, go to the doctor and try to cure it.
Evander Holyfield in the storm after its consideration on homosexuality during the TV show Celebrity Big Brother: "That's not a normal thing. The Bible shows that what is right and what is wrong. If you are born with a defect in one leg, go the doctor and try to cure it. This is the same thing. "
The former heavyweight champion, accused the authors of the program, then you are excused will be in the cast of the program.

Copa do Sexo: porn movie is filmed World

The pornographic film industry does not want to stay out of the next World Cup and will seek benefits evento.Un Brazilian producer wants to join the commercial boom of the 2014 World Cup and is now making a film with actresses X representing some of the teams that played the largest soccer event.
The film will be called 'Copa do Sexo "and is included in the series' Brasileirinhas' this productura of adult films. The players will wear shirts of teams Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany and obviously Brazil.
This hot new realization would be a new edition of Copa do Sexo, a porn film four years ago in the World Cup in South Africa was already the focus of the plot. However, this time the greatest precacuciones prodyctores take it in the past received a demand for Cristiano Ronaldo as the Portuguese used a double player for filming.
"We can not use official products. If we do we cover marks, we can use t-shirts and flags but it is complicated to avoid problems with FIFA, the Brazilian Confederation and the sponsoring brands, "said Clayton Nunes, director of the production.
"We recorded it in synthetic and replica shirts in reference to turf selections," he added. The success of the film, which has already started before Christmas, seems assured, but also controversy.

Injured Bendtner takes on brash holiday in Paris

Julie Zangenberg and Nicklas Bendtner came to Paris in love vacation

Fortunately, there is love.
And it's Nicklas Bendtner in recent days used to console himself with after his ankle injury keeps him out for a month.
Along with his girlfriend, actress Julie Zangenberg, he is taken to the city of cities Paris for a few romantic days. It tells and shows her on Twitter and Instagram:
'My love took me to Paris, my favorite city,' writes Julie Zangenberg.
And love the holiday will be documented by a photo of the couple in a warm embrace.
And this is how the other photos of Julie Zangenberg and Nicklas Bendtner's stay in Paris out.
Nicklas Bendtner can not play football for the time when he was injured 1 January of the Premier League game against Cardiff.Here he is angry about on his feet shortly after the score 1-0 in the 2-0 victory.