Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gisele Bundchen triples the value of Neymar

 While Barca Barcelona partner in a court asks the price of signing Neymar (encryption 57 million by the club) clarification, Forbes magazine has produced a curious study revealing that Gisele Bundchen would triple its value market.
Are the two major Brazilian personalities of the moment, but his contribution is unparalleled. In fact, with revenues of around 30 million euros, Gisele is the highest paid model in the world.
Forbes commissioned a study by U.S. economist Fred Fuld for the valued as if they were a company. Well. Gisele razed. In his RATING, the model could reach the 250 to 450 million if publicly traded, while the player would stay in blaugrana 150.
Come on, according to Forbes, the price of the company 'Gisele Bundchen' we triple that of Neymar. And Fred Fuld said that "if an action was Gisele Bundchen," buy it. According to the economist, Gisele could be compared to a 'blue chip', a term used to refer to large-cap stocks, usually the market leaders.
We leave you with the last production for the Brazilian lingerie brand 'Gisele Intimates'.

Are they shall call back the stork?

Shakira y Pique
 Shakira and Pique have desires to continue enlarging the family and rumors suggest that the couple might be expecting their second child.
"We definitely want to have more children.'s Only a matter of time and we will organize," said a few months ago the Colombian singer. According to Spanish media, several witnesses saw a few days ago Shakira teknon visiting the clinic, Barcelona, ​​accompanied by her parents and her brother Tonino inseparable. The funny thing is that it was there where the little Milan born.

Raffaella: "Peace be with Balo for Pia"

The Neapolitan soubrette sends a conciliatory message to the attacker for Milan.

Raffaella: Peace with Balo for Pia - The Neapolitan soubrette sent a conciliatory message to the attacker for Milan.Evidence of detente between Raffaella Fico and Mario Balotelli. At least that is the Neapolitan soubrette would like to achieve peace for the sake of his daughter Pia.

And 'what is revealed by the same 25-year old magazine "Diva e Donna." The showgirl turned directly to SuperMario: "Enough, I do not make war, I never made. He says that provoke it, but it is not: I have never spoken ill of the father of my daughter. And now it's time to find some 'of calm and serenity. We must always remember that the good of our baby is the priority; comes before any resentment he may have towards me. tensions that there are among us must not hinder the growth of Pia: poisons and malignancy do not do well. "
As for the DNA test, the fig is still hoping that the AC Milan striker will submit the findings: "I'm sure he's the father, but I hope it does. And I repeat that, when I did call for three times did not show up. I just want to assert the rights of my daughter and that's why I turned to the law: because Mario has to give his last name to Pia! Any woman would have done the same. growing little girl will want to know who his father is, and I always tell the truth. "

Irina Shayk started the year in style

Irina Shayk starts the year with a bang. Source:
 Undoubtedly, the name of Irina Shayk rejoice often and usually whatever the excuse for the sound. And the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is one of the hottest WAG's lush planet, he often performed different jobs ... just stealing the heart and eyes.
Already did a few days ago when he starred in a hot video in which we welcomed Christmas in a very sensual way and now just started doing again this year 2014. And the tremendous Irina Shayk is back to show off curves in new photoshoot she has done for Beach Bunny Swimwear, the signature of which is the image.
Thus, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo has highlighted once again the potential of her great body while presents a new collection of this brand of swimwear. That said, you'd better leave now with this shocking and amazing photo shoot of the stunning Irina Shayk, receiving this new year in the best way possible ...

Have you left the 'Princess' roll band for his Kun Agüero?

 Karina Tejeda, the singer known as 'Princess', I would have left everything to her boyfriend, the City striker Sergio Agüero. And when we say everything, we mean his business and, in particular, his band of musicians, who have complained that the singer has left them without work and the doors of poverty.
"It erased" the newspaper declared its exmúsicos 'Very' about the singer, still in Manchester, living his romance with the 'Kun'. According to them, since the end of July, Tejeda does 'shows', changed his cell phone number and left behind all contact with his band.
"You have gone and some kids have gone wrong, without having to eat," said the manager of the group arrange transfers. Meanwhile, their representatives claim that in March could return to the road. We'll see if it's true or what is left lying by his musicians 'Kun'. Time will tell ...

Pennant's girlfriend shows off

 Some years ago, when we now copied some did not even know what was a WAG, you presented the Rosa goes to this amazing woman named Alice Goodwin. Back then it took pages and pages of the tabloids for an alleged affair with Cristiano Ronaldo.
Later if bundled, and truth, with a reduced squad. Neither more nor less than Jermaine Pennant, Liverpool and former player of Zaragoza, now at Stoke City, who left for her the mother of his son shortly after he was born.
Alice is glamor model and a regular Page Three of The Sun as well as men's magazines with the largest circulation in the UK. His latest work is a burning schedule for the 2014 below that we offer.

Hamilton and Nicole resume their stormy relationship

The stormy relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger has written a new chapter in the beginning of 2014. After announcing their split in July, it is assumed that back together after the year out skiing together in Aspen, Colorado.
They have not officially confirmed, but their reconciliation is evident after both hung photos on Instagram. The scene next to a snowmobile and the sunset behind each of them separately, was identical, revealing that they have forgotten their differences.
The couple spent the holidays with the family of Hamilton and Eve were with Alicia Keys and her husband, Swyzz Beatz. Nicole posted a picture with the singer and Lewis, another with her husband ... It was clear they were together on New Year's Eve and that your relationship gets to go sailing. Some media have speculated, even, that this year could be a wedding. We'll see ...

Maxi Lopez's lover has his whole adventure

 Soon after the separation of Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara and there was speculation that the Catania striker could have a mistress, infidelity that would have caused the breakup. Well, that alleged mistress has the face and told everything.
The website ensures the Maxi lover, named Claudia, was, indeed, why the Lopezes were separated after five years of marriage. Claudia explains that their relationship lasted three months and during that time did not know whether or Maxi was not Wanda.
"I did not believe it, did not want to listen, not to spoil our relationship, because I was very interested in it," he said.
Claudia met Maxi revealed that "three years ago, but then had a boyfriend and when I'm in love only have eyes for my man. He was very kind to me but nothing happened then. "
According to the alleged mistress of Maxi, the relationship has come to an end. "For me it was a beautiful story, but I dislike that it has not lasted longer. We have traveled the world, I came to know and discover really beautiful places. I can not talk about the relationship because it still hurts. We have lived great moments together. "
Finally, he confessed that he never spoke of that Wanda was an issue that "bothered" to Maxi. "We talked about it a couple of times but then always avoided," he said Claudia.

The 'Wancardi' and live together in Milan

After his 'mini moon' honey in Brazil and see the year in Rosario, the 'Wancardi' are already in Milan, ready to start a new life together just two months after Wanda Nara was separated from Maxi Lopez.
In these sixty days events have precipitated First denied their romance, but then I have proclaimed to the world telling in detail all his adventures.
Now Wanda has collected her three children, who spent Christmas with his father, and has flown to Milan Inter's players to start a new life.
"While we hope all can start again ... Have a great start to the year," wrote the star, Twitter also received encouragement from his sister Wanda Nara.
Certainly the People magazine has published a report of the 'mini honeymoon' of the couple who appear very hot in the pool of his Brazilian hotel.

Martin was born, the son of Sara Carbonero and Iker

 Sara Carbonero is already mom. Hola! has given the news scoop just before half past three in the afternoon on Friday. Both the baby, born by Caesarean section, as the mother, are in perfect condition "and are now rested," as confirmed by Iker himself, who announced that his son had weighed 3 850 kilogramos.Todas sources suggest that the newborn Martin will be called.
About eight in the morning, the reporter, accompanied by Iker Casillas, entered the Ruber International Clinic in Madrid to give birth. There's already waiting paparazzi, on alert since it was known that Iker did not travel to Doha to face PSG because of the imminent birth of his partner. Also, on the evening of Thursday, the couple already visited the doctor for a checkup and certainly plan income.
The birth of Sara has been attended by Dr. Elena Carrillo, who already gave birth to Luna, the second daughter of Hollywood couple Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem in July.

Maradona: his ex and his girlfriend say all

 While the video of Diego Armando Maradona boss 'suck' to those who did not believe he had thinned the rage on the net, the Argentine media have revealed that it was number one in world football had a 'fierce' and moved New Year's Eve night.
And it turns out that the Fluff festival celebrated in her father's house with her daughter Dalma and his girlfriend Rocio Oliva. So much peace. But after the toast to the new year came the war. The house appeared Veronica Ojeda, former Maradona, Diego Fernando with his son, and everything is hooked up.
Rocío Oliva, Diego's girlfriend, knew nothing of the visit, which had authorized Maradona and his anger was monumental: "What makes this black shit here," shouted.
Faced with such a reception, while Veronica was apologetic-Maradona took the child and left, but could not keep quiet because Rocío went outside to insult. Veronica answered anything but pretty and finally let go of the bride Diego a strong message "to curtirte andd the Hyena Barrios (an old couple), bitch!
Finally, another farce of Maradona and company ...

Ronaldinho liebt es laut

Party of the Week: Brazil star Ronaldinho loves it loud
 Celebrating it's full pro!
Brazil star Ronaldinho (33) it got to do with the police when he went to the beach in a house in Jaua loud party.
 For three days he should have let it rip.
The Mayor sour: "The music was too much to bear."
The penalty ridiculous: 100 euros.