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Cristiano Ronaldo lidera el ‘Top 10’ de futbolistas mejor pagados del mundo
  The striker and scorer of Real Madrid Spanish and Portuguese national Cristiano Ronaldo , popularly known as The Commander is the highest paid player at international level with 30 billion dollars a year, at 28 years of age. And has for a while. 
1. Cristiano Ronaldo 30 million annually today. At Real Madrid treat it as king.  
Two. Samuel Eto'o 27 million annually in the Anzhi Makhachkala of Russia in 2011.  
Three. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 20 million annually in Paris Saint-Germain in France. Loves it.  
April. Falcao García, 19 million dollars a year now with Monaco in France. A large.  
May. Lionel Messi, 18 million dollars today with Barcelona in Spain.  
6. Sergio Aguero, 17 million dollars now with Manchester City in England. 
 7. David Silva, 16 million dollars now with Manchester City in England.  
8. Didier Drogba, 16 million in 2012 with Shanghai Shenhua of China. The "Black Elephant". 
 9. Wayne Rooney, 15 million currently with Manchester United of England.  
10. Yaya Touré, 15 million dollars today with Manchester City in England. Counts.

Fernanda woos Messi

The Brazilian model: "I have a soft spot for Argentines hot-blooded, and in particular for Lionel."

Fernanda woos Messi - The Brazilian model: I have a soft spot for Argentines hot-blooded, and in particular for Lionel.
 Fernanda Lima, the Brazilian model who stole everyone's eyes during the draw for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, he confessed in an interview with La Nacion to be attracted by the Argentines, and in particular to a certain Flea four-time Ballon d 'Gold. "I have a soft spot for the Argentines from the hot blood and in particular Lionel. Their National, then, is very strong because samples composed of strong and real fighters. To me can get to the final." Leo likes because "it is an idol, a responsible guy, seriously. E 'sports a great example for the kids."

Wes and Yo have during road trip "best night ever"

Wesley and Yolanthe have a road trip made ​​by the U.S.. Recent days along with a couple of friends This has informed the brunette in her weekly newsletter. "We had some free days between holidays. So that's why we decided to hire to make along the coast and through the desert of California. "A trip a camper      We discover wonderful new places, listen to music and enjoy delicious barbeques   Yolanthe  The couple did not the two of us. "We brought our four good friends, so we are six" continues Yolanthe. in the newsletter, they also share some photos of the holiday. "Driving around in the motor home is very nice. We play games every day and we share the driving. We discover wonderful new places, listen to music and enjoy delicious barbecues. "  New Year's Eve brought the friends also with each other. "We celebrated it in the middle of nowhere with each other. With sea views, trees, stars and our homemade campfire. " No spectacular fireworks or party for the couple. "It may sound boring, but it was the best night ever." 

Legendary football player marries ice-babe

Former England football goalkeeper David Seaman, is to marry his girlfriend, Frankie Poultney
story visual
 They met four years ago when David Seaman starred in the British program 'Dancing On Ice', similar to 'Dancing with the Stars' - dancing shoes are just replaced with skates.  Frankie Poultney was one of the professional art bunk runners love between the two sprouted. The affair destroyed but David Seamans reputation as Mr. Nice Guy, because he left his wife and children for ice princess.  Now the couple has revealed that they're getting married.  - We're engaged now, and were it not for the TV program, I had not met Frankie. It's great that we can dance together, says David Seaman.  The marriage with Frankie Poultney will be the former Arsenal player's third. In 1994 he was married to Sandra, who is the mother of his two eldest children. The one he left in 1998 in favor of Debbie Rogers, as he also had two children with.  During his football career, did David Seaman play 75 England caps.

Both declare their intention to marry Feliciano Lopez and Alba Carrillo talk wedding for 2014

Feliciano López y Alba Carrillo, en una imagen de archivo (I.C.)
Wedding bells for Feliciano Lopez and Alba Carrillo. Although just celebrated its first year as a couple, the player has no qualms in admitting their desire to share the rest of your life with the model: "We have no date, but obviously when you're at home, why Why not take a step like that? But for now there is no date. "  Nothing has not been released to putting on a ring on the finger of your beloved, but says that this decisive moment in their lives, "becoming". For him, Alba Carrillo was the finale to one of his best years: "Not that I have changed my life, but when you find a person like her, life improved a lot," keeps the player, which is considered " Lucky in every way "and since the former Fonsi Nieto came into his life on December 24 last year.

 But the wedding is not the only plan for the future that Feliciano Lopez have in mind with the young model, who shot to fame with Supermodel. Not excluded that 2014 is the year in which it is released as a parent, but already enjoys the small Lucas, the child they have in common Alba with expiloto. "I've always wanted to be a father, but just wait for the right moment and find the right person. Hopefully I can be with Alba, because it is the right person to take this step, "he admits. Coincidentally, Alba dismisses the year wearing white by Rosa Clara. Be the image of the bridal company always gives rise to questions about possible step by the altar are made, an option that the model itself looks forward to: "I'm still not engaged, but I hope that if Feliciano asks me marriage is very romantic, because I am and what I like to tell it all. " Perhaps these public statements of the protagonists confessing his desire to be 'yes, I want to' accelerate the process and this 2014 is the year that reality.

Damon Wayans Jr. -- I Don't Want Dwyane Wade Situation to Hurt My Kids Damon Wayans Jr. I Don't Want Dwyane Wade Situation ... to Hurt My Kids

 Damon Wayans Jr. is breaking his silence about the mother of his children giving birth to Dwyane Wade's baby -- telling TMZ Sports he doesn't want his daughters to "get hurt in any of this."  We broke the story ... Wade's new baby mama is Aja Metoyer, who already has two children with "New Girl" star Damon Wayans Jr.  (Wade claims he and fiancee Gabrielle Union were on a break when the child was conceived).  Now, Damon tells TMZ Sports, "I really have nothing to do with Aja's situation. We both live completely separate lives, aside from co-parenting."  He continues, "My concern are my daughters and that they don't get hurt in any of this."  Aja's baby Xavier Wade was born on Nov. 10, 2013 ... and Damon tells us his two daughters "love their little brother and that's all I care about."

Gabrielle Union -- STANDING BY MY MAN Dwyane Wade ... With Giant Diamond Ring

 Despite the fact he may have cheated on her .. and that he just had a child with another woman ... Gabrielle Union made it clear this week she's STICKING WITH Dwyane Wade.  Wade and Union spend New Year's Eve together -- and even posted a photo together, showing Gabby hanging on Wade's arm, while flashing her new $1 million engagement ring.   Wade included a caption that says, "Brought the NewYrs in with my beautiful fiancé and great friends...2013 was filled with ups and downs...without them u can't grow. So I'm better now becuz of them. 2014 I'm ready...#UnionWade."  As TMZ Sports previously reported, Wade fathered a child that was born in November with a woman who isn't Union. Wade insists the two were on a break when he knocked the woman up, though judging from Union's social media pages, it seems she and Wade were very much together at the time the kid was conceived.

Boateng forget their aggression with Melissa in Dubai

 The Satteng, as they like to call Melissa Satta and Kevin Prince Boateng, had a scare before dismissing the year. And it turns out that the Schalke player was assaulted after leaving the home of Jennie, his ex-wife, where he had gone to see the son he had with her, Jermaine Pince.  The centrocamìsta, who received several punches, fell on a glass different cuts performed without too much but had to be atentido in hospital was discharged a few hours.  That did not stop, however, that her partner Melissa, five months pregnant, scared to death will be to find out what happened.  The police investigated the assault and has already ruled out the first hypothesis: an attempted robbery or racially motivated. Suspicions have fallen on the couple's former Boateng, a man who has been detained for questioning. Jenny does not recognize a relationship with this individual.  After the incident, Boateng and Melissa went to Dubai, where they have recovered from the shock and fired the year.

Naples so we did calendar 2014

 See the making of the Italian club calendar for the new year and with beautiful women to the mix
See the making of the Italian club calendar for the new year and with beautiful women to the mix - See more at: