Monday, 15 December 2014

"What you're doing is prostitution Wanda"

"It's a prostitute. I give a damn if Wanda Nara is angry, but what it does is prostitution. " Who thus speaks is Natacha Jaitt, whichever contestant Great Spanish Brother and collaborator Martian Chronicles Xavier Sarda program.
The actress, model and presenter Argentina charged hard against the wife of Mauro Icardi to exemplify a type of women. "They're porno bodies and looks like it's all fantastic. 'Look as addicted to this', people say. They see it as a role model and mothers are enhancing it. They do not know the background, the old who are smoking, parties, drugs, "said Natacha Jaitt
The self-styled erotóloga added that "the media expose him as a role model. The girls just starting think that's the way. It is also prostitution drive a television program based on the exchange. I am with this and another but I'm on TV. How might this, that people hate, is on TV? He lay, still and select. I screwed up there, that's me out ok ... "
Journalist Elizabeth Vernazzi Wanda had also attacked a few days ago. "Puta is called, gentlemen, bitch. What is the genius of get all the money her husband, having made ​​three kids and keep all the money" ...
In short, strong attacks on Wanda, who has not yet responded. Meanwhile, good will remember that on their way through Spain Natacha Jaitt posed for Interviu.

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