Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The wife of James: the ugly duckling becomes swan

When they presented her husband, James Rodriguez, as new player of Real Madrid, Daniela Ospina received cruel criticism on social networks. "Fea, transvestite, Manolo ..." were some of the niceties that he spent his detractors and she responded with a "sorry if I do not meet your expectations, my priority is to meet mine."
A few months later, the 'ugly duckling' has become swan ... after going under the knife. And according to reports LOC, Daniela has undergone cosmetic surgery. A rhinoplasty has given him a new nose with "thin and highest point and reduced osteocartilaginous back", as confirmed by Dr. Federico Mayo.
But there are further explains the average quoted. The woman appears James Blond, thinner and more sophisticated styles. Two months training with the Madrid beach volleyball ago and has lost weight.
All these developments have not gone unnoticed in Colombia and his followers on Instagram that were first appreciated.

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