Monday, 22 December 2014

The muse of Naples was with Juve

Allegri against Benitez, Tevez against Higuaín, Callejón against Morata ... The end of the Supercoppa Italia, Juventus-Napoli, had many duels on the field and off. And is that the two clubs have two muses premier also fought their particular battle.
In Doha, and after 18 penalties, Napoli and therefore Marika Fruscio, the godmother of the Italian team, was with Laura Barriales, the muse of Juventus, Spanish by birth and television presenter club won.
Throughout the day, Marika Fruscio, which boasts a more powerful up front than Higuain and Callejon, encouraged the duel from the networks. He disguised himself as 'supermary' and urged his people to "vincere" Super. Laura, meanwhile, also wished the best to Allegri, but his team fell after a lengthy penalty shootout.

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