Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The 14 year old son of Ronaldo won the 27 year-old teacher

The DNA is, no one can do anything: Ronald, that compared to the father has an O and 24 years younger, by Luis Ronaldo Nazario de Lima - better known as 'The Phenomenon' - has inherited, in addition to the face, gene womanizer.
Perhaps too. During a night at the club, where the boy worked as a resident DJ, won a kindergarten teacher, exposing photos of flirt like a trophy on Facebook. All hell broke loose, not so much for the hormone in turmoil, as is understandable for a teenager, but for the age of the protagonists in dance.
He was 14, she 27. "I swear I did not know, when we met in the nightclub was the highest among all present, how could I think that a boy of 1.85 was underage? - Try to justify the helpless teacher -. He lied to me, telling me to be 18 years old, I have not noticed anything even by his words, seemed very mature. "
Someone, however, put the brakes on early child of art, not that a little more than 30 years is forced to undergo vasectomy. Yes, just like his father, also in this case.

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