Friday, 5 December 2014

'Thank you', Andressa Urach told the doctor to wake up

According to the surgeon Pedro Alexandre Martins da Motta, these were the first words of the model, you should not sequelae.

Andressa Urach em show em São Paulo (Foto: Thiago Duran/ Ag. News) 

 The first thing Andressa Urach spoke to doctors on waking was to thank for being alive. "She said 'Thank you', this was the first thing she told us to wake up. She said doctors are the real angels of the earth and was aware of the great risk of death that ran and had faith that would come out of this "said Pedro Alexandre Martins da Motta, chief surgeon of the plastic surgery of the hospital Conception Hospital in Porto Alegre.
In an interview with EGO, the doctor also said that despite the severity, the model should not be with sequels. "When I got to meet it, on Monday, the situation was very serious and the risk of imminent death. We decided to take her to the operating room to perform a drainage thighs. She had points of infeccção left thigh and were starting on the right as well. We did a drain and found a widespread infection, kidney paralyzed, she needed help to breathe, but we can reverse the situation quickly and luckily she should not be with sequels, neither aesthetic nor functional, "said the expert .

 The doctor also said that the improvement of Andressa began to occur in the last quarter, 3. "She was lucid, knew what was going on. Today is better, I can say that the infection is almost controlled."

The surgeon also said he does not have a certain date for when Urach must leave the ICU, but the next day the idea is that it start exercising slowly: "We coming days we will make it out of bed, sit down and gradually start walking. If everything goes well, I believe that next week she leave the ICU. "

According to the expert, on Friday, 5, the model shall be subject to a new procedure. "It will be something simple and nothing time-consuming, should take an hour, only to change the dressing and make it more comfortable," he said.

 Hospital announces new bulletin on Thursday, 4
According to the report released on the afternoon of Thursday, 4 , Andressa Urach frame still inspires care. The model is hospitalized since the early hours of 1 and does not have high prediction. "The Andressa de Faveri Urach patient is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição from the early hours of 01.12.2014. Your health care state inspires. Here awake and breathing spontaneously. It remains without high forecast the ICU, "the statement said.

Understand the case
The cause of the health problem was an application of hydrogel made five years ago in the thighs. In July this year, Andressa had problems and underwent a procedure to remove the product. On Friday, 28, she was again operated to remove the hydrogel remains, being released by doctors in Andressa was taken to the ICU and, according to his aide, Cocoa Oliver, eventually developed an infection and underwent another surgery at night Sunday, 30. The initial estimate is that it is hospitalized for 15 days on site.
 "The Andressa went badly after the first surgery. She was taken to the hospital and they said the drain closed and the hydrogel caused an infection. Andressa underwent another surgery at night and is on life support," the advisory Urach . She was operated again on Monday, 1st, and is with sepsis .
Urach Father will visit her on Friday
The EGO spoke with the father of Andressa on Wednesday, 3. Carlos Alberto Krejci Urach truck is retired and lives in Bosssoroca within gaucho, about eight in the capital. He says he is following the admission of the model by a friend who works at the hospital, but will visit her on the afternoon of Friday, 5.

"Right now I'm waiting on Bosssoroca because the state of her health is very serious and a doctor there, who is my friend, is passing me the information forever. I'll Friday afternoon at the latest, and, God willing, I the caught well and alive. You wanted to go, but I was afraid I could not enter the ICU because of her mother. Then I asked my friend if I could go even if he was not allowed at the front desk and he said yes, .. since I am a father and I can prove through the documents I'm going alone to avoid turmoil will only have me barrarem, "says Carlos, better known by the nickname Nei, who is eager to learn more daughter Recovery details:" All I know is she still taking a big risk. I'm grabbing me a lot in God, going to church. " 

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