Sunday, 7 December 2014

Rosenfeld denied agreement between Wanda and Maxi Lopez: 'For her and for many women, the collection of alimony is a childbirth'

Faced with rumors emerged in the last hours of an alleged economic arrangement between the parties, contacted the attorney who handled the model to clarify the true situation. He noted: "In the four months to be food, just paid 2".
- Were said to have reached an agreement regarding the division of property as well as that Maxi had canceled debt foods.
It is not true. The alimony is not regularized because 4 months owed ​​just paid a little less than two months. Regarding the economic part of the conjugal partnership, we are still happily litigating to reach an agreement, but has not been resuleto anything yet. As all assets are in the name of Wanda and Mr. Maxi Lopez claims that he has no money, it is she who is keeping the properties because otherwise, debts and foreclosures fall on her.
- Says Maxi claims to have no money but it is public knowledge that his contract in Italian football is very good ...
What happens is that the judge has the cause is taking all the time in the world. From day one the alimony I submitted the complaint, was missed four months have passed and no definitions. Judge Carlos Ruiz's the worst that can happen to Argentina Justice in cases of family. He comes from a very macho way.
- In what sense?
Because he knows that Wanda has the support of Mauro and therefore can afford the child support. But you have to be run for a minute of this specific case and think about all the women who go through this and do not have the financial backing of a couple. The issue of alimony, for many women, remains a live birth and tremendous uncertainty.

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