Sunday, 7 December 2014

Rocío Oliva marries confirmed that Maradona and spoke of her "pregnancy"

After the twists and turns, which included allegations of physical violence, with former football player, the blonde broke the silence and spoke of everything.
"Yes, there is some truth in that rumor marriage. Designer for dress and I have. We're still seeing where I do not think that the wedding takes place here. Since we had talked a long time. We took the first step by committing and now comes the second "confessed Rocío Oliva in" El diario de Mariana ".
With respect to pregnancy, he added: "I can not talk about Diego that I will talk about that he said.".
On the relationship with former partner, Veronica Ojeda, explained. "I will not talk about it sometimes is a bit difficult to have a relationship well when Diego will get a message not with things the baby but with criticism towards me. It was he who asked me to hang ".

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