Thursday, 4 December 2014

Public hospital ICU routine changes because of Andressa Urach

The model of the room is the most isolated, does not take the nameplate with your name and the mother is free to come and go as you please.

Andressa Urach (Foto: Celso Tavares / Ego) 

The Hospital Our Lady of Conception, where the model Andressa Urach is hospitalized in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, changed the routine ICU because of Andressa Urach. Admitted in the unit since Saturday, 29 with an infection caused by frame application of hydrogel in the legs, the direction of the medical unit belonging to the Unified System dr Health, SUS, does everything to preserve the harassment of the model.
Apart from looking the press for news Andressa, fans also go to the site to know the state of the model. To preserve it, the hospital board Andressa put in ICU room isolated from the rest. Another measure adopted by the Hospital was not set on the patient's door with a label with your name, standard procedure in the other beds.
Andressa Urach - Entenda o caso - 03-12-2014 (Foto: EGO)
The mother of Andressa, Marisete, spends the whole day at his side. For this, an exception was. Marisete can enter and leave the ICU anytime you want, contrary to the visitation rules, which allow patients to see their patents and friends at three times a day for half an hour.
On Tuesday, 02, the mother of the model took a foam mattress he bought for her daughter. Marisete wanted Andressa lie in "something more squishy". Housewife entered the ICU around 15h, two hours before the time allowed for the public.
Not lack solidarity Andressa. A woman decided to go to the ICU because he had the intuition that needed comfort Marisete. You went to the ICU receptionist's desk to try to find her. The official informed that Andressa's mother had access to place the other way, different from the common entry of other visitors, and they did not know anything.
A fan took a letter. But was asked to leave by security and the "gift" was confiscated. On Tuesday, the day when a journalist broke into the ICU requiring news model, four security guards were placed at stations at the entrance.
The comment in the ICU waiting room generates around the presence of Andressa in the hospital. Many question the fact that she is famous and be in a public hospital and not in a particular unit. In an interview with EGO, Marisete told that the daughter did not have health insurance and that the choice of the current hospital was because in addition to free, was closer to home.

"The doctor of my daughter, Julio Vedovato also said they are fine with it and there is no need to transfer it to an individual. If it were the case, the TV station for which she works pays treatment" told Marisete. 


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