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Personal trainer of Urach: 'Where's the guy who injected the product? Gone! '

Marcelo Nadur says Andressa had the hydrogel when he met her and she settled with the product in the body: 'He asked for her to see a doctor.'

Marcelo Nadur e Andressa Urach (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram) 

"They are bombarding me." It was once the personal trainer of Andressa Urach , Marcelo Nadur, began his outburst in conversation with the EGO. He participated in a television program on the morning of Wednesday, 3, and said he was misunderstood. "Do not stop me on and pass the wrong way everything I said. Published a story saying that I sent Urach go to therapy. I did not say that! But I really think there's some people who attend the academy, who think fat where there who need help. Just not to turn this paranoia. But he was not talking about her, but a general aspect, "he said.  

Marcelo trained Andressa last about a month and said that, at the time, she was not complaining of pain, but he asked her to come back to the doctor anyway. "She had made the drainage and was fine. But I spoke to her she had to get back in the doctor, take full hydrogel that was left leg. But as some had given the first drainage she did, who took part of the hydrogel, and she was still without pain, she settled, "he recalled.

Training without exaggeration
The personal makes it clear that the model had the hydrogel thighs when he met her. "I think the biggest thing that stuck hydrogel, anabolic ... You go to the gym in search of health. If you use it, get out of that goal. There is no logic. I do not admit the use of these products for my students. But no way, a lot of people end up using without guidance because the result is fast. Even more people working with the image, as Andressa "he said.

Despite making almost all the beauty, Andressa trained in your body limit, without exaggerating, ensures personal. "I kind of took more heavily in training. But that's my method. I tell my students that if they do not result in three months, we return the money. But never returned the money of anyone (laugh)
Andressa Urach e Marcelo Nadur (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram) 
 "Where's the doctor who applied the product?"
Campaigning against the hydrogel, Marcelo believes that the big problem is that people will indicate to each other using the product. "It's all momentum. Because it may be that in a person has not yet given problem, but some people do with an application already is infected. Each body reacts in a way, "he said.

He also criticizes doctors who make use of the product without liability. "And the guy who injected the product in it, where is it? Gone! No one thinks he is silent ... So you see that should not be trusted, should be those who buy medical degree, "shot.

Marcelo twists now for Andressa recovers soon. "I can not wait to come back to see her, to train her. She is a person very well. So I ask, in her name, to respect his family. "
Last doctor beletim: breathing apparatus without
Out on Wednesday, 03, a new report on the health status of Andressa Urach, hospitalized for five days in the ICU of the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in Porto Alegre. The statement said the health status of the model is still severe, with evolutionary improvement over yesterday. You are awakening and breathing spontaneously, without the aid of machines . The new Form signed by doctors responsible for the treatment of Urach, Henry Saltz Netto and William Victor Lissa Salprá also says that there is no discharge from the ICU and forecast that by this afternoon, no surgical procedure planned.

Understand the case
The cause of the health problem was an application of hydrogel made five years ago in the thighs. In July this year, Andressa had problems and underwent a procedure to remove the product. On Friday, 28, she was again operated to remove the hydrogel remains, being released by doctors in Andressa was taken to the ICU and, according to his aide, Cocoa Oliver, eventually developed an infection and underwent another surgery at night Sunday, 30. The initial estimate is that it is hospitalized for 15 days on site.

"The Andressa went badly after the first surgery. She was taken to the hospital and they said the drain closed and the hydrogel caused an infection. Andressa underwent another surgery at night and is on life support," the advisory Urach . She was operated again on Monday, 1st.

Andressa Urach (Foto: Ego)Andressa Urach - Entenda o caso - 03-12-2014 (Foto: EGO)
Stings in muscle
According to the hospital's press office, to reach unity, Andressa Urach had a very severe infection, had low blood pressure and was taken directly to the ICU, where he remains hospitalized and sedated.
Five months ago, when he had the first infection because of the hydrogel, after his first surgery to drain the product, Andressa was admitted to a hospital São Paulo with a high fever and even having to leave the site in a wheelchair.

At the time, Andressa spoke with EGO on the subject: "A month ago I began to feel twinges in muscle because of the product and how much heavy training just feeling a lot of pain in the legs I could no longer train Hence, I chose to do... liposuction on her thighs to remove the product. "
There are approximately four months, Andressa gave a break from exercise. "She complained of great pain, knew that the liquid was dripping internally and has not wanted to wear miniskirts or short," says a friend who prefer not to have your name published.
On the evening of Monday, Marisete, mother of Andressa Urach, asked that friends make a positive current to the model. "Pray for her, please!". The EGO, on Tuesday, 2, she said that the model even opened his eyes to receive your visit and that was better.

Already the father of Andressa, Carlos Alberto Krejci Urach, said he is accompanying the hospitalization model by a friend who works at the hospital, but that will visit her soon. "God willing, I caught up with life" , he said the EGO.

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