Sunday, 28 December 2014

Networks mock the 'package' of Christian

Since I saw the statue erected in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo in his native Madeira struck us the bulky size of its attributes, but rather wait a reasonable time to check if we were the only ones eyes are automatically going to that area sculpture ...
No, it was not just our thing. Not at all. And the inordinate 'package' of Cristiano Ronaldo has already become a viral phenomenon in social networks. The jeers and taunts come from both Internet and media who wonder if "both package was necessary."
Rosa Belmonte, Digital Freedom jokes writing that 800 kilos bronze statue of Ricardo Veloso "about how many are concentrated in the glitzy package" while some tweeters ensure wryly that "the author of the statue will go to court "or that" the statue was made ​​while he was looking in the mirror. "
It is I that as it may, the fact is that networks are primed with 'package Cristiano', something that happened years ago when there was speculation that an announcement of underpants photoshop had made ​​theirs to enhance the attributes of the front. This time it was bronze ...

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